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  1. For years I've wanted NiP to pick up Ninja, from then on he streams and attends events in his pajamas. This is the first Halo team I thought of when I heard the announcement.
  2. Snipedown has to be quiet cause his girlfriend's roommate is sleeping so he's whispering his callouts. LOL I love it.
  3. Cool to see E6 is coming to Halo. It's interesting that Huke is on the squad cause if I'm not mistaken Huke and E6 had a falling out in CoD, they must have buried the hatchet. I'm assuming this potential Liquid squad hasn't officially happened yet?
  4. Yeah Spartan would be perfect for the Optic brand. Talent and Personality wise.
  5. FaZe is basically the raining kings of Youtube. Their main channel has over 3 Million subs, they have 3 members Rain, Apex, and Adapt over 1 Million subs. Temper and Censor are really high up there as well. I'm glad to see organizations like nV and coL joining Halo, this is nice to see.
  6. Holy shit Randa, people calling you Top 5 at the game weren't kidding. I think you missed maybe 2 bullets in that CLG scrim video.
  7. Formal is playing Halo 5 on Maniac's channel. http://www.twitch.tv/bthmaniac
  8. VeryUncouth

    NFL Thread

    Good luck to them, dudes a Class A fuck up.
  9. VeryUncouth

    NFL Thread

    Reid just posted on Twitter that he's not considering retiring. Said "reports twist words so you'll click the link". Reid will around for a long time............if he chills with the concussions.
  10. Still hoping for Levine, judging by those movies he's done, he seems to be good at young adult/coming of age stuff, which is seems this version of Spidey will be.
  11. VeryUncouth

    NFL Thread

    Just looking at the size of the Bears WR's. If Cutler made some of them jump balls he'd probably complete more passes, everyone he's gonna be throwing to this year seems to be 6'3" and taller.
  12. VeryUncouth

    NFL Thread

    Anyone here think Tannehill deserves his new contract?
  13. What does Kraven want? To kill Spidey or is he one of the "thrill of the hunt" types?
  14. Civil War is gonna be so fun. I'm still trying to figure out if catching up on Agents of Shield and Agent Carter is worth it.
  15. VeryUncouth

    NBA Thread

    Can't believe the Rockets came back, I had to leave so I missed the massive Clippers choke.
  16. VeryUncouth

    NBA Thread

    I hope the Wizards advance now. I'd love to see James vs Pierce again.
  17. Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl look like they might be worth it. Glad to see Sarah back, I liked her better anyways. Does she get resurrected without Laurel's knowledge?
  18. Well I'd say a massive portion of the competitive Halo community visits these forums everyday. So it might be time for Beyond to use some of those numbers that Saucey posted a couple pages back. If it actually works then promote the hell out of it.
  19. That looks awesome, I just feel like Tom Hardy is in everything anymore though. Good to see Rosario back, she was one of my favorite parts. I hope we see Iron Spidey in Civil War.
  20. I'd love to see Spidey join Daredevil next season, would be interesting to see how a teenage superhero handles Daredevil's world. That comment about how Cap and Iron Man have switched places is really cool. Civil War is gonna be ridiculous. :goat:
  21. Jonathan Levine would be perfect for Spider Man. Saw AoU and Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a big surprise as Quicksilver, I wasn't expecting him to be that good. Everything else was basically as good as expected though.
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