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  1. Love it. Also like the little shoutout to DUSK in the corner (it IS really good). Now if only we could get some actual news about the game...
  2. Quake Champions lets you replace weapon models with functional equivalents. Most drastic example being replacing nailgun with plasmagun. Though yeah I don't see how a singleshot 12 round gun and a burst fire 36 round gun would work in the same slot. There would need to be sensible limitations.
  3. Nowhere. Halo 3's hands kept inexplicably missing my body, thank god.
  4. My ignorant takeaway so take it with a grain of salt but; It's important to make a distinction here between one life roundbased gametypes like breakout and respawning roundbased gametypes like asymm assault. Halo isn't the best for one life gametypes. The slow killtimes give the enemy team a massive advantage when they have more people left alive, and while in this case regenerating health helps the individual it still helps the enemy team even more. It's not like limited hp gametypes such as clan arena where if I die I can still weaken the enemy team's health pool before dying to aid our survivors. Or where if I'm last I can win by having better positioning and meticulously whittling them down (or in case of instantaneous killtimes, one shot them from cover / from behind before they can one shot me). Not to mention how power weapons can lead to easy team wipes with little skill investment. Its not even "timing them" when the round is over after the very first rocket rush.
  5. Hope it's good so I can finally toss my Xbox. The complaints of "ADAD spam" make me nervous but hearing that it feels like a Source game is reassuring, so mixed emotions there. That reminds me, it's been like half a year since I even checked in on the project, I wonder how-*glances at their youtube channel*...oh....it's fucking nothing... Something wrong?
  6. To be clear that's an image from a different studio (lead by Marcus Lehto) making a different game, not Halo Infinite. Which had me so confused at first because I was like "since when does Halo look like Half Life / Fallout?"
  7. I wonder if yearly releases that all tried different things wouldn't be a good way for 343i to get on track. It's irrelevant to think about though because they aren't capable of it anyways, it takes them a year just to add one fucking gamemode for some reason, they're definitely not capable of releasing games every year. But just repeating the same thoughts ad infinitum at this point.
  8. Eh we aren't shocked, just stating the obvious. As I said I suspected from the moment of announcement it would be mediocre. Yeah I agree with pretty much all of this, especially the last point. There are extremely strong parallels in the trajectories of both franchises. To use an analogy, Fallout 1 and 2 are like Halo Ce. They're the original, highest quality but niche games that no one really thinks about. Fallout 3 / Fallout New Vegas are like Halo 3 and Halo 2, respectively. Significant change that redefines the franchise but still recognizably Fallout. Fallout 4 is Halo Reach, and Fallout 76 is The 4. Edit: You could probably then say that Far Harbor is like Halo 5. A return to form in some aspects but still struggling with bad core design. I wouldn't say Fallout 4 was garbage, but it certainly wasn't *good*. I liked the atmosphere, exploration, combat, crafting, companions. But the utter lack of true player agency and quality writing was just frustrating and jarring coming straight from New Vegas. It was, as they say, a decent open world shooter but not much beyond that.
  9. Everyone is going to buy it anyways because Bethesda game and Mainstream AAA game. But, yeah. Before anything was really announced I assumed it would just be another No Mans Sky or Sea of Thieves, another lackluster "make your own fun" running simulator with little to actually do. And the recent footage I've seen so far has seemed to prove me right. I dunno. I'll watch more footage to get a better idea, see if it changes before release, but I'm not impressed so far.
  10. Slayer, CTF, Infection - Absolutely essential, always. The most definitive modes of the franchise, for better or worse. KoTH, Oddball, Assault, Race - Significantly more niche but still solid and well known modes that should be present. Especially Oddball which is in very few other games and largely unique to Halo. Territories, Warzone, Strongholds, Extraction, Invasion, Ricochet, Juggernaut, Headhunter, etc - Not necessary. Some of them are mediocre, others are high quality modes but are so extremely niche anyways that to argue they are "quintessential" would be inaccurate. Others are just kind of redundant. Not that I don't miss many of them.
  11. Having an internet connection isn't necessarily the problem. People have internet access 90% of the time and it should be expected in an online multiplayer game anyways. The problem is (a specific type of ) DRM, the thing forcing you to have an internet connection. I get additional unwanted lag. It's almost always the case where the game can't add custom user content (mods) nor can I play on custom servers due to everything having to be validated with the official servers in order for me to even play the game. I have to queue for things like tutorials, campaign, etc. that should just be offline accessible. I can't sell my copy of the game to other players after I'm done with it (not to be confused with distributing illegal copies). Basically I can't do anything with the content I paid for that isn't officially sanctioned, even if what I want to do is legal and harms no one. And if we're talking about streaming games from a company owned device to your own device then that introduces it's own problems like input lag and subscription fees on top of the above.
