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  1. Hey man, Sprint defenders are enough to drive anyone insane.
  2. This is as far as I know just some small discord community? Because I've never hard of this site before and doubt some dev would be posting on it just because. I find it hard to believe he's a developer, and assuming he is he never explicitly stated whether it was in the game or not anyways, just offered his thoughts on it.
  3. Pretty good video on the topic. I actually kind of like how it looks in DarkPlaces...but doesn't change that it's something *most* games do wrong.
  4. 3:18 "I don't see the problem here. Yeah the colors are somewhat different from the source but they're actually kind of nic-" 03:40 "Okay...depth of field isn't my favorite visual effect but I can see the appea-" 04:04 "Oh no, what are you doing...?" 05:02 "M-Motion Blur?!?" 05:10 "Oh god no those c- those color-" *Vomiting furiously* 06:50 "What even is this lighting, shit looks like a bad CGI cartoon from the early 2000's..."
  5. @BoyoYou know there's also the molten nail ammo in that one DLC for Quake1. You thought you were slick, smh. Anyway... Used to be if nothing else I could justify buying the games for the campaign even if the multiplayer sucked. But lately the campaign has been a dumpster fire too for a variety of reasons. Probably a no-buy from me the moment I see Sprint unless people I actually trust are giving the campaign rave reviews.
  6. People on both sides of change vs tradition never seem to see how even changes to the most basic aspects of a game can have radical effects, without the need to introduce or remove blatant abilities. For example if weapons didn't spawn with or weren't capable of carrying 9001 ammo and you had to actually manage it then ammo pickups (whether in the form of duplicate guns or boxes) alone would encourage movement. Asymms with spots that intelligently counter each other vs quadrant symms where any spot is essentially the same as any other go a long way for promoting movement as well. Both things the traditional AFPS has always done better, without the need for overreliance on easy one shot kill pickups. Like when I'm playing Quake ammo is actually a concern and I'm constantly going out of my way to get more in addition to everything else...in Halo it's like here let's spawn you with enough bullets to literally kill 40 people. My ammo won't run dry until the game itself ends, and if they whittle at my health it recharges anyways, so what incentive do I have to actually leave my tower without power weapons? Just food for thought.
  7. I can see that but why not just have a permanent, passive propulsion effect instead? You're over-designing things here. It would be neat to send objects flying but rather pointless unless they also respawned at the location after a period of time.
  8. Boyo my dude you really gotta get some help with that D-pad fetish. Just have it follow the direction of your crosshair, so you can turn it more precisely and so you don't have to stop moving completely in order to turn it. The whole gravity thing also feels tacked on and unnecessarily convoluted. But otherwise not bad. Not so great as an anti-infantry weapon but a pretty well designed anti-vehicle weapon.
  9. Ce is one of the few games in the franchise where the armor looks genuinely metallic and not like some plastic action figure that's going to splinter into a million pieces the second it takes impact from anything. In spite of their graphical enhancements 343I somehow can't even get that right, which is just baffling to me. As Boyo said, you can't run and fight at the same time if there's sprint, so sprint is confirmed.
  10. Spv3 has pre-set campaign loadouts, and the selections are generally pretty thoughtful of the specific mission they're in. Any negative impact they might have definitely isn't large enough to notice anyways, if there actually are any. Fully customizable loadouts though...i mean I don't see the harm in it as it's your own solo experience and you should be able to fuck with it however you want, but I just don't see the personal appeal in wanting to make the campaign piss easy by spawning yourself with a SAW and Fuel Rod on a map like Pillar of Autumn. I usually try to make campaign as reasonably difficult as I can (usually just means leaving it on Legendary) else I get bored. If the game ever did get fully customizable loadouts though they should be hidden behind a skull or something, else newbs risk ruining their own experience.
  11. Far from the first person to think of all these but: Vampirism - Damaging enemies regenerates shields. In a Ce style sandbox I would give the AR a slight bonus to amount gained per shot. VIP - All objective points earned are increased (doubled?) while active. Serves as a secondary objective and can allow downed teams to potentially swing back. Dexterity - 2x reload speed. 2x weapon switch speed. 1.5x melee speed. 1.25x firing rate on all weapons (so it's a buff but you're not outright melting everything). 10% faster move speed. Key - self explanatory. I guess it would also work as an equipment. Flight - Low gravity but with increased air control / air strafe so you're not just a sitting duck. Probably only good for casual modes or maps with gap-based shortcuts on them. Drawing blanks for anything else at the moment. Coincidentally I had been playing around with the idea of somewhat merging the spawn automatic with the BR while keeping the Magnum as the main utility. So possibly that?
