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  1. Poor word choice, I mean more slong the lines of dark and edgy. It's not a franchise with wailing death metal and torture scenes and dystopian societies and the pained screams of your enemies and "edgy" satanic imagery and etc etc envelope pushing etc. It's a self aware half-serious, half-comedic franchise with a positive view of human future against overwhelming odds. I.e. it's a giant leap from wortwortwort or food nipple to ripping off an elites arm and shoving it up it's ass. Reach was serious, gritty even, but not dark and depraved. And to be clear I'm not some sheltered altar boi offended by any of that. I just don't think it fits tonally.
  2. I don't care about gratuitous gore, just feels tonally out of place in this series (halo is not nor has ever been dark and gritty), especially when MP enemies are highly durable spartans. Blood should return. Its satisfying, not over the top and can have legitimate story reasons to exist. The mission 343 Guilty Spark made excellent use of it and it's not something I recall seeing much of if at all in the other games.
  3. It's so inconsequential I legitimately struggle to think of any upsides or downsides to having it or not. I guess I view it as an unnecessary button press? Venting your weapon prevents you from firing it...but letting it cool down automatically also in effect prevents you from firing it anyways because the moment you start firing it is the moment you're no longer letting it recharge. Like might as well have the venting rate be the same as the default cooldown rate and just not have a venting mechanic. It doesn't strike me as much more than cosmetic. They're both functionally the same, just one has a unique animation and one does not. The only slight difference I can see is that with venting there's a minor delay between stopping the animation and firing so you're forced to commit to the "reload", whereas with a fast natural cooldown you can fire instantly at any time. I don't see any reason to make plasma weapons more vulnerable, even if only such a miniscule amount. You could say it adds risk-reward but again its so inconsequential it's just...why?
  4. I'm 99% sure that Supermelee123, Fixaimingpls, and Meleeisback are all the same person.
  5. Demon Runes would be more or less fine if you weren't both an instakilling machine AND a behemoth that takes 9001 shots to kill. Aside from arguably a few cases it takes no actual effort to go on a spree as demon. There should be some risk to it.
  6. There are any number of reasons why people don't play Quake. If the skillgap alone were an issue we wouldn't see people playing other competitive games. I think the most damning thing about the Quake franchise is that it's purely competitive. Like if you want to relax in Quake...you just stop playing Quake. There's serious modes then slightly less modes like instagib which are still pretty sweaty in their own right. Due to the design there's few if any "lmfao what the shit just happened" moments in the game either. It's just pure sweat. Team Fortress 2 at it's core is very similar skill-gap wise (Quake fans will deny this up and down but at it's core it shares many of the same learned and applied skills) ...except it also has a much more accessible skill floor and a million different goof off modes and gameplay aspects for casual minded gamers to enjoy. Hence why Quake is at 600 players and TF2 has maintained above 50k for over a decade now. Even CSGO at least has things like Surf and 16v16 cs_office going for it. For Quake the skillgap is also less mental and more strictly twitch in nature as well, not much room for a thinker to excel over someone with great reflexes. Well okay that's not entirely accurate, there are plenty of mental aspects to Quake's skillgap, the problem is they're just cryptic and unintuitive for anyone who isn't already familiar with the game. Knowing where to hold, what traps to set, what weapons to use, where to attack, etc. in a game like Rainbow Six or CS is common everyday reasoning, it follows from sensible real life experience. Whereas in Quake or similar games it's like "okay if I rocket jump to X I'll be in position to spawn my teammate at Y and also drop right on top of the mini healths while skipping the +50 health because I'm at 80/100 and it doesn't overheal like the minihealths do and-" you see my point, it's all intricate knowledge of game mechanics instead of intuitive, familiar reasoning.
