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  1. Mindless fun is what set Halo Ce apart from other purely serious shooters of the same era, and lack of mindless fun is largely why those shooters died off while Halo didn't. Being a highly customizable party game with a decent competitive core has always been the franchise's angle. Halo Ce had way less options for mindless fun than the other Halo games, but it still had: -Vehicle Mayhem -(Infinite) Grenades, Chain Explosions -Race -Juggernaut -No Shield Gametypes. Shotguns, Snipers, Paintball (PP/PR). -The ability to (more or less) force same weapons and ban other weapons. -Honor rules Infection. What is this long list of "more things H2 did better than Ce"? And I fucking swear if your answer is "gwaffix"...
  2. Ce is a worn down house on a solid foundation. The game has issues that stick out more as it ages but the underlying design (fast and consistent weapon, small sandbox with completely unique, generally better designed weapons, mechanical depth, so on and so on.) is pretty much flawless. Tear down the existing structure and build something new (60fps, better graphics, forge, balance adjustments, etc). I'm not asking for an exact replica of Ce including it's jump delay and nuke grenades and all that other shit. I'm asking for a game that follows the same style of gameplay. H3 on the other hand is a worn down house on a sinking foundation. The game has issues and the underlying design (weak and unreliable weapon, very bloated sandbox of similar weapons, OP weapons on long spawn times, simplified mechanics like melee lunge, etc) isn't worth building on. Again, outside of graphics, non-gameplay features and nostalgia what about it is actually better from the standpoint of gameplay? You've mentioned spawns, what else?
  3. Is that...interesting vertical map design I'm seeing? And a DMR too? Was just gonna completely write this off as another H3 fan project but maybe I should stick around... Regardless not getting my hopes up until more is known about the actual gameplay mechanics.
  4. Ignoring: -The low quality and playlist structure of the H1 and H2 ports, as well as how lacking they are compared to H3 in areas outside of gameplay. -More people having nostalgic bias for H3 due to it being the height of franchise popularity. -That popularity and quality of design are not the same, and that a new game with the same mechanics wouldn't necessarily be as well received. -That you constantly project your own tastes onto everyone else. "Hey man it's not a problem for ME, but X doesn't like Y so we can't do that". Yeah sure. Look, I'll bite. What does H3 but better look like anyways? Well if nothing else I'll agree that this is the first time I'm hearing of people hating Guardian.
  5. e3 will probably be hitscan BR but weaker due to all the casual backlash with Halo 5's "Call of Duty" (lmfao) killtimes. Then the main focus will be on Warzone 2.0 or Battle Royale or whatever other new shit they've cooked up. Ce but better.
  6. The whole phrase originates from a Bungie employee talking about how the Halo 3 AR works well with the "three golden things of Halo, guns, grenades, and melee"...then in the very next sentence they go on to talk about how equipment adds more ways to engage in a fight. It's never been some kind of untouchable design mantra and they've never used the phrase "golden triangle". It's such a meaningless and inadequate phrase anyways. Pretty much any FPS to come out within the past fifteen years has guns, grenades, and melee in some form. You can say DooM 2016 plays vaguely similar to a Halo game with it's own strong emphasis on guns, grenades, and melee but very few would actually call it a Halo game. A better "golden triangle": -Recharging shields. -Emphasis on strafe battles with precision rifles (pistols). -Emphasis on map pickups. No other game possesses all three of those aspects at once. Though that's still an inadequate way to define Halo's gameplay.
  7. Oof, what a trainwreck. I get that the game is probably alternate history (i.e. Wolfenstein, Bioshock, Fallout, etc.) but the trailer did a really poor job of representing that if it is their intended direction. I mean shit it did a really poor job of explaining anything about the game at all. Also if the screeching incels in the comments could calm the fuck down that would be great...