  12. I would consider them that, yes. I don't see how someone could argue otherwise.
  13. If they weren't RNG and were direct purchase only (what other industry operates on the idea that you don't know what you're purchasing?), were actual MICRO-transactions (1/4th the cost of the game for a single cosmetic is ridiculous, should be like five dollars at most), and weren't treated as a substitute for bland default models...then they'd be tolerable. Still bad, but I pushed a kid off his bike levels of bad instead of I murdered an entire town levels of bad. As Grim said though, companies seem to obsess over the shittiest systems possible and it only gets worse every year, so I'm not holding out on things changing. "Game development is more expensive". Developing the same things is cheaper. You can do in unity today what it took an entire team to do in 2001. It's quote-unquote "more expensive" because they're constantly trying to push 9001k graphics for their console games on machines that struggle to even deliver Medium-Quality 1080p consistently. And enter microtransactions, me paying for the game's content piece by piece to fund graphics I don't care about.
  14. -Grenades (could be considered a power weapon for sake of argument though). -Limited Ammunition (ex. not a giant stockpile off-spawn that will last you ten frags). -Health pickups for non recharging health (camping doesn't work forever if the enemy can whittle down your health constantly). The last two combined, the enemy just has to bait you into expending your ammo and control the medkits that you don't have access to because you're camping. Though yeah over 50% of the game would be camping anyways. But this is not an entirely accurate statement. It would also be possible to add further incentives that aren't just "I'm better at combat now". Like having objectives such as a point-scoring hill in unfavorable locations.
  15. There's few situations in BTB where the full 8x zoom is needed, even fewer where the Magnum isn't able to challenge. Only one I can think of offhand is how Ce Magnum bullets literally disappear past the hill on Blood Gulch, but that would be a simple fix. Considering the Magnum and Sniper both have 0.6s killtimes it would be hard to cram a new weapon in there too. I guess you could add a DMR with 3x/6x and faster projectile velocity but the same killtime and no out-of-scope aim assist? That's an ultra specific niche though, beyond that range niches are already fulfilled in Ce. As for the ideas you asked me about: Plasma Pistol: Noob combo is pretty pointless in Ce's sandbox, especially with the PP's very weak player tracking, and I don't think Noob comboing is particularly a good thing in the first place. The gun serves very little point in arena modes. I would like to add unique traits to it or just rework it entirely. A lot of different directions you could take here, for instance SPV3's brute plasma pistol that leaves a pool of fire is pretty neat. SPV3's version of void's tear that pulls enemies towards you with standard shots and creates a gravity well with charged shots is also pretty neat. Hell even the inverse of that, something that has mild knockback on standard shots and major knockback on a charged shot could have unique applications, like rocket jumping, reflecting projectiles or pushing enemies off of hazards. Or you could just remove tracking entirely and turn it into a 1sk railgun of sorts. I'm not really decided which direction to take it, but as ARUKET said you might as well go crazy with the pickup guns and there's a lot of crazy but sensible things you could do with a charged projectile weapon. Needler: Hard to fix this weapon. Currently it's mostly used to get easy kills on unaware opponents. Let's run with that. Now it doesn't interrupt camo, fires quieter, projectiles don't start glowing until several feet away from gun so your position is harder to determine, and has vastly reduced spread so you can fire it around corners without the projectiles just dispersing all over the place. Assault Rifle: Accurate for first few shots before expanding to current spread, make finishing off enemies a bit more viable but still keeping it weak as a mid range combat weapon. More powerup synergy. Vamprism restores a bit extra, speed boost lets it one hit melee kill at full forward speed, overshield gives it the ability to destroy explosives. Would have appropriately colored bullet trails to make this a bit more obvious to user. Powerups: Overshield (Green aura): Just a quality of life change. Speed Boost (Light blue aura, blur around player) - I don't agree with the arguments against it and I feel it would indirectly make the Plasma Rifle more desirable too. Thoughtful counterplay is always a good thing. Vampirism (Reddish-Purple aura)- Damaging enemies restores your health and shields. Powerful but requires skill to use, and it's been tested in comp mods before, we know it works. Key (Gold aura)- Possessing it enables you and only you to travel through specific map doorways, teleporters, etc. MVP (Changing Rainbow aura) - All points earned are doubled for duration. Kills count for two, more KoTH/Oddball time, etc. Equipment: Spawn Beacon - Basically same as BF, mainly for BTB, allies can spawn at it one time each. Evade - As I previously mentioned. Gravity Lift - Good, neutral equipment with teamwork applications. Should return. I had more equipment ideas but tapped out at the moment.
