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  1. I just received a gold "Advanced Promotional Pack" and two "Warzone Premium Packs" completely randomly... what?
  2. The meta overall is extremely static right now... 90% of my games are Lucio, Zenyatta, Roadhog, Dva, Soldier, genji/Reinhardt/Zarya. The composition barely changes game to game.
  3. Custom game browser and Social playlists do SO much for this game. If these had been in at launch, I think Halo would have done 10000x better.
  4. I was excited about playing the new Hero and test the patch updates. Until I realized its only been updated for PC. The slow death of XB1 Overwatch is starting already it seems...
  5. It's hilarious the amount of butthurt in the comments section of popular TF2 youtubers who are now playing Overwatch. Tf2 fanboys are in denial.
  6. Wish this game had classic playlists that were super popular in previous halo games... Including but not limited to: - Social Slayer - Team Snipers - Swat - Action Sack Each of these playlists had self-contained, thriving niche communities. Now people have three choices basically: try your ass off in arena, dick around in warzone, or wait weeks and weeks for your favorite gametype. Put the playlists in and the population will come. It's not the other way around.
  7. What. The. Fuck?????? Torbjorns turret was already basically useless, at 56 dps at level 2. More of a distraction than anything else... I think they should've instead nerfed his insane rivet gun damage. Currently I think it is 70 dmg per shot (140 for head shots) which is pretty ridiculous. I say nerf that to 45 dmg a shot, same as Zenyatta. Keep the turret (the unique part of his character) untouched.
  8. Fuck all the cinematography gifs on the previous page. Jerks
  9. I really like the hero switching aspect. Really makes games more fluid and adds another layer of skill. How quickly a team can respond to the enemy's comp.
  10. Posting in support of the vegan Black Bean Burger. Triple B was a pleasant surprise.
  11. I really like the weekly brawl idea. Seems like they aren't that popular tho. Could hardly find a game searching solo at primetime Friday. Makes me worry about the longevity of the game.
  12. Don't have time to fully explain, but I like how CE has a lot of (forced in some cases) weapon variation in the campaign. At different points in the campaign, different weapon combos are more effective. Halo 2 has a ton of enemy variation. There are the covenant (which has great variation itself, especially with the addition of drones), the flood, the brutes, sentinels + giant sentinels. And different levels have different combinations of these enemies, keeping you on your toes.
  13. McCree needs a huge nerf. They should at MINIMUM halve the damage on his Fan the Hammer attack, and remove the combat roll Reload. As of now, he can dominate at long ranges with insta-kill headshots, and insta-kill even Tank characters at close range. Not to mention his ult that takes zero skill to use, and has an 8 second window of use.
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