  8. Yeah was gonna edit that in but figured it was too late. I mean the spread and shitty aiming still harm that point, but still the values themselves were good. To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Halo. The mechanical depth is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of competitive gameplay most of the intricacies will go over a typical player's head. There's also Halo's minimalist approach, which is deftly woven into it's gameplay- it's sandbox attributes draw heavily from AFPS roots, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this franchise, to realise that it's not just entertaining- it says something deep about VIDEOGAMES. As a consequence people who dislike Halo truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the merit in Halo's existing "utility weapon" which itself is a spiritual successor to Counter-Strike's primary M4A1. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Max Hoberman's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have a CSGO tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 Ranks of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid
  9. People liked Halo 3 because: -It had tons of marketing hype. -It had tons of new features for it's time. -It was a relatively easy game. The first two are no longer relevant (hype has passed obviously, modern games have the same features) and the last point is not worth recreating. No one looks at Halo 3 and sees what it did right because nothing about the gameplay itself is better than it's predecessors aside from projectile weapons. Which would be significant if spread didn't render it largely irrelevant. Removal of spread from precision weapons is far from being the only thing Halo 3 needed. Even putting my Ce bias aside: -The aiming system is still awful. -Movement is still slow and floaty, FoV is still very tight. All things Halo 2 did much better. -Killtimes are too slow. Shifting from hitscan to projectile is always going to slow killtimes in itself so if anything the theoretical killtime should be faster than Halo 2's to balance it out. Not even slower by default. -Melee is still braindead press B to win due to ridiculous lunge. -The weapon balance still has several problems. Every dual-wieldable weapon except the SMG is varying degrees of trash regardless if they're used on their own or dual wielded. Equipment that is largely annoying and rewarding of defensive play. The Shotgun sucks past a few inches. Brute Shot is less interesting and useful than H2 version. -The map quality is generally pretty poor outside of remakes.
  10. I'm somewhat repeating myself but: Plasma Rifle with perfect accuracy (No Spread, No Bloom), headshot damage modifier, and adjusted projectile speed. Nothing unskillful about that kind of weapon, in fact has a very huge delta between theoretical and average killtime. Deserves to kill faster than the utility if someone can actually land 100% headshots. I feel I should clarify I'm not asking for anything to be removed, I'm just criticizing mechanics that I more merely tolerate instead of enjoy. Melee needs nerfed, otherwise it can stay. More depth wouldn't hurt. Grenades need nerfed (from Ce), but otherwise can stay. I don't really have a problem with them as a concept at all. Reloading and Descope are a minor nuisance but far from being the end of the world. Power Ups I have no problem with in concept, though they can definitely be better designed than OS and Camo are. "Power Weapons" I hate. Halo Ce did not have "power weapons" other than the Rockets and situationally the Sniper. It had fast spawning alternatives to the spawn weapon like pretty much any AFPS to come before it. Ultra powerful weapons with long spawn times that completely shit on the spawn weapon are just bad design for several reasons. Frankly though these conversations are worth having anyways. Just because something has been in Halo for ages doesn't mean it's automatically a good thing, and just because people dislike aspects of the games doesn't necessarily mean they "hate Halo".. Everything is worth scrutinizing, especially if you're an aspiring game designer. Quake Rockets and Halo Rockets are completely different. UT's Redeemer or Quake's BFG is more similar to what Rockets are in Halo. Quake and UT are dead. :[
  11. Reloading is another mechanic that exists in games almost solely for "muh realistic immersion" reasons that has no real gameplay benefits (aside from niche cases like the Rockets or Sniper where it does somewhat serve as a balance factor). They aren't going to remove reloading obviously but they could at least make it near instant for weapons that don't need it to be balanced. While we're still sharing unpopular opinions I'm not a huge fan of descope either. Flinch is far worse, but still. I don't need to be constantly knocked out of scope for ranged weapons to be balanced. You can argue it adds more potential for reversals and ehhhh...I guessssss that's true....still annoying though. That makes sense but is probably best left to weapon's fire and/or just a straight up wallkick mechanic.
