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  1. Melee in itself (at least in Halo) makes CQC combat easier than aiming your gun. That's the sole reason it exists as a concept. When you throw in magnetism (removing the need to aim) and lunge (removing the trade off of having to position properly to use it), then you're just making it stupidly easy on top of how easy it already is. If nothing else then at the very least those mechanics are completely asinine. Halo and CoD are pretty much the ONLY games to have these mechanics. Not Quake. Not UT. Not CS. Not Rainbow Six. Not Overwatch. Not even fucking Fortnite. Of course taking pure competitive merit to it's logical extreme I could just as easily make (largely subjective) arguments against recharging shields and health, only carrying two weapons at a time, reloading, descoping, all sorts of other Halo gameplay staples. We're not here to make a pure competitive shooter, we're here to make Halo as competitive as it can be while still being identifiable as Halo. More on topic though: -Weapons having different melee properties has barely any impact on anything. How many times are you going to melee someone with the Rocket Launcher, and what portion of that involves actually being outside the range of a different weapon? It's cool but ultimately meaningless. -Momentum based melee damage at least adds some depth and risk/reward to the system. BYB at least adds some mechanical skill to a mechanic that otherwise removes the need for skill. -All this focus on improving the depth of melee seems pointless to me. It's such a minor aspect of the game and there are far more important areas that desperately need their depth adjusted. This is valid and is why I don't necessarily hate well-designed Melee. Though I could counter this by saying why not have melee that does pitiful damage but knocks people back into a better shooting distance? That might sound like I'm advocating Spartan Charge but that's different for a whole list of reasons.
  2. 5-shot weapon worked out fine for Reach NBNS and Halo Ce (it usually averaged at five shots like the modern DMR's do). The problem with the Magnum in Halo 5 is that it's just outperformed by rifles with either faster killtimes, more magnetism, or extended red reticle range. None of which has to be the case.
  3. 1. Halo 2 Nostalgia. 2. The games insist on being hitscan and people generally don't want the alternative of a hitscan 3sk because it is harder to design it's difficulty of use properly and becomes oppressive at range. 3. Halo 3 Nostalgia. 4. People think 5-shots drags on too long. I disagree.
  4. I don't get why people like the idea of "pacing shots". I should be able to fire a weapon at it's max RoF. If that RoF is too fast and results in spam then the obvious solution is to simply slow down the max RoF to something more reasonable. Not to give me the option to do something then punish me for taking that option. Bloom kind of makes sense when you want to limit a weapon from killing too fast at long range but still retain that killtime in close range. Having my RoF decrease the faster I fire the weapon though serves no point and is completely awkward.
  5. Yeah I know I said Halo should branch out and all but an Arcade game isn't really what I had in mind. Do people even play Arcade machines in 2018?
  6. Gunplay should be a big deal don't get me wrong, but in spite of how mediocre it is in Borderlands I feel it's still entirely passable at least, and the other aspects I mentioned are enough to carry the experience the rest of the way. I do agree entirely on Fallout 3 and Skyrim though. Their combat mechanics are among the worst I've ever seen in either of their respective genres, way below Borderlands in quality, and their writing is awful too. So they have basically no redeeming qualities outside of a general sense of atmosphere. Outside of nostalgia I genuinely don't get why they're held in such high regard.
  7. Also at this point the thread should just be renamed to "General Videogame, Forum Melodrama, MCC, and 343i Hate Discussion". I can't remember a time when this thread was about competitive Halo lmao.
  8. I agree that Borderlands has mediocre gunplay on pretty much an objective level. Bullet and melee sounds are pitiful, enemies slowly float to the ground and groan when they die, they get launched miles by shotguns while maintaining perfect composure in the air and taking no damage, the movement is awkward, ADS is awkward. Really the only positive I can say about it is that the weapons are nearly all projectile and that there's decent RPG depth. What I disagree with is your implication that gunplay is all that matters. For many people Borderlands has enjoyable story, humor, characters, environments, challenging and well designed co-op play unlike many other co-op games, etc. There are aspects of the game aside from the skinnerbox system that would lead people to enjoy it. And hell, I definitely wouldn't mind if the gunplay was improved on top of all that. You might not like those aspects but that doesn't render them irrelevant. Conversely and of note, Rage might've had good gunplay but it was met with a lukewarm at best reception because people generally found the other aspects of the game lacking, i.e. no diversity in environments and the completely nonexistent story. I heard people discuss Borderlands constantly, I've rarely ever heard anyone so much as mention Rage until the announcement of it's sequel. Frankly, I agree with the vast majority of things you post on pretty much any topic, or if I disagree you at least tend to bring up thought provoking points. I like having you on the forums. But the way you present yourself just makes me groan and does nothing but shoot yourself in your own foot. There's no reason for it.