  7. Needler - Useless. Decent for burst killing enemies stealthfully on large maps with their back to you but that's pretty much it. Plasma Pistol - OS counter and potential melee combos, otherwise useless. Plasma Rifle - OS counter, Ambush, beatdowns...but extremely niche. Then again it's still the most useful it's been in the entire franchise here. Assault Rifle - Great choice. Outdamages Magnum in CQC in most situations, has great melee synergy, helps with using and detecting active camo, shreds shieldless enemies. Shotgun, Rockets, Sniper (Flamethrower, Fuel Rod) - All obviously worth using over Magnum in their respective situations. Sure the Magnum is able to contest them but they also tend to have quick spawn times and still be the ideal choice. "bUt tHosEe aRe pOwEr wEaPoNs". First of all that doesn't even invalidate the point, they're still weapons besides the Magnum that see use. And second of all no they are not, aside from the Rockets they have the same frequency and spawn times as any normal weapon. It's like claiming the Barrett in CoD4 is a power weapon...without considering the context of the sandbox it's found in. Yeah the Magnum is going to be used constantly anyways because it's versatile and the spawn weapon. As opposed to what? Halo 2 or Halo 3 where the BR is used constantly because it's better than all the crappy redundant automatics and other rifles anyways? The same "problem" is hardly unique to Ce. I have plenty of ideas for unique weapons, or ways to rework existing weapons to be more unique...I just don't feel obligated to copy-paste the entire list everytime I make an offhand comment about the need for the game to have unique weapons because it's irrelevant to and would just distract from the statement I'm making. And since it was mentioned, I don't want a 1:1 clone of Ce, which has clear problems of it's own. I want a game that actually builds on Ce's foundation. Halo 5 and Halo Reach are similar in some important aspects (reliable singleshot primary, reduced sandbox clutter, reduced killtimes, weapon nading, etc) but then they just unfortunately miss the mark in everything else. Which is why Halo 5 is especially disappointing to me, it was taking some serious steps in the right direction but then just went full r*tard.
  8. I mean, I have every right to dictate for myself whose opinions I consider to be good or garbage. It's ignorant to claim I HAVE TO acknowledge things as high quality just because other people find them high quality. They're popular but that's the one and only objective statement that can be made here. Well that and I think "less experienced people tend to have lower standards due to limited range of experience" is a valid axiom. And bruh you constantly demonize people for liking Ce.
  9. Popularity is not an indicator of good quality because the masses tend to have ignorant (inexperienced?), garbage tastes in...just about everything. This will always be the case when you compare average joe off the street to an actual dedicated hobbyist who knows their shit and has seen it all before. Like both those animes are terrible dude, where the plot is little more than a vehicle for the next bIg fIgHt ScEnE and the characters are all copy-pasted tropes. They're widely enjoyed because they're junk food, easy entertainment...not because they're the pinnacle of intelligent media. Not all popular things are bad, obviously, and there are popular things I enjoy. But a fuckton of them sure as hell are because of everything I said above. I don't base my opinions on popularity, that's stupid. I base them on my own taste and experience. I don't care how many people play Fortnite. It's an instant gratification RNG-fest, and as much as people claim to love it they sure were quick to abandon it in favor of the next instant-gratification RNG fest... DooM is similar but not so similar you can just copy-paste mechanics thoughtlessly. A lot easier to track double-jumpers and such with a Shotgun or mid-air detonating Rocket than it is with a precision weapon with a small margin of error... Even if these mechanics could work you have to ask two important questions. 1. Is Thrust good for Halo in the first place? I mean with a speed, crisp strafe you shouldn't really need a dodge mechanic anyways, and it would be potentially overbearing if it were added on top of that. 2. Do these mechanics even address the "problems" that sprint seeks to address? Dodges on a long timer don't exactly make map traversal faster, while on a short timer they become just as game-defining as sprint is. At least they're worth consideration, and at least thrust-with-gun is better than thrust-without-gun. I'll give you that much.
  10. I really want to believe that whole popularity = quality thing is trolling. And were just arguing in circles. The differences AREN'T meaningful, hence why I want the guns removed.
  11. You first. "You idiots know nothing of good game design." Having hundreds of barely different weapons littering the map that offer no conscious strategic advantages over another and that just lead to battles being determined by their ultra nuanced differences is not "good game design". Quake only has nine weapons yet has far more actual variety in gunplay than CoD which in effect really only has like three weapons...sniper, automatic, shotgun. The entire point of the reskin idea is to put identical weapons in loadouts and leave the map weapons for actually, meaningfully unique ones. Obviously weapons need to be different to justify being pickups, but the thing is no one is saying the reskins should be pickups.