  12. Two and a half minutes is WAY too long to wait for a single grenade. Maybe if it were more like 30 seconds... I don't think reinventing the entire grenade system is necessary (plus aren't you forgetting the existence of Plasmas and other nades?). Just set spawn grenades to two, lower their radius, and call it good.
  13. Alternative idea: Melee completely ignores overshield and kills people like normal. Meaning the guy with overshield actually has to think about his positioning. Doing extra damage would be pointless. The BEST case scenario is you manage to burn a bit of shield before getting your ass stomped into the ground.
  14. I thought it was self evident. Regardless of what changes you make to lunge/magnetism, this is what melee as a concept does. In Halo anyways. You could make it act like a limited range bullet but that would be pretty much defeating the point.
  15. @@Hard Way As a kid I liked the original trilogy. As an adult who has experienced several other games since and just has more refined tastes in general...several aspects of the trilogy haven't aged well at all. I don't think Halo needs to literally become Quake or get a core identity revamp or any of those extremes. I just think it needs to focus on further improving on everything Halo Ce got right instead of this status quo for the past eleven years of constantly rehashing everything Halo 2 got wrong then throwing awful gimmicks on top. Halo Ce still holds up today because of the quality of it's design...I honestly don't feel the same about the other Halo games at all. Since you mentioned ideas on how to improve things, take Ce and: -Fix the undesirable bugs like jump delay, exiting crouch, models looking the wrong way, etc. -Add in game clock, forge, file browser, other obvious modern features. -Increase the weapon switch speed significantly. Slow weapon switch speed doesn't exactly encourage use of niche weapons when it's usually faster just to stick with the utility and comboing is usually out of the question. -Remove completely unneeded random spread and bloom mechanics from Sniper, Magnum, Shotgun, Plasma Rifle. -Give slight buffs and tweaks to the relatively weak covenant weapons. Like the Plasma Rifle having 25% faster TTK from it's molasses 1s HS / 2s BS TTK, or the Plasma Pistol actually being able to get a kill without overheating... -Add DMR with Magnum's exact stats and functionality as default spawn weapon. Nerf Magnum (4sk @ 1.0s) as an alternative spawn weapon for 4v4 modes. -Reduce grenade blast radius. I don't mind it but I don't see the harm in nerfing it either, it is a bit ridiculous. -Reduce grenade self damage so grenade jumping is far more viable. Have maps incorporate it more. I could go on and on but that's a start. Oh, and release the game on PC.
  16. Melee in itself (at least in Halo) makes CQC combat easier than aiming your gun. That's the sole reason it exists as a concept. When you throw in magnetism (removing the need to aim) and lunge (removing the trade off of having to position properly to use it), then you're just making it stupidly easy on top of how easy it already is. If nothing else then at the very least those mechanics are completely asinine. Halo and CoD are pretty much the ONLY games to have these mechanics. Not Quake. Not UT. Not CS. Not Rainbow Six. Not Overwatch. Not even fucking Fortnite. Of course taking pure competitive merit to it's logical extreme I could just as easily make (largely subjective) arguments against recharging shields and health, only carrying two weapons at a time, reloading, descoping, all sorts of other Halo gameplay staples. We're not here to make a pure competitive shooter, we're here to make Halo as competitive as it can be while still being identifiable as Halo. More on topic though: -Weapons having different melee properties has barely any impact on anything. How many times are you going to melee someone with the Rocket Launcher, and what portion of that involves actually being outside the range of a different weapon? It's cool but ultimately meaningless. -Momentum based melee damage at least adds some depth and risk/reward to the system. BYB at least adds some mechanical skill to a mechanic that otherwise removes the need for skill. -All this focus on improving the depth of melee seems pointless to me. It's such a minor aspect of the game and there are far more important areas that desperately need their depth adjusted. This is valid and is why I don't necessarily hate well-designed Melee. Though I could counter this by saying why not have melee that does pitiful damage but knocks people back into a better shooting distance? That might sound like I'm advocating Spartan Charge but that's different for a whole list of reasons.