  9. I'm not a fan of PC/Console crossplay as far as shooters are concerned. For actually competitive shooters it's just not a good idea. Nothing against cross-buy...though I think if you're not releasing your game on steam in 2018 you're doing something wrong. Also have to mention that games for windows live and the microsoft store were/are colossal failures. Oh man yeah, Microsoft first party is awful. The Xbox One literally only has around seven exclusives and none of them are anything worthwhile, and they've effectively tanked their flagship franchise. Nintendo has used Mario for everything, I don't see why Microsoft can't put out a low budget classic Halo game among a wider variety of Halo titles.
  10. AAA companies make their profit by pandering to people without refined tastes, the largest portion of any market. That they don't put genuine effort into making their maps deep and interesting should be of absolutely no surprise to anyone. Why would they when the average undedicated gamer who only plays a few hours a week to unwind and has never experienced anything better can't tell the difference in quality anyways?
  11. All the degrees and years of experience in the world wouldn't magically make a professionally developed map like Snowbound better than an fanmade one like Imminent. Seriously though, Lawbreakers is a good cautionary tale. Those are some pretty bold claims. Especially when you're designing the game towards crossplay. Especially when Quake 3 and UT99 exist. Regardless I'm intrigued. When can we expect to hear more about the game?
  12. Ehhhhhhh.... Comparing CSGO to CS 1.6 is more like comparing H3 to H2 than it is comparing H4 to H2. The core formula is still perfectly intact, it's mostly just that the game is worse on a mechanical level. It's acceptable when the games are released as completed products and updated over time. Many cases though they release a half-finished game and just use updates to finish it, and all that does is give the game a bad first impression that it fails to recover from. Early access needs to stop, seriously. And (maybe getting a bit off-topic here) almost always you lose out on mods and other custom content because the developers want control over everything and don't want anything potentially cutting into their DLC / Microtransaction sales. After all how do you sell skins and maps when your playerbase can make them on their own? Team Fortress 2 and CSGO reach a good middleground here but every other as-a-service game I see is completely 100% railroaded by the developers with no support for custom content. I miss paying $30-$60 and just having a complete game that I can do whatever the hell I want with and where I don't have to constantly pay for game content.
  13. The simplified version: V-sync fixes screen-tearing. I.e. when the game displays two frames at once due to uneven framerate so for a split second you get this. It fixes screen-tearing by limiting your fps to your monitor's refresh rate. However it uses delayed frames instead of the latest frames your GPU puts out in order to do this, which causes input lag (sluggish aim). Another negative is that if your fps drops below your monitor's refresh rate then the game rounds down your frame rate in divisibles of your monitor's refresh rate. I.e. if your monitor is 60hz and you drop to 59 fps then the game will actually go all the way down to 30fps instead. This can create massively inconsistent smoothness if you can't maintain FPS above 60. Hence why most people leave it disabled and buy Gsync/Freesync monitors if they care that much about tearing.
  14. I feel like we're getting into my opinions on skins as a whole, and there's a lot I could say about that but I'd rather just quickly answer these for now. 1. I don't like that these economies exist, but I do acknowledge they aren't going anywhere soon. I think it's ever so slightly less ethical than having no way of obtaining the skins at all. 2. I don't think companies should lie to manipulate people into a purchase, but that's all I can sympathize with you here. I don't mind when I get an LE skin and then others get access to it, if anything I'm glad. I feel like in general skins should be a method of individualization, not a status symbol to rub in the face of others. Currently I'm not saying they should be easier to obtain, just everyone has an equal chance to obtain them. Getting Diamond rank to unlock a skin wouldn't be easy, but at least theoretically it's something everyone can do. Getting locked out of that skin forever because you started playing the game a month too late...that's bullshit to me.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of skins being locked behind playlists I might not want to play, but it's acceptable so long as they can be obtained at any time. I absolutely hate anything that is limited-time-only. I think its a very anti-consumer and unfair practice, that I be permanently locked out of something because I wasn't fast enough or it happened before my time or I didn't get the memo. So I would be completely against seasonal skins. I don't really care if it's greyed out in the UI or not, I'll still see people wearing it and know that I'll never obtain it.
  16. I'm still skeptical of wireless mice in general. If I had to go with one I'd go with the G900 or G903 since they have proven results, are newer models, and have an optional cable anyways. Of course that's $100-$150 out of your pocket.
  17. It doesn't perform as well as you'd expect from a 2007 game. Even with my shitty 2012 CPU and RAM you'd think I still wouldn't get any stuttering at all but I do. How much of that is the CPU and how much is just the game itself is hard to say. Obviously my GTX 1060 isn't the problem. So, I don't know. Only real answer I can give is to download it and test for yourself.
