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  1. In defense of Randy, the cluster-rocket could have an easily distinguishable projectile from the normal rocket ammo. If you see a rocket launcher fire a normal rocket, you know how it's going to act. If you see that same rocket launcher fire an incineration cannon projectile, you still know how its going to act. In defense of Sitri, this is the same logic used to justify equipment. Just because we "throw something on the map" doesn't automatically make it balanced. You can say "Players have to time and pay attention to that rocket machinegun over there", it would still be horrendously game breaking regardless.
  2. I was making a joke similar to the previous reasoning used in this thread but it kind of fell flat on its face I'm just going to go now...
  3. V7 had different strafe, less jump height, a complete accurate hitscan rifle, and different maps. Oh, and obviously netcode. Descope still present, bloom removed, sprint removed. I don't think I'm missing anything. Ha, so you admit Halo 3 is more difficult and therefore more competitive! Halo 3 Pr0s - 1 Reach Kids - 0
  4. Why the fuck does youtube deliberately go out of its way to piss people off? I highly doubt developers have any issue with people commenting on their game, and regardless are they even in their legal rights to demand it be stopped? Well, okay, I take a step back for a moment. I suppose, in a round about way, getting money from someone's game is technically infringement as you are using their product for profitable gain.
  5. No one else is laughing. I might have the best reflexes in the world when it comes to a game like Baseball, it doesn't automatically make me an expert on why specific rules exist and the history of those rules. I think pros have every right to be a part of the discussion as much as anyone else, but they aren't automatically more knowledgeable just because they are pros. Yes, spread doesn't matter at close range. It still makes battles at medium and long range a dice roll.
  6. Sadly I doubt there will ever be anything like CE again.
  7. I disagree. For sure a single-shot weapon is more skillful than a weapon that gives you three chances to headshot. Absolutely no disagreement there. But what if the BR required two or even all three bullets to hit the head in order to kill someone? One could argue this would be more difficult than hitting the head with just a single bullet. Food for thought.
  8. Sorry. I spend a lot of time on Waypoint, where people make such claims with 100% seriousness.
  9. You claimed the BR isn't random. This video proves beyond a doubt it is random. The minimum shots per kill is four, needless to say it took quite a bit more than that despite him having perfect accuracy on the target.
  10. You did click the link, didn't you? The BR takes like six shots just to kill that guy from that range while he's standing still.
  11. Sadly, you're right. But let's not forget about these features entirely. Loadouts Sprint Flinch Personal Ordnance From what I've seen, no one would really care if flinch and personal ordnance were removed. The only controversial issues seem to be loadouts and sprint. Which can be removed from the competitive playlist if need be.
  12. Power Weapons and Power Ups already do this to an extent, the more skilled players are more likely to secure them. Ordnance and other rewards for kills are just taking it a step further. Though I don't think it's necessary to do so.
  13. Because making a top-down shooter with a short campaign really doesn't take that much time or resources. I doubt it's been years in development like the main titles take.
  14. Funniest shit I've seen all day. My favorite part was the elite dodging the crosshair. I swear, it's like the game knows.
  15. Beautiful thread. Green thumbs for all.

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