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  1. Just now, Sosa Baby said:

    5 Fucking years for this shit. And they say theres no sequel for infinite and they want to support this game for 10 fucking years. This piece of shit looking game? Bet a whole bunch of features are going to be missing at launch as well

    P o s t  L a u n c h  S u s t a i n

    They'll add all the modes after about year five.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Reamis25 said:

    So far people are in mad rage about the textures. Shit looks unfinished. 

    I'm surprised to actually see people over on reddit point it out.

    Unsurprisingly there are still people defending them and saying "you'll hate anything 343i does" anyways.

  3. My immediate thoughts were also "I expected nothing, I expected it to be bad, and it was somehow still worse than expectations."

    Yeah let's break it down now.  I'll try to start with the things that I saw that struck me as positive or neutral...before tearing into it.

    They seemed to take to heart some of the complaints about sandbox design?  I mean not speaking for competitive PvP obviously but there were at least a lot of interesting new guns that seemed to have unique functions, like that slow firing automatic rifle (it seemed automatic?).  Granted we haven't even seen all the guns and some of them seem burst fire just for the sake of it but...I'm just trying to be charitable, alright?

    Picking up and throwing things like fusion coils is a neat gimmick.  I mean, a gimmick nonetheless, but neat.

    Grapple just kinda screams gimmick, expectedly.  It had a really slow pull time and the range didn't seem to be great either.  Maybe that's a good thing though, multiplayer wise.  Aids in vertical travel but comes with significant vulnerability, not just people zipping around.

    Sprint exists.

    Sprint and slide seemed a lot slower, yeah.  Movement also seems kind of slow.  

    Art Style is awful.  Everything looks so smooth and overly colorful, and half weapons were replaced with generic military looking purchased asset guns...just...why?  Like some last gen, total parody of the classic style.  Nature and some of the models weren't bad but most of the actual architecture / weapons / crates / etc. is just...bad.  Too colorful, too smooth, too reflective...looks like something someone made in Unity.

    AI seems really bad.  Granted I'm sure this was also on easy difficulty but still.


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  4. 17 minutes ago, The Tyco said:

    I wanna play a game.

    Let's take bets on exactly how many seconds sprint rears its ugly head in the gameplay reveal. Timer starts when the gameplay starts. Place your bets below.

    I'm going for 30 seconds.

    See I thought we were all gonna record X out of window speedruns.

    But yeah 30s sounds about right.  I mean most of that is just gonna be one of the studio heads talking and then sprint will be instant in the gameplay, but still.

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  5. 10 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    I hate the boost mechanic on the ghost. It's the sprint of vehicle design. 

    Instead, just make the ghost naturally fast and maneuverable. If really necessary, replace the boost with a vertical jump so that the vehicle has even more traveral capability. 

    Yet another thing in the long list of things Halo Ce already got right that was pointlessly changed.  I swear the base speed for the ghost in that game is significantly faster than the others.

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  6. 22 minutes ago, _Synapse said:

    Doom was incredible for it's time but I honestly don't understand why people consider the gameplay to still be the gold standard today. 

    Doom really isn't difficult. The enemies are almost universally slower and less agile than the player, so all you really have to do is not walk in a straight line while shooting at them. Basically everything gets killed by just spamming shots while circlestrafing. 

    It's even more of a power fantasy than Halo, to be quite frank. Even the toughest enemies are a joke given a wide enough space and decently powerful weapons. 

    To compensate for this, you have some of the dumbest artificially-difficulty increasing bullshit of any video game. Random areas where the already-claustrophobically cramped rooms simply shut off all exits and spawn 30 demons as soon as you pick something mildly inconspicuous up, godawful 40 minute long puzzle sections where you scour the map for a stupid keycard, and the like.

    It was good for the time, but it's extremely dated game design now. Halo is distinct from Doom because the weakened player character introduces a lot of tactical strategy and tension in dealing with comparatively stronger enemies. 

    Certain aspects of it's game design are the gold standard.

    Vanilla Doom is pretty easy but WADs realize it's full potential.  Circle strafing works in a room that has only a handful of Imps, but when you're fighting tons of Imps plus a Revenant with it's homing projectiles plus the Mancubus with it's own unique projectiles plus Chaingunners in the back suddenly your movement and target prioritization actually matters a lot.  You're no longer just mindlessly circling around everything, but being mindful of everything being thrown at you.

    The maps being more than simple start to end hallways is a GOOD thing.  Yes, this wasn't always done well, but I'd rather deal with the occasional annoying keycard hunt than the same bland hallway map boring me to death over and over.

    The fact that most enemies are projectile and that you can potentially mitigate all damage through effective footwork is a good thing.  Halo was wise to copy this.

    I'll say "it's fast as fuck" is also another benefit.  It's just fun to go fast, and not have to slog through everything.  Bobbing and weaving through everything is so much more entertaining than just slowly pushing up and constant corner peaking that you see in CoD and to a lesser extent Halo.

    Small, non-redundant sandbox design.  Again another thing Halo was wise to copy.

    I will agree there's a lot of artificial difficulty though.  Unpredictable traps that almost always kill you outright in order to force you to load a save, but then are pretty easy to deal with after, are just bullshit game design.  And I'll say that using cramped areas to make dodging harder is actually *good* game design depending, tying enemies to map design like that is a good thing, but many instances where the player is basically locked into place against enemies surrounding them is not.

    But yes I like Quake a lot more.

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  7. Please don't make me pick a side between Ce and Quake 1.  But yes both are some of the best FPS campaigns I've played, and some of the only ones I actually ever bother to replay.  I also agree with Ce having the best aesthetic in the franchise (which just makes it sadder what happened to it).