  18. I'm astounded that there's 3000 concurrent players. That doesn't sound like a lot even compared to Halo 4, but you really have to consider the context of those numbers. Most indie shooters on PC fail to reach more than 500, so for this game to have this many players is just unheard of. Anyways, decided to try the game out of curiosity. I went in expecting a game made by console Halo fans who don't really get PC shooters, and while I was pleasantly surprised by a few things I'd have to say first impressions are it's more or less what I expected. +Extensive, per weapon viewmodel customization. This was a definite shocker. A feature that very few PC shooters have even though they all should. +FoV slider that goes all the way up to a reasonable 120. +Pretty impressive forge given the circumstances. +Raw Input...though the aim is wonky anyways. -Mouse aim does not feel good, and I'm sure controllers have a significant advantage. This should never be the case in a PC game. -If you don't have a controller then half the menus require arrow keys and enter to navigate. Frag like it's 1993, evidently. -The server browser is incredibly sluggish, and also lacks a filter system. -The menus love to bug out in general really. Froze up one trying to adjust my sensitivity mid-game. -Game is poorly optimized but that's out of their hands I'm sure. -Can't bind to the F# keys. Minor nitpick. ="Fix FPS Stutter" in options. What is this? Is it Vsync? Then just call it Vsync. Is it something else? Why wouldn't I want to fix FPS stutter? Confusing option. =Sensitivity scaling seems wonky. I'd have to actually measure it.
  19. A Battlefield BR would be a no brainer really. The game's weapon design, player counts, and maps are already well suited for it, and the franchise is already known for a similar enough style of play. And since they just released a classic-style game it gives them room to breath for a spin off. Difference is greedy fucks didn't control most of the industry like they do now. In 2006, direct buying horse armor for $2 was considered unacceptable. In 2018, that's extremely tame compared to paying $20 in lootboxes until you finally get that same horse armor. Or in Fortnite's case, direct buying that horse armor for $15...
  20. I apologize for the video itself...egh...but this is what I could find on short notice. An example of him doing it with the AR near the end of the video.
  21. The Sniper Rifles and Crossbow are projectile. The Rocket and Grenade are obviously projectile. Every other gun in the game is hitscan. Spread doesn't make the game harder, it just makes it random. Remove spread then apply projectile to the hitscan weapons if they become too overbearing. @@Teapot I want my games to be competitively designed because then I'm not dying to bullshit and have a reason to stick around the game because of constant room for improvement. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm at the skill level for or have any desire to attend competitive events.
  22. Well sadly your options are pretty limited there. DooM. Coming straight from Halo it will feel very similar despite it's differences. Probably your best bet. Team Fortress 2. "Spammy" maybe but not bullet spongey like those games. Quake Champions...if you have a high end PC and high tolerance for getting destroyed. Not Quake Live as it's mostly 1-life modes these days. Dirty Bomb. Kind of. Killtimes are pretty fast but still somewhat slower than typical military FPS and movement slows them further.
  23. Ce vehicle balance was alright? They were powerful but also pretty easy to counter with just your spawn weapons. No reason they can't just update that concept, which is kind of what Smartan hinted at. Scorpion: Bring back the exposed driver. Scorpion becomes complete glass-cannon instead of unstoppable death machine. Banshee: Remove fuel rod. Replace front metal plate with very weak energy barrier. Operator is forced to head straight at targets but is left exposed in process. Ghost: Bullets penetrate front metal and directly damage operator with only slight reduction in damage taken. Wraith: The rear end vent now causes it to explode with only a few shots. No mounted front turret. Sniper Rifle directly pierces front, killing driver with ease. Mantis: Remove it. At the very least remove the stupid ground-stomp, it shouldn't have an easy tool to deal with it's primary counter (mounting). The user should be punished for bad positioning. Grenades: More reliable placement in general, more knockback against ground vehicles. Mounted Turrets: More of these on the map so infantry has safer area of operation. I'm sure there's more you could do and that might not be entirely sufficient but it's a good starting point.
  24. I don't care how original or not something is as much as I care that it's good. And 343i's art direction...well...it's certainly not good. Pioneer armor wouldn't be any less ugly if they had stolen it from someone else.
  25. I'd love to be able to see and shoot through two-way teleporters. One-way teleporters are a bit of a grey area but might still work out. Unfortunately not that it would be relevant because 343i absolutely refuses to put teleporters on their maps for some reason. "Let's throw out this idea and if r/Halo fans like it we'll do it, and if not we'll claim it's a prank." -343i, probably.

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