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  1. Please don't make me pick a side between Ce and Quake 1. But yes both are some of the best FPS campaigns I've played, and some of the only ones I actually ever bother to replay. I also agree with Ce having the best aesthetic in the franchise (which just makes it sadder what happened to it). I like Halo 2's campaign more than Halo 3 though. And no, nothing is worse than Halo 4.
  2. I'm thoroughly convinced no one on gaming related reddits is older than 14. Wasn't gonna say it but then Jake posted so yeah. Quake and DooM have had mods since the beginning. I don't know that they launched with demos (like 90% sure they did) but either way its been a commonly used feature WAY before Halo 3. I can easily find demo files from the 90's. I mean no there isn't some in-game UI for it but sites like Doomworld have been around for ages too.
  3. Don't nerf the Magnum, buff or redesign the shitty covenant guns. You can make the Magnum a five shot and the Needler/Plasma Pistol are still going to be ass anyways. Meanwhile the Sniper, Shotgun, even AR can beat Magnum just fine already. And of course fix all of 343i's port jank too. First before discussing nerfs to anything.
  4. The five levels Shekkles posted were also the very first ones to come to my mind, I think because aside from GS they make full use of every aspect of Halo's sandbox and have tons of gameplay variety within them. And GS because it made an amazing first impression, even if it's not quite as good on replays. TSC, AotCR, Ark, and Covenant are inarguably some of the best levels in the franchise. If you were a stickler for gameplay you could probably replace GS with Halo (Ce) or Truth and Reconciliation. Halo 2 and Halo Reach don't have any levels that make my list. But I feel they had more consistent quality throughout, even if they didn't hit the same highs they never really hit the same lows either. I can't offhand think of any Halo 2 levels I disliked...unlike some Halo 3 levels I can think of. The Delta Halo combo was pretty good. I also liked Great Journey, mostly for the atmosphere. I barely even remember ODST. I remember not caring much for it when it came out. I don't really want to ever touch Halo 4 or Halo 5's campaigns again. They might've had a couple good level designs here and there but even then they were marred by poor...everything. There's nothing in them I'd put on a best-of list. Also reminder that there's two levels in the franchise sharing the name "Halo". Beginning of Ce and end of H3.
  5. So far I've: Been betrayed for Overshield after shooting it down on Rat Race. And you might be thinking "oh, he backsmacked you before you could grab it". No, this dude straight up waited for me to take it THEN backsmacked me a few seconds later as I was walking away Like he thought it was gonna drop from me. Entered a melee fight with someone right on top of the Overshield at Damnation, with me grabbing OS first. Dude says "omg how is he alive after two hits." I try to explain to him that melee damage is based on movement, and also that I obviously had Overshield. He responds with "only hackers defend". Did...did I just get hackusated for winning a melee fight with OS...? Witnessed someone say Hang em High is too big for 4v4. Got betrayed on Damnation for a Shotgun. If you ever wonder why Infinite is never going to resemble Ce, this is why.
  6. Today I learned that classical music is for people with shit taste but by metric of popularity Poopy-di scoop Scoop-diddy-whoopWhoop-di-scoop-di-poop is to be considered high art. Always educational around here.
  7. Haven't touched it but sounding like they just copy pasted Halo Pc...again. I know that shit netcode all too well. I'm not even surprised. Fully expected this.
  8. Well, here's an idea I've been toying with, kinda radical but bear with me. Take the model of the Carbine, or in this case the Needle Rifle, right? Give it a significantly slower firing rate / killtime compared to the utility BUT make it do 20-33% direct health damage each shot, completely bypassing shields, maybe with damage done to health dependent on bodyshots vs headshots so you're not just going for bodyshots all the time (it wouldn't ever be a one-headshot kill). So it's good for cover-based attrition or paired with certain weapons like the Sniper which does full shield and half health damage (debuff the enemy team so the Sniper can get easy picks), really good at countering OS users provided you can drag out the fight, but not great in direct combat overall. And the constant health drain will encourage going for medkits far more often, making more than just shields matter for once. I think that would be a pretty unique niche. Though what I can't answer is would it be ultimately annoying having to constantly manage health, would it ultimately promote or harm camping (on one hand you can't stay in one spot if your underlying health is constantly being drained by someone else, on the other hand the design of the weapon promotes more passive pop in and out of cover play), and where exactly would it slot in power-wise? Would definitely need to be playtested. What inspired the idea: 1. Wanting to make unique game systems to Halo more relevant, in this case relationship between shields and health that has always remained largely irrelevant, with shields in most of the games basically just being the health instead of something separate. 2. Wanting to redesign currently existing, bland weapons as something more meaningful.
