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  1. please read my #1 prerequisite before messaging me. I'm not trying to be an ass, but I have been getting alot of messages from scrubs who obviously don't understand what a PREREQUISITE is. It is literally a must have no excuses, don't waste my/your time. I look up everyone on tracker and will not even consider trying you out if you don't even come close to meeting my very first prerequisite.
  2. bump.sorry it's taken awhile to get a hold of some of you I'm usually on all the time and either I haven't seen everyone who wants to try out on or I am trying other people out when you are on. everyone please be patient I am doing trial stages to set the best possible roster. thank you for your time and interest.
  3. ok I have your main added I just never seen you on wasn't trying to ignore you or w.e haha but cool I'll be on all day tomorrow
  4. gt:ECKOLIBRIUM I won't be going to atl but i am looking to join/start a team for online ladders/tournaments. I'm willing to travel for tournaments but would rather have chemistry built and place well online first.
  5. bump. #7 under guidelines is a must don't waste my time.
  6. I am a veteran Halo competitor from Halo 2. I have placed top #20 in 4s twice, won every state wide tournament in SD for 3 years consecutively, and have been on MLG ESPN Top Ten # 5 winter season 2011. I would prefer starting my own to lead, but would not mind being picked up by a pre-existing team, but only if they meet ALL of my prerequisites, guidelines, and goals. PREREQUISITES . 1. RANK: Must consistently have placed onyx in previous seasons in team arena, will consider highly skilled diamonds. i have not placed onyx this season (yet) and i know a bunch of pros who have not either so i will keep that in consideration. 2. GEAR: Please at the very least have your own competitive headset. 3. SKILL: I would prefer other veteran players, but will consider newer competitors if they prove that there is no significant skill gap both mentally and individual skill wise. 4.VERSATILITY: Please be able to play any position at any time when needed. 5. META: I do not mind sharing tips and tricks to help improve others game play, but please already be knowledgeable of: call outs, spawns, power up timing, rotations, collapses, and small talk. 6. ATTITUDE: No egos, ragers, or negativity. Being humble and positive is ALWAYS best for everyone. 7. AGE: I was 15-18 when i was placing high in online ladders and winning tournaments, so i will allow any age, but do know that after school this will be your #1 responsibility. 8. SCHEDULE: We will set schedules for practice, online ladders, and tournaments once a week. Everything else you have going on MUST work around it. consistently not showing up for dumb reasons will be grounds for termination. 9. PRACTICE: Once our roster is set in stone practice will begin. we will practice 3 days a week starting with all 12 gametypes for day 1. The rest of our practices will start with reviewing the previous practices 12 gametypes, then running those 12 gametypes. 10. ONLINE LADDERS/TOURNAMENTS: We will participate in online ladders/tournaments at least 1 day out of the weekend. GUIDELINES. 1. RESPECT: ALWAYS be respectful of our teammates, other teams, and EVERYONE in the community. 2. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM: i will NOT tolerate criticizing teammates out of anger. Only try to help the team/teammates by being constructive and building them up, not tearing them down. 3. HUMILITY LEADS TO GREATNESS: Even if we're a dominant team i want you to keep your head down and your mouth shut, knowing that there is ALWAYS ways to improve. Keep hype to a minimum. 4. LOSING: Losing sucks and everyone knows it, but being able to take that loss and learn from it is VERY important. Do NOT be a salty loser. This is where having humility will help you the most in succeeding! 5. PLAY STYLE: Being a veteran Halo competitor I understand its hard to switch up how you play, but being a team with single mindedness will separate us from the lower tiers of competition. 6. PROFESSIONALISM: I want everyone to treat this like a business, and hold themselves to a high standard. 7. DEDICATION: I promise I wont waste anybodies time and will try to take us as far as possible, but in order to make that work i need everyone to be dedicated and not quit a couple months down the road. GOALS. SHORT TERM: Get a small partnership from a pre-existing org to pay for Online ladders/tournaments. MID TERM: Place well enough in those online ladders/tournaments, so that are pre-existing partnership would feel comfy paying for our: travel, lodging, and tournament fee's for bigger name tournaments. (and possibly a bi-annual LAN for us to practice.) LONG TERM: Place well enough in those tournaments to get a full-blown sponsorship. Gear, travel, lodging, tournament fee's, income, endorsements, ECT. Live the dream of being a top team and all the glory with it! CONTACT INFORMATION. The best way to get a hold of me would be through TWITTER at #eckolibrium, or you can REPLY to this topic, or you can message me on XBL: ECKOLIBRIUM. Thank you for your time in reading this post and i hope to see all of you who are interested very soon!
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