    I like Halo 2's campaign more than Halo 3 though.  And no, nothing is worse than Halo 4.

  8. On 5/12/2020 at 11:14 AM, Boyo said:

    "It was the first game ever where you literally couldnt run out of new games and maps to play. "

    I'm thoroughly convinced no one on gaming related reddits is older than 14.

    Wasn't gonna say it but then Jake posted so yeah.

    Quake and DooM have had mods since the beginning.  I don't know that they launched with demos (like 90% sure they did) but either way its been a commonly used feature WAY before Halo 3.  I can easily find demo files from the 90's.

    I mean no there isn't some in-game UI for it but sites like Doomworld have been around for ages too.

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  9. Don't nerf the Magnum, buff or redesign the shitty covenant guns.

    You can make the Magnum a five shot and the Needler/Plasma Pistol are still going to be ass anyways.

    Meanwhile the Sniper, Shotgun, even AR can beat Magnum just fine already.


    And of course fix all of 343i's port jank too.  First before discussing nerfs to anything.

  10. The five levels Shekkles posted were also the very first ones to come to my mind, I think because aside from GS they make full use of every aspect of Halo's sandbox and have tons of gameplay variety within them.  And GS because it made an amazing first impression, even if it's not quite as good on replays.  TSC, AotCR, Ark, and Covenant are inarguably some of the best levels in the franchise.  If you were a stickler for gameplay you could probably replace GS with Halo (Ce) or Truth and Reconciliation.

    Halo 2 and Halo Reach don't have any levels that make my list.  But I feel they had more consistent quality throughout, even if they didn't hit the same highs they  never really hit the same lows either.  I can't offhand think of any Halo 2 levels I disliked...unlike some Halo 3 levels I can think of.  The Delta Halo combo was pretty good.  I also liked Great Journey, mostly for the atmosphere.

    I barely even remember ODST.  I remember not caring much for it when it came out.

    I don't really want to ever touch Halo 4 or Halo 5's campaigns again.  They might've had a couple good level designs here and there but even then they were marred by poor...everything.  There's nothing in them I'd put on a best-of list.  


    Honorable mentions to Halo and Cortana

    Also reminder that there's two levels in the franchise sharing the name "Halo".  Beginning of Ce and end of H3.

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  11. So far I've:

    Been betrayed for Overshield after shooting it down on Rat Race.  And you might be thinking "oh, he backsmacked you before you could grab it".  No, this dude straight up waited for me to take it THEN backsmacked me a few seconds later as I was walking away  Like he thought it was gonna drop from me.

    Entered a melee fight with someone right on top of the Overshield at Damnation, with me grabbing OS first.  Dude says "omg how is he alive after two hits."  I try to explain to him that melee damage is based on movement, and also that I obviously had Overshield.  He responds with "only hackers defend".  Did...did I just get hackusated for winning a melee fight with OS...?

    Witnessed someone say Hang em High is too big for 4v4.

    Got betrayed on Damnation for a Shotgun.


    If you ever wonder why Infinite is never going to resemble Ce, this is why.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, Basu said:

    I don't really see what else can be added that is actually meaningful. Pretty much all the weapons added since H2 can be put into these categories and I'd say this list could be trimmed down even further. I've been toying around with a Shock Rifle prototype and it's now working as intended but I don't really see where it would fit in the sandbox.

    Well, here's an idea I've been toying with, kinda radical but bear with me.

    Take the model of the Carbine, or in this case the Needle Rifle, right?  Give it a significantly slower firing rate / killtime compared to the utility BUT make it do 20-33% direct health damage each shot, completely bypassing shields, maybe with damage done to health dependent on bodyshots vs headshots so you're not just going for bodyshots all the time (it wouldn't ever be a one-headshot kill).  So it's good for cover-based attrition or paired with certain weapons like the Sniper which does full shield and half health damage (debuff the enemy team so the Sniper can get easy picks), really good at countering OS users provided you can drag out the fight, but not great in direct combat overall.  And the constant health drain will encourage going for medkits far more often, making more than just shields matter for once.

    I think that would be a pretty unique niche.

    Though what I can't answer is would it be ultimately annoying having to constantly manage health, would it ultimately promote or harm camping (on one hand you can't stay in one spot if your underlying health is constantly being drained by someone else, on the other hand the design of the weapon promotes more passive pop in and out of cover play), and where exactly would it slot in power-wise?  Would definitely need to be playtested.

    What inspired the idea:
    1.  Wanting to make unique game systems to Halo more relevant, in this case relationship between shields and health that has always remained largely irrelevant, with shields in most of the games basically just being the health instead of something separate.
    2.  Wanting to redesign currently existing, bland weapons as something more meaningful.

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  13. 6 hours ago, SpitFlame said:

    People here have criticized H5’s sandbox for being too large and thus creating redundant weapons, but I honestly don’t mind that too much. What is more important for HI’s sandbox is a utility weapon with a fast perfect ttk and a slow average ttk. (Maybe something like 0.7 sec to 1.4 sec) This is pretty easy to pull off, and I’m not sure why they don’t do it other than fear of making the game too hard.

    I doubt they’d make the gap that large, but something close to it would be a step in the right direction. Like shit, CS:GO’s average ttk is something like 4 times longer than its perfect ttk. That game’s skill gap is insane.

    Both are important, both are easy to solve, which is why it's so frustrating to watch the developers do nothing but clone Halo 2 and pile garbage on top.

    Like it's really, really not hard to come up with a sandbox that isn't just generic weapon archetypes  + alien themed clones of those archetypes that are stronger or weaker.  They just don't even try, because of apathy from competitive gamers that are fine with it being precision centric and casual gamers that don't give a shit about anything related to the actual core game anyways.

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