  9. Both are important, both are easy to solve, which is why it's so frustrating to watch the developers do nothing but clone Halo 2 and pile garbage on top. Like it's really, really not hard to come up with a sandbox that isn't just generic weapon archetypes + alien themed clones of those archetypes that are stronger or weaker. They just don't even try, because of apathy from competitive gamers that are fine with it being precision centric and casual gamers that don't give a shit about anything related to the actual core game anyways.
  10. Two players spawn in on a flat plane, always facing each other when they spawn. They both have (HITSCAN!!!) rifles, and infinite ammo. Health is a fixed amount that does not regenerate to prevent any amount of mid-fight inconsistency. They both strafe in opposite directions in a completely predictable pattern that is controlled by the computer and does not ever vary between matches, the only thing they are capable of doing is aiming at and shooting each other. Once one of them kills the other a point is tallied and they both respawn facing each other so as to not introduce any randomness into the strafe pattern. First side to 25 points wins. In the team based mode, players would spawn in a + formation with people on the same team being top and left / bottom and right respectively, being restricted to only shooting the person directly across from them, and only being allowed to aid their teammate in their fight once they kill their own designated target first. But again to prevent unpredictability once anyone gets a kill the remaining players would reset in a 2v1 configuration like /\ as the dead fourth person spectates. Once the one person on the disadvantaged team dies or manages to kill his two opponents all points are tallied and everyone is again reset in a + formation. First side to 50 points wins. Thus we can achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating as much brain-hurty depth bad game design as possible. For a competitive shooter should never exceed the bounds of being a sterile test of pure physical reflexes. No need to thank me for gifting you with the most competitive FPS ever conceived, just let me have 10% of all the Esports earnings as a royalty.
  11. In Half Life any combine soldier can be effectively dealt with just by shooting central mass with any gun. The guns are all just as effective at doing that, it feels largely interchangeable. And in turn they just attack you with the same hitscan guns. In Halo that is not the case. Enemies have clear strengths and weaknesses. Even just "circle strafing a hunter with Magnum" is already doing much more than you would be in Half Life, and using the same tactic doesn't work against completely different enemies like Elites which would kick your shit in if you tried. You have to be completely mindful of both enemy and weapon choice. Now mix all these enemies together and there's plenty to consider in moment to moment combat. You vastly over exaggerate the depth of the gravity gun in actual gameplay. Picking up and moving things is hardly relevant outside of puzzles (or extreme prop surfing exploits) and most objects outside of extremes like pop cans and sawblades are the same at killing enemies. And don't go implying I'm a Halo forum kid while acting like Half Life is in some unnapproachable league of its own that another game like Halo couldn't ever conceivably be preferred over.
  12. Yes...? I'm not really a fan of Bioshock, and believe me I found you putting it over Ce just as objectionable. Combat too slow, enemies too tanky, ammo too scarce. I can comprehend why people like it, it's a very good survival-ish sort of game with amazing atmosphere and better than average story, but I don't get all the ZOMG BEST CAMPAIGN EVAR because it's really not..particularly if you're more a fan of traditional frenetic shooters instead. Half-Life 1 is extremely rough around the edges and isn't even best game of it's era...not to say it's bad but no, there's no way in hell it's better than Ce under any kind of objective lens. Half Life 2 is a good game and I really should get around to replaying it, though it's also heavily linear in comparison and has less depth to enemy encounters. One thing that sets Halo apart from most other games is you don't just approach every single enemy with the mindset of "shoot it until it dies", enemies have very unique relationships with the various guns. Bioshock largely has this too but everything else about the game is a drag anyways. Never played Crysis. Though I'll say I don't feel the need to defend the second half of Ce's campaign either. I feel like the rehash argument only truly applies to Two Betrayals, but beyond that it's just so mediocre in comparison to the first half anyways it's not even worth my energy to object to the rehash complaints.