  16. First, they could've given them a long range alternative that wasn't simply a functional clone of the same gun. Or just actually designed the maps around the asymmetric differences in weaponry. Second, why does the mode need to be elites vs spartans? You could've had two teams of spartans with identical equipment and still maintained the same amount of "mode variety". Three, minor exceptions here and there are fine, but redundancy should be avoided as much as feasible. It always negatively impacts the sandbox.
  17. Halo Ce Magnum. Strafe battles with a projectile weapon are so much more interesting than point and clicking everything with aim assist. Plus it's almost completely consistent and has a reasonable killtime instead of a molasses one. Pause menu would look something like this. Would make the game more accessible and would just be incredibly useful in general. Add a custom games browser. Base the sandbox around Ce and only add the actually unique new weapons from the other games instead of tons of redundant bloat. Adjust balance. Plasma Rifle should be 100% accurate with no bloom or spread, and should kill about 25% faster (two seconds is far too slow as is, especially in a 0.6-1.0s sandbox), at a cost of faster overheating. Shotgun should have a fixed spread pattern like Quake so it's not entirely random. Rework the Plasma Pistol and Needler entirely, I have ideas but am keeping it brief. Weapon switch speed should be about twice as fast to encourage using other weapons more often. Assault Rifle could use some added utility but not sure what yet. Abilities reworked into equipment with limited time uses placed on the map. New powerups added to the game. I have ideas but don't really want to get into it right now, but one thing I would like to see is an evade that also allows shooting, maybe ten uses, as a buff that still requires skill to pull off. Add more options for the custom powerup. Inherent Spartan Abilities: NO SPRINT. "Sliding" in the sense more forward momentum is preserved if you crouch while moving forward. One-time use Wall Jump similar to Nyx. Melees have momentum based damage, no lunge or aim assist, and can one-shot if done from great heights. Grenades only do a half-shield in self damage to promote grenade jumping.
  18. Dedicated servers SHOULD be better than P2P. Honestly no idea what 343i is messing up.
  19. The argument that glitches should be removed just because they're glitches is literally a genetic fallacy. Thankfully people like id software were smarter than that. The one and only difference between a glitch and a feature is whether it was intentional or not. Accidental does not inherently mean bad. If the developers intended for you to go outside the map and shoot through walls it wouldn't somehow make it less bullshit. Likewise strafejumping isn't somehow a bad thing just because it wasn't originally planned. That said I don't really like button combos either, at least not ones based around shooting instead of melee like BXR, because it's just completely unintuitive for an FPS. Unless you're awkwardly using your index finger to push the buttons you have to stop aiming entirely and take your thumb off the joystick to pull off BXR, Quad-Shot, etc. and hope that the enemy walks into your crosshair and/or that you can manage to use strafe to aim. Fighting games are different because they're no aiming involved and all of your digits are free to press whatever buttons you want. Something like BXR would make far more sense if it was just pressing the right trigger at very specific firing animation frames. Double Pump was removed because it wasn't really that skillful (it's literally just pressing the weapon switch button) and ended up invalidating the entire sandbox. Why bother lining up Sniper shots when you can just rapidly spam the one-hit-kill cannon?
  20. Having that many weapons would (and already does) lead to sandbox problems. There's no need for it. Leave Promethean weapons as campaign-only, or reduce the quantity and make the ones that exist more unique, which would be beneficial to both MP and SP. Preferably the latter but the former is tolerable. The division here is misguided. Make three radically different games in the same game and the splitting of resources will ensure they all end up mediocre. Beyond that it's just unnecessary and born out of people on both sides (ugh kill me) not thinking rationally. People just need to learn to compromise, and the classic fans need to stop hardlining on the stupidest most insignificant shit. It's possible to have a classic formula game that still has new features, it just needs to be done thoughtfully. And there are definitely thoughtful ways of doing it. Powerups - Add more. Armor Abilities - On map, limited use, drop on death, relatively basic ones like Evade only. Spartan Abilities - Minor shit like stabilizer that shakes up the experience without fundamentally redefining how it plays. Besides, "Spartan Ability Halo" and "Armor Ability Halo" are a pointless distinction in this context, they both appeal to the same audience, more or less.