  12. Perks are bullshit. There's no way to tell what perk someone is using, at least with loadouts you have the visible weapon. And dividing all traits like that instead of giving the individual all of the perks is just a clever way of nerfing the individual while making the game more random. Loadouts I don't see the point in. At least as far as Halo 4 all the primary options are redundant with each other, too similar to provide any meaningful tactical difference in picking one over another. Which you would think would be a good thing but it's not because it just means battles are won by someone's rifle killing 0.1s faster than someone else's based on a few feet of range. It's better to just have a single versatile primary and close-mid secondary to cover all the bases. Or for the options to be differentiated by utility instead of killing power i.e. give up your SMG secondary for a Plasma Pistol.
  13. I'm glad i was wrong and that it's coming to steam. However it still requires a Microsoft account and that leaves me still skeptical about mod support.
  14. It's too early to call. I would say console though, at least in the short term. There is no guarantee the game will even take off on PC, while it already at least has an established console base. Plus there would need to be time to optimize the competitive settings for the differences that PC brings anyways. Dividing the scene or forcing them into unfamiliar territory would not be a good idea at this point.
  15. 8700k, GTX 1080, 144hz Gsync Monitor Yeah I think I can run 2001-2007 games at 144 fps. Most people who are serious about PC gaming have a setup that can, at the very least for much older games like these. Only a small handful of games can even feasibly run at 240fps and the hardware needed would be like five grand and not really worth the investment for the minute difference in smoothness. So no, very few people can run at 240fps. Anyways I agree the multiplayer populations would be fairly small, even though those are terrible examples (a mod of a terrible vista port..cmon). Truth is there are just more competitive shooters on PC and a wider variety to pick from, not to mention the competing fan projects. However it would still be worth it for the campaign and campaign mods.
  16. No strong opinion one way or anothef but I don't necessarily have a problem with sound cues like footsteps. It requires and rewards paying active attention as well as deciphering their location instead of just knowing exactly where the other person is, plus there's plenty of ways for the other person to conceal their noise. They can jump so there's only periodic clanks, they can drop down from a higher level that is out of hearing range, they can approach during a firefight, etc. It's not something I would consider to be "free information". Should backsmacks be as simple as getting behind enemy lines and casually strolling forward, especially in a thumbstick shooter where people aren't constantly checking behind them due to how unfeasible that is with the controls? As for radar though, yeah, it's dumb. Most fps games don't even have it so I don't even understand from an appeal to casuals standpoint. It's like only a portion of Halo casuals actually care about it. No one in OW ever moans about radar...or lack of Sprint for that matter...
  17. No PC gamer likes having to install and make accounts for tons of different launchers for different games, especially when the launchers dont even come close to steam's features and quality. By large the only people who don't want games on steam are the companies making them. Even if windows store wasn't shit it would still be a nuisance anyways. But it IS shit, no one uses it, and putting this one game on it won't suddenly make people use it either. Why it's shit, there's plenty of reasons. I think the most obvious one is how there's no rhyme or reason to how anything is laid out or categorized, with AAA games thumbnails plastered right next to movies and shitty mobile games. People on PC don't care about Xbox services that just cause background lag either. And I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't even have an in-game overlay. Plus slow download speeds and reports of bugged downloads, list goes on.
  18. I'm not expecting mod support but it would be abaolutely amazing with mod support. Still, even just being able to play my favorite campaigns all on my PC and toss the Xbox out would be nice. Definite buy from me either way. ...but please no windows store, use steam guys.