  12. I can't tell if this is an appeal to popularity or an ad hominem or exactly what your intention was behind this statement. I never liked most equipment. Gravity Lift was good, benefited your team and allowed for clever tricks like preventing splatters without being some "I PULL GODMODE RIGHT OUT MY ASS" nonsense unlike most of the others. Most equipment should strive to be that, more utility use than straight up killing or invulnerability tools. I think ripping the spawn beacon from Battlefield and putting it in BTB modes could work as well. Promethean vision was bad but some kind of destructible sensor node that only reveals enemies within ten feet of it could work maybe. If health ever returns, a medkit that restores it to full as well as starting your shield recharge instantly (but no actual buff to shield recharge rate or anything so can't be cheesed in-combat and only effective behind-cover). Or an ammo crate that restocks your weapons including grenades and a smidge of power weapon ammo. I dunno man, I can think of plenty of powerup ideas but equipment isn't something I ever really think much about. Single use items have to be powerful enough to justify their single-use but at the same time not so powerful that they're obnoxious or gamebreaking, it's a hard line to tread.
  13. It's entirely possible to program a game that way. Random example, here's DUSK at 75 and DUSK at 150. IIRC in TF2 you can completely customize weapon model location and scale as well. I think most older games just didn't really separate the two because there was no real point as players weren't going to be able to adjust FoV anyways. But I couldn't tell you whether doing so in Reach would be possible or not.
  14. I have no strong feelings one way or another about a backsmack +10 respawn weapon. It seems oddly specific. Backsmacks are rare as is, backsmacks with a specific weapon with that being the only purpose of the weapon would be far more so (unless the gun had other uses no one Is going to carry it around just for that). Like you could make every backsmack ever add respawn time and it still would be a highly situational occurrence anyways. A weapon that caused people to drop objective on hit wouldn't be very useful. Both because people already juggle and because if they were getting shot by any other weapon chances are they probably would've just dropped it to fight you off anyways. The idea this gives me instead is a weapon with a firing mode functionally similar to the Plasma Pistol Charge Shot (but without lockon) that both forces them to drop it AND prevents them (or anyone else) from picking it back up for several seconds (lets say five), to the point even if they kill you they still have to guard it from other enemies until they can pick it up again. So it's potentially pretty devastating if it lands, but at the same time is hard to time, hard to land and has very limited uses. And were this Ce I'd just slap it on the Plasma Pistol because no one is using it anyways.
  15. He occasionally posts good ideas and it's a lot more interesting and mentally stimulating than rehashing the same debates ad nauseum. Projectile, hitscan, Assault Rifle, THRUST GUD, THRUST BAD, WE SHUD COMPROMISE ON SETTINGS, NO WE SHUD UNIBERSAL SETTINGS, etc. Etc. Fuck I don't know if I would even come here anymore without Boyo posts.
  16. A lot of this I already knew but didn't know how to articulate or what to call it. Some of it was new to me though. There's also a LOT more he didn't cover but could have, such as the blurry pixelated HUD in the PC version or the actual gameplay differences (ex. map geometry). Its nice to see a somewhat popular youtuber bringing this to light but man was it a painful reminder. The original game looked so ahead of its time and in a lot of ways still holds up today. I'll never forget how much they butchered it. I didn't realize there was a graphics mod floating around though, I'll have to check that out sometime.