  13. Alright, well let me play devil's advocate and challenge some of these claims while providing a different perspective (as I copiously speak out of my ass so forgive me in advance). Forge is actually extremely efficient. When I download a Forge map, I'm basically only downloading a set of instructions on how to arrange specific pre-existing objects on an existing map, to form a new "map". I already have all the assets that are needed in order to create the "map", and other than that I'm not installing any new data onto my system. It' a clever way of providing map variety while keeping file sizes to a minimum. Look into your Reach folder and you'll notice Asylum, Paradiso, Cage, etc. etc. are only like 30kb, compared to the actual maps which range from 300-500Mb in size. I'm not redownloading forge world every time I play some radically different variant of it. I would assume Halo 5 forge map sizes are significantly larger due to the enhanced options, but I doubt they're still anywhere near as large as a custom map from even Halo Ce is, despite still looking many more times detailed.. I would love someone to screen cap their Halo 5 PC Forge folder and prove me right/wrong. When I download something from a true editor, I'm downloading an actual map file made from scratch, and all the custom geometry and any custom assets (unique models, textures, sounds, etc) that entails. Anything remotely modern looking will be a few hundred megabytes, if not upwards of a gigabyte. Imagine doing that again and again and again. Yeah it's feasible for games like Halo Ce or equivalent style maps where all the actual maps are literally a tenth the size of Reach's because of the vast difference in level of graphical detail, but we're discussing 2020 games here are we not? Even Infinity is only 17Mb compared to Reflection in Reach which is 267Mb...and again that's a 2011 game, modern maps are bigger even still. Hell, BIGASS and COLDSNAP from Custom Edition are still smaller in file size than Reflection is...that is how much difference level of detail makes. Arena maps are not BTB or Campaign maps. They're almost all geometrically simple, with the only fine editing being visual details. And even then there's a lot you can do to make a good looking map in Halo 5 for a fraction of the size. Forge is entirely adequate for making clones of Midship, Wizard, Pit, etc...at least on a purely functional level. There's a lot you can do to make good looking forge maps too as seen with Halo 5...obviously not as good looking as maps made from a dedicated editor will ever be, but still acceptable. And since maps are made consisting solely of objects it's extremely easy to make edits to the map itself. If I don't like specifics about someone else's map I can open it up and start swiftly making changes, by simply deleting or placing objects and saving that new set of instructions. I don't need to have actual access to their original .3DS file before it was converted into a .map file and start painstakingly working on them in some dedicated 3D modeling software, then recompiling that as an all new map. Hell even something as simple as moving a weapon or changing it's spawn time would require an all new map file (assuming forge and custom editor don't exist in the same game). Even if you accept no other argument put forward here you absolutely can not deny this to be the case. ...but yes obviously dedicated map making programs are superior from a pure capability standpoint.
  14. As far as I'm concerned story, music, gametypes, and multiplayer maps (overall, Ce had steeper highs and lows) are pretty much the ONLY things Halo 2 did better. The changes to the weapon sandbox were atrocious, but the real atrocity is that they were never reverted and became the new basis for every game after...in spite of how senseless and shit that they are. Covenant weapons are still useless, redundant reskins of UNSC guns...even though we have 9001 daily suggestions, the original game, and over 25 years of FPS design to draw from to come up with proper alternatives instead. And then they throw a third faction's worth of weapons on top that have the same exact problem. Blows my mind.
  15. Halo Ce wasn't built as a party game, at least not as the modern definition of a party game. Like every other old shooter it was built as a serious PvP-only experience...with some slightly less serious but still built on competition gametypes to offer variety (instagib, juggernaut, etc), with no support for more abstract goof around unscored minigames. Because that's just how shooters were played and people didn't really conceive of playing them any other way. Halo 3 and onward suffer from the opposite extreme, they weren't built to be anything EXCEPT party-games. The core gameplay mechanics are just casual-pandering ass compared to the previous games, even the "serious" modes are infected with WUDNTITBEKEWLIF- gimmicks. I don't find the majority of these shallow minigames appealing, so I have no reason to ever touch the game just like you have no reason to ever touch Ce. But this is all extremely frustrating because there's no reason you can't have a mechanically solid game with all the party game shit thrown on the side, and just offer concessions to casuals through in-game options instead of baking accessibility into the game itself. Like would your friends hate Ce if there was an option to spawn everyone with a slightly weaker, slightly easier variant gun instead? At least Halo 5 had a few good ideas...