  19. I mean, everything Chieftainz already said. It relies on external media to understand properly and has little relation to any games that came before or came after. Chief having a few extra lines of dialogue and being "sadfaec :(" at the very end is overblown as immense character development when it's not. The librarian scene was ?!?! and just reinforces the idea he's the special chosen one killing machine. Mrs. Egghead and Mr. GimmeThatDorito were thoroughly unlikeable characters that served no point. The Didact is killed off as soon as he is introduced (or is he? OOooooOOOoooOO) and had lame motivations anyways, and for being a practical demigod is killed off pretty cheesily. As for not feeling like Halo, come on. The music and visuals are radically different, the covenant are pushed aside, the game takes itself super seriously, prometheans break just about everything previously established about the forerunners and would look ridiculous if inserted into any of the other titles. Oof. Ya got me. The levels *are* rehashed but changed up enough to still feel like distinct missions (especially The Maw, most of which takes place in completely different areas of the ship). And aside from that one complaint the gunplay and sandbox design are the best available, managing health / ammo actually matters, and the first half is full of well designed missions.
  20. I still don't get the praise. It still strikes me as people just trying to find anything positive to say about the game. The story was poorly written and very detached from what Halo is known for, little of the experience actually felt like a Halo game. The enemies had stupid AI and most of the challenge came from them being spongey and equipped with power weapons. They weren't remotely satisfying to kill, bullets just pinging off them until they softly disintegrate. The mission layouts were mostly linear and boring. I'll replay Ce and H2 plenty of times. I never want to touch The 4 again.
  21. Those leaks imply it's going to be optimized for what is essentially three entirely different generations of hardware, which is unheard of on the console market. So I'm extremely skeptical to say the least. Their silence is concerning. It's already been about three and a half years since Halo 5 was released. To my knowledge this is the first time a Halo game has taken four years to come out from the last one, assuming it actually does come out this year. And y'know the longer they wait the more and more the franchise just continues to lose relevance... Not that I even care because does anyone honestly expect a good game out of 343i at this point? The absolute best case scenario is that it's still just a mediocre rehash of the old ones.
  22. In my opinion not missing much with half that list, but there are some games you should definitely try to broaden your perspective. Just my general thoughts on the franchises and where it's best to start:
  23. Problems with slow, vulnerable manncannons and Avalanche's poor layout. Teleporters are faster and on Sidewinder after using all four teleporters you only have to cross two stretches of land that are no larger than a map like Damnation is. The only problem with teleporters here is camping the other side, but there are any number of ways to address that. Make them see through / shoot through. Put them above the ground and have you drop out of them so people can't just backsmack/blast you the instant you exit. Have the player only materialize half a second after exiting them so people are actually wary of teleporter exits. So on, so forth. "Vehicles are hella OP"...yawn...something something Halo Ce something something dead horse.
  24. Saw people who claimed they hated BR say they enjoyed it, so figured I'd give it a try. I'll give it credit for being well designed for what it is. It has tons of common sense refinements of the BR genre and is perhaps the "best" BR out there. Having the squad leader automatically control where everyone in the squad drops is a nice feature that helps alleviate newbs just dropping in random spots on the map (though you can still choose to break off). The game has text chat (thank god) and a pretty intuitive ping system, still baffles me that Fortnite doesn't at least have text. The fact that you can resurrect dead teammates but only if you reach them fast enough and only at specific locations (and then they spawn empty anyways) is a nice twist that helps reduce how much of a waiting game the genre is, I feel like it's balanced for all those reasons. The classes are...eh. None of them really feel all that impactful but I guess you could consider that a good thing, kind of wish there wasn't a pick one limit. Weapon projectile speed is just right. Sliding is a nice mechanic and the world design lends itself well to it, would be more fun if jumping after had more launch force. Only criticisms I can think of (personal bias aside) are locking some classes behind a paywall is a giant red flag prone to Pay2Win, and the matches feel kind of dead with only 60 players. Their roadmap doesn't look too shiny either unless they're releasing unlisted cosmetics in-between these updates or I'm just missing something, but it's gonna be hard to monetize the game if there's nothing there. Weapon variety is lacking, tons of functionally similar rifles but nothing exotic like grenade launchers, maybe planned weapon updates will address that. At the end of the day though I'm not really impressed. It's still just a typical military-style Battle Royale game, didn't really draw me in as someone who isn't a fan of the genre. Like if only I could do anything close to that in Apex Legends. And if only Quake Champions wasn't a dying game...
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