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  1. im ready to pay for my travel and admission hmu asap so we can play together to know if it'll work
  2. If y'all are dedicated to creating an extraordinary team culture than sign me up. Let's go to events, do online tournaments, scrimmage, strategize and go above and beyond fears. I have never been to an event but if the right team is formed in time for the Daytona one then by all means. I have played Halo since I was in middle school beginning with Halo 2. Halo 3 was the first Halo I played online. I thought Reach was great, didn't play 4 and have played a few thousand games of 5 since mid January. I started watching HCS championship 2016 and later the pro league. I love 5 and going pro is my goal. Gamertag: ultralean
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