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  1. I tried getting ahold of you on Twitter but your Dm's are closed. I have a team that may be interested. we don't really need help strategic/scheduling wise. streaming, organizational, and coaching wise we could need some assistance. we don't really necessarily need a coach unless what you meant by being heavily involved in tournament play is that you offer funding for said tournaments. We're willing to play any other teams interested in a best of series to prove that's we're your beat option. what we really want from an org is funding for tournaments.
  2. I'd post this to local players also might help the process
  3. lmk when you get a 4th we can run skrims gt: ECKOLIBRIUM
  4. gt: ECKOLIBRIUM I may be able to get an all expense paid sponsorship but they're looking for a team that's ready to compete if this sounds like something that interest you. I'll be your main slayer you need but I'd like to be the captain I'm a very skilled/smart player so letting me lead will help with one mindedness. I'm a hell of a teacher do getting on the same page will be easy
  5. I'm a f/a and I'd be down to see how we mix hmu on xbl or twitter
  6. please read before commenting. I'm still trying to build a dedicated team, hmu on Twitter @eckolibrium
  7. I'm still down to run games I've been playing on a different account
  8. so there's no confusion I meant low diamond in HCS playlist
  9. I know this is a bit of a stretch but I'm looking for fellow SD players I'll keep my rank expectation to low diamond but please have good avalibility. I have had a team from here before with people who have never even played halo before and molded them into great players reaching top 20s on gamebattles multiple times and winning every statewide tournament in South Dakota for 3 years consequitively plus a bunch of other accolades. please message or tweet at me on Twitter @eckolibrium
  10. I love competing and wouldn't mind getting in on a tourny even if it's for $h!ts and giggles. im 25 myself. my gts: ECKOLIBRIUM one of y'all should message me on Twitter if you wanna run games my Twitter is the same as my gt
  11. I'm a stay at home dad so I can play morning/days/nights. I have a very good mental game and I'm very dedicated. hmu on here or on Twitter @eckolibrium or xbl gt: ECKOLIBRIUM (twiiters the best way to get in contact with me)
  12. gt:ECKOLIBRIUM. I have plenty of online 4s ladder/tournament experience and have placed top #20 twice on gamebattles in halo 3 and plenty of lan 4s tournament experience winning every statewide tournament in South Dakota on halo 3 three years consequitively.
  13. lol, whoops. my bad dude haha I've got so many people hitting me up it's hard to keep track. kiltac is good I know we've played and that he's got potential
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