  17. I don't want useless autos or for automatics to be completely ripped from the game. Nor do I want braindead medium-range bullet hoses that kill just as fast as the utility while requiring far less effort. I want automatics that are well designed, filling valid niches in both casual and competitive play. I'm selfish because I believe braindead weapons shouldn't be as effective as skillful ones? That's just basic game balance philosophy man. If you make automatics easy they have to be fairly situational / weak. If you want them to be equal with the utility in role and purpose then they need to be equally difficult as well. But either way both situations inevitably piss off the hordes of casuals who really just want their easy, effective weapon despite how much they claim to JuSt wAnT BaLaNcE. I think the Splitgate AR is fine, if not maybe a bit overtuned. I have 50% as many kills with it as I do Pistol kills. I know firsthand it is very strong and very far from underpowered when used in the right situations (cleaning off low health enemies, blindfiring through portals, hell even straight up medium range fights unless the Pistol dude has perfect aim). But guess what...not a day goes by where I don't see some casual bitching that it LE SLOW 16 SHOT KILL AR IS SO WEAK IT NEEDS A BUFF (testing environment wasn't perfect but I know for a fact it kills in no greater than ten shots...) or PISTOL IS OP, NERF PISTOL AND MAKE AR STRONGER. Because they won't be happy until you can literally just hold M1 and swipe at any range except maybe the furthest ranges to win fights.
  18. I don't see this as being very useful outside of capture modes where you constantly spawn at and have to defend your base versus all over the map (so CTF/Assault). And in those modes having someone carrying the flag is already spreading yourself thin to begin with. And time spent transporting it is time spent not capturing the enemy flag or defending your own flag. You could claim this is the risk required for the reward of potentially faster captures, but I don't know about that. Both because it's still a huge risk (then there's the added risk of not being able to see the other side...) and it's only a one-way teleport that shaves off a few seconds at best. It would be great for BTB though. Both because you have more players so losing one is less significant, and because the larger distance between bases means the time saved is actually meaningful.
  19. I played a bit of Splitgate and first impressions are mixed. It oddly shares some of the aspects I like about Ce, but still a very diffrent game. The guns kill fast (coincidentally pistol is also a 3hsk), there's a small yet focused weapon sandbox, maps are nice and vertical. Portal system is nowhere near as much of a nuisance as I thought it would be, with few portal surfaces and being placed intelligently (except on the giant maps where you just get constantly sniped from behind). Pretty good aiming skillgap (hitscan but with comparatively small hitboxes) though strafe could definitely be crisper. And right out of the box you can already disable the gimmicks and fine tune speed and such. But that's all the good I have to say about it. The visuals are awful. On highest quality it looks like someone smudged the entire screen, oddly enough lowering post processing and AA actually makes it look better somehow. Armor Textures look incredibly muddy even on Epic. And there's SO much visual noise getting in the way of clarity, not to mention how map parts aren't distinguished well. Frametimes don't feel consistently smooth even when I lower settings as much as I can (And trust me my 2k PC isn't the problem. ) The developers have announced optimization patches though so we'll see. Aiming doesn't feel as crisp as it should. The FoV also only maxes out at 103...like it's a lot better than 70 but seriously come on, should go up to at least 120. Well, at least the FPS is uncapped... Weapon balance is a bit questionable (surprise surprise, strong autos). Sprint is also a thing, though the weapon recovery delay isn't bad. Regardless it's free. I would recommend people give it a try and form their own impressions, nothing to lose.
  20. Assuming this source is reliable: http://forums.bungie.org/halo/archive38.pl?read=1138638 The splitscreen FoV is definitely accurate. The default of 70 is kind of surprising. 55 for Halo 3 is just
  21. Oh come on now don't be silly, they do care about living humans. Though maybe not so much "family values".
  22. @My Namez BEAST People can like all the social, casual, Jenga zombies adventure whatever that they want. We all play "casual" games to just relax, that's nothing new or wrong. I mean shit most of my all time favorite games are adventure games and JRPGs. But if you get an ego over it and pretend it's anything but a casual experience...and brag over being a 1337 champion at it when you damn well know its silly, easy and dumbed down...and argue that your losses at it were undeserved because perfectly fair thing is "unfair"...thats when it gets pathetic. (Obviously excluding valid criticisms of genuinely terrible mechanics). Saying you were cheated of victory because BR starts aren't fair and you're superior AR skillz didnt get a chance to shine...is just absurdity. You got outplayed by someone better in a more skillful game, have humility, don't blame the settings which are perfectly fine. Like I enjoy occasionally pubstomping in Realm Royale but I'm not going to delude myself into believing it's some ultra high skillgap, hardcore game and that I'm special for being good at it when neither of those things are true.

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