  16. Isn't it just on PC? Also not really. The Jetpack is a lot more gradual than a sudden upward burst is.
  17. I figured someone would say that. DooM doesnt center around headshots or pinpoint precision weapons. Its major weapons (Shotguns, Automatics, manually detonated rockets) all have wide area of effect, while the few precision guns it has go largely unused. Generally you're just shooting the person's center mass, going only for headshots if feasible for a smidge of extra damage. While in Halo landing that final headshot is everything. DooM is similar to Halo but also different in some very significant ways. Caution has to be exercised before saying "but it works in DooM". Not saying double jump cant work but there are definitely things to consider.
  18. Double Jump - The primary purpose would be to juke shots by either unpredictably double-jumping upwards, or by using it to change the direction of your previous jump, which might or might not get annoying trying to track with a controller. Map verticality would have to be slightly altered (no big deal), horizontal gaps would have to be altered which could entail stretching out the map if you can't otherwise make the gaps themselves larger, which isn't good. Wall Running - Doesn't serve much point in general while just making maps all the harder to design. Having protruding ledges/pipes/etc on specific parts of the map basically accomplishes the same thing without allowing it to be done everywhere else, only difference being they can be used to walk back and forth while wall running locks you into a predictable direction. But we have man cannons if you needed to lock someone's movement. Wall Kick - In essence a more predictable, more restricted double-jump.
  19. I see nothing outright wrong with the video other than the questionable claims about the H2BR. I don't see how that alone makes it a "bad video" or "defo not a good take".
  20. Game was peaking at around 150k players at launch and is down to 41k now. Granted there's always going to be more people playing right at launch but I remember just a few days past that it was down to 90k, and here we are now at half that. He might be being hyperbolic but the drop is very real. Like always you could blame any number of factors. Given the excessive, ridiculous amount of bitching permeating the entire internet about DMR starts and the rabid defense over console aim assist I'd personally see that as the more likely culprit (obviously not that I agree with them). Or people just finally realizing that...it's Reach.
  21. Ironically grey is my favorite "color", and I still think most Reach maps look like absolute garbage. The Griffball court looks nice because: -There are subtle differences in shading to provide some color variety. Like how the floor is a lighter color than the walls or how the piece borders are. Or the sparse use of blue glass. -There is good pattern variety. -The textures are all very neatly aligned. Things that most forge maps are missing. Just the same uniform grey with lazily overlapping patterns.
  22. I can't even tell what the proper niche is for either compared to each other and I think that's a problem. Like Carbine has faster projectiles but I'm pretty sure also less accuracy? But I never really went out of my way to use it. It's at least a little bit better designed than the other various "utility weapons" in that it's firing rate gives it a unique descope advantage so there's at least some justification for it to exist. But ultimately I don't see the point in it or think it's healthy for the game.
  23. I'm struggling to think of a way to properly articulate this...egh…. The point of a utility is to be useable in all situations the niche map weapons are, and be capable of engaging and winning over those weapons in the right situations, but not the best choice in any of them and clearly countered in other situations. This is still kind of preserved with multiple "utility" weapons in the context of the greater sandbox, but it's problematic. Like a Magnum and a DMR can both challenge a Sniper Rifle but that relationship can only properly be balanced around one of these guns while leaving the other at a much larger disadvantage. Making it much less effective as a true utility weapon. And then you have these different "utility" weapons even countering each other based on slight on-paper differences, no matter how subtle. You cease to have a single jack-of-all-trades gun, every weapon just ends up being varying degrees of specialized. You could argue that the middleground of these weapons is the true utility gun, and the others are niche guns, but that's still not great game design because while there's clear cut difference between a BR and a Sniper Rifle with very obvious counter-play, something like BR vs DMR comes down largely to random factors like were you one foot closer or further from them or who shot first in order to win the TTK race or did random spread happen to be just tight enough to let you use it within the other weapon's niche or so on.
  24. Design decisions made for competitive gameplay should be made with what is best for competitive gameplay in mind, not to pander to the specific pro players out there now and what they're "used to". As if because they were pros in the past they deserve to remain pros for the rest of eternity with no challenge to the status quo. They should be expected to keep up with (qualifier: objectively good) changes to the franchise like anyone else. No, I don't have answers. Other than I think searching for KBM-only should be a queue option, and perhaps consider having different leagues.

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