  17. 5-shot weapon worked out fine for Reach NBNS and Halo Ce (it usually averaged at five shots like the modern DMR's do). The problem with the Magnum in Halo 5 is that it's just outperformed by rifles with either faster killtimes, more magnetism, or extended red reticle range. None of which has to be the case.
  18. 1. Halo 2 Nostalgia. 2. The games insist on being hitscan and people generally don't want the alternative of a hitscan 3sk because it is harder to design it's difficulty of use properly and becomes oppressive at range. 3. Halo 3 Nostalgia. 4. People think 5-shots drags on too long. I disagree.
  19. I don't get why people like the idea of "pacing shots". I should be able to fire a weapon at it's max RoF. If that RoF is too fast and results in spam then the obvious solution is to simply slow down the max RoF to something more reasonable. Not to give me the option to do something then punish me for taking that option. Bloom kind of makes sense when you want to limit a weapon from killing too fast at long range but still retain that killtime in close range. Having my RoF decrease the faster I fire the weapon though serves no point and is completely awkward.
  20. Yeah I know I said Halo should branch out and all but an Arcade game isn't really what I had in mind. Do people even play Arcade machines in 2018?
  21. Gunplay should be a big deal don't get me wrong, but in spite of how mediocre it is in Borderlands I feel it's still entirely passable at least, and the other aspects I mentioned are enough to carry the experience the rest of the way. I do agree entirely on Fallout 3 and Skyrim though. Their combat mechanics are among the worst I've ever seen in either of their respective genres, way below Borderlands in quality, and their writing is awful too. So they have basically no redeeming qualities outside of a general sense of atmosphere. Outside of nostalgia I genuinely don't get why they're held in such high regard.
  22. Also at this point the thread should just be renamed to "General Videogame, Forum Melodrama, MCC, and 343i Hate Discussion". I can't remember a time when this thread was about competitive Halo lmao.
  23. I agree that Borderlands has mediocre gunplay on pretty much an objective level. Bullet and melee sounds are pitiful, enemies slowly float to the ground and groan when they die, they get launched miles by shotguns while maintaining perfect composure in the air and taking no damage, the movement is awkward, ADS is awkward. Really the only positive I can say about it is that the weapons are nearly all projectile and that there's decent RPG depth. What I disagree with is your implication that gunplay is all that matters. For many people Borderlands has enjoyable story, humor, characters, environments, challenging and well designed co-op play unlike many other co-op games, etc. There are aspects of the game aside from the skinnerbox system that would lead people to enjoy it. And hell, I definitely wouldn't mind if the gunplay was improved on top of all that. You might not like those aspects but that doesn't render them irrelevant. Conversely and of note, Rage might've had good gunplay but it was met with a lukewarm at best reception because people generally found the other aspects of the game lacking, i.e. no diversity in environments and the completely nonexistent story. I heard people discuss Borderlands constantly, I've rarely ever heard anyone so much as mention Rage until the announcement of it's sequel. Frankly, I agree with the vast majority of things you post on pretty much any topic, or if I disagree you at least tend to bring up thought provoking points. I like having you on the forums. But the way you present yourself just makes me groan and does nothing but shoot yourself in your own foot. There's no reason for it.
  24. I'm not a fan of PC/Console crossplay as far as shooters are concerned. For actually competitive shooters it's just not a good idea. Nothing against cross-buy...though I think if you're not releasing your game on steam in 2018 you're doing something wrong. Also have to mention that games for windows live and the microsoft store were/are colossal failures. Oh man yeah, Microsoft first party is awful. The Xbox One literally only has around seven exclusives and none of them are anything worthwhile, and they've effectively tanked their flagship franchise. Nintendo has used Mario for everything, I don't see why Microsoft can't put out a low budget classic Halo game among a wider variety of Halo titles.
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