  21. That reddit guy is an insufferable tard, but some of the posts in this thread almost validate him claiming the fanbase can't tolerate change. Almost. Sidestepping isn't "Thrust". It can be used a ton of times in a fight (if not infinitely) by both players and lets you shoot while doing it. It's just as offensive as it is defensive if not more so and is essentially just a replacement/alternative to strafing, for better or worse. It's as old as the genre itself, which is why I think it's amusing the guy calls it "new and innovative". "Wall kick will never be good in an FPS". Uhh...Unreal Tournament, Quake Champions, etc? Like damn that's a bold claim. There are far more impactful movement abilities than a meager wall kick that are still fun in FPS.
  22. Maybe not my favorite campaign but I would still put it up there with CE, even if for completely different reasons. The story was the main draw for me, was something I thought the game did really well over the other games, as well as the soundtrack You got far more insight into the Covenant AND the Flood, plenty of badass moments with the Chief ("give the covenant back their bomb" has to be one of the most memorable moments in gaming, at least for me personally), Sergeant Johnson as a major character and great comic relief, so on. Not a narrative masterpiece by any means, but pretty good for what it was at the time. For gameplay...it did some things good and some things bad. The levels were more linear sure, but there was also a wider variety of levels, every level was truly unique unlike Ce where it's basically applying a 343i "remix" mentality to the first half of the game. I didn't have too much of an issue with the waves, save a few exceptions, (and of course firefight is a thing so people can't hate waves that much). It was the first game to experiment with "bosses", which were a mixed bag, but overall I think was a good addition, Tartarus aside, something I wish would've been pursued further. Not like the Warden though. All the new enemies were good additions to gameplay, even if the weapons weren't. "Why not Halo 3?". The story failed to captivate me, with it mostly just being an apathetic rehash of the first two games with some Cortana drama thrown in, and the gameplay itself just feels far too clunky for me to want to go back to in 2018. The levels ARE better in general, but that's about it. Arbiter was unique, interesting, and knew how to share the stage anyways. Locke pushed Chief to the side for literally 80% of the game and was just a completely bland replacement. Yeah they're both "silent" protagonists, except Chief had a badass factor defined through his actions and one-liners, and a cool iconic appearance as well. Locke had neither of those going for him. You can replace the Chief and I won't really care. He just needs an actually worthy replacement. So far, Locke isn't that.
  23. No idea why they didn't just lead with the PC gameplay or use it for all their footage. Aside from that, it's looking really good. Will be fun to see what's possible with the dodging and grappling, and Dark Souls style invasions are pretty neat. Also loved everyone's reaction to meeting him, that shit was priceless.
  24. Classic Arena Shooters don't really have "tiers" or "power weapons" though...rare exceptions like BFG and Redeemer aside. You have the shitty-but-versatile spawn weapon. Which, if you're smart, can still compete with the on map weapons. Then fast spawning niche weapons that are roughly equal to each other. More so in UT than in Quake 3 but still. Yeah you're encouraged to ditch the spawn weapon as fast as possible but it's not like Pistol < BR < DMR < Sniper. It's MG < Railgun = Rocket Launcher. I guess it makes sense if you're conflating the armor/shield upgrades of those games with the weapon upgrades of modern Halo? Though health/armor can be depleted while better weapons are a constant buff.
  25. In most cases I usually am, yeah. Ce was at the back of my mind writing this though it still applies to some other Halo campaigns. Enemy Variety and Depth - Oh yes, absolutely. This is the one unique strongpoint Halo has over most other games. Grunts, Elites, Jackals, Jackal Snipers, Drones, Hunters, Flood...all very different enemies that require generally different approaches to defeat. Interesting Level Designs - Halo Ce and to a lesser extent Halo 3 are pretty good in this area. Not winning any awards though. The other games...yeah completely linear. My points about sandbox design - Sort of, bit of a weak point with the franchise. Powerups are present in the early games even if they become rarer in later entries. The main precision gun is powerful and has tons of ammo but there are still situations where it's weak and you're encouraged to use limited alternatives. Ex. it's not the best choice against Elites or Flood forms that tank bodyshots, better off using Plasma Weapons or Shotguns to deal with them, respectively.
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