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  1. It made me think of Arcane Dimensions, which he should definitely play right now (more specifically Sepulchre, Adamantine, and Grendel). There is no destructible environment but there is definitely multiple maps with a central hub, multiple sections with unlockable shortcuts leading back to hub feel to them. Been wanting a full campaign like that ever since and looks like I might be getting it with Wrath: Aeon of Ruin.
  2. Yeah I can't think of anywhere that even supports 120fps video, let alone live streams. And console games are all locked to 60fps so big thonk. In this case though the CE stands for custom edition, not combat evolved. Custom Edition is vastly superior to forge since it's an actual development kit.
  3. I can think of features that have been done before but aren't common, or features that have been done before but not on console, but in 2019 it's pretty hard to think of features that are completely brand new. -Server Browser. Really it's mind blowing we don't already have this. What is the point of having such expansive forge and custom games when you can only play them with people you know directly, on their terms? -Steam Workshop Style File Share. Ties into the above. Should be able to just search for and download popular maps and gametypes off of 343i's website / an in-game browser...instead of only being able to obtain them from someone who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows the creator...or through adding the creator solely because you heard of him through word of mouth and not because he had an actual platform for displaying his content. -Some way of getting mod content to consoles, even if in limited form. Creation Club but without all the monetization. -Hub worlds. Dick around on a map as you wait for a match instead of just sitting in a menu. Not everyone's cup of tea probably, but something to consider. Or at the very least be able to matchmake while playing Campaign / Forge and just have it auto-save and exit once you do find a match. The less time sitting in menus staring at the screen the better. -Let us queue for specific maps / gametypes like CSGO and Team Fortress 2 already allow people to do. Eliminates most of the mapvote / veto debate, I can play exactly what I want to then when the match is over I can just requeue to play it again if I don't like the thought of random maps after that. Timesplitters had this as early as over a decade ago, and Snapmap does as well. I don't see why Halo couldn't.
  4. We were talking about swappable weapon attachments tho. Borderlands has a gazillion guns but they're all just the gun itself, unless I misinterpreted your statement. As for campaign *loadouts* I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
  5. Eh? Plenty of campaign games still have your weapon just be your weapon. I don't think there's this huge push for swappable attachments in games and even in a campaign scenario it's hard to imagine a spot where silencers would be useful. In dedicated stealth missions you could just have one attached by default and there'd be no incentive to take it off. In other missions I guess you could have opportunities for stealth scattered here and there but regenerating health and high health pool largely removes the incentive for being stealthy. DooMs system felt a little forced. Some mod options were great but others were clearly tacked on because "well every other gun has a mod so we better have one too". There was ZERO reason to ever not use Gauss Siege Mode or Minigun Tri-Barrel mode. Halo, with its much more grounded sandbox design...I imagine it would be even harder to come up with meaningful options. At least none that couldn't be handled better through just an alt-fire button or smartscope functionality change.
  6. Bruh how much of a multiplier on base speed do you think sprint actually is?
  7. Don't confuse me not having the energy to deal with your bullshit being the same as me not having a counter-argument. To give you a little taste: 1. Minecraft isn't any less of a blatant multiplayer game just because you say it isn't. That's not how "facts" work. It has a giant multiplayer community, it has multiplayer features, I would wager hard money far more people play in servers than on their own, it's clearly a fucking multiplayer game by any definition (as if that's even relevant to the initial discussion anyways?). And pointing to unofficial community server owners gouging their players and pocketing the money as an example of microtransactions in the context of those used to fund future development is a complete non-sequitur. 2. Quake *1* doesn't have scoped weapons. Nor do the original DooM games. I'm sure I could dig for numerous other examples but that's already enough to disprove your point. Inb4 mental gymnastics to explain how it "doesn't count" like you've done so far.
  8. You'd think you would know better than to make these absolute claims by now...
  9. Minecraft, Hollowknight, Terraria...I could name several man. Just not mediocre overrated AAA games that blow their entire budget on graphics at the expense of the rest of the experience. And I reject the premise to begin with, at least on some level. It's a 'problem' developers create for themselves by (intentionally) not allowing their playerbase to modify or create content for the game, so they can have a monopoly on content, so they can keep raking in the big bucks. Because that color-swap jpeg they're selling for $5 is something a modder could do in like five minutes for free. I have to wait on and pay for developer content because I am incapable of creating my own...because they don't allow me to. DooM Eternal not only has pre-order bonuses but it's now also completely gutting snapmap too...smh. If microtransactions have to exist then yeah I prefer them to be at least direct-purchase for goods and unrelated to gameplay instead of a slot machine containing game-changing items where I pay $20 to get something worth a few cents in return. Yes I prefer that to literally the worst system imaginable, but that doesn't make it in itself okay. At the very, very least, if game development truly has doubled in price (everyone claims it's more expensive yet never cites their numbers, thonking), let me buy the base game with limited options for $60 and a bundle containing all cosmetics in the game for another $60. None of this insidious $60 for the game....literal thousands of dollars to obtain everything else bullshit.
  10. None and none. Because non-recharging health with map pickups is better. Don't @ me. Did you actually think there was any escaping this hell?
  11. Oh look it's this bullshit again. Lmao at Shapiro approvingly nodding along like yeah HeS OnE dA GoOd OnEs.
  12. 1999-2009: Play almost any source game, someone makes a custom player model and hands it over to the server owner. Everyone who joins downloads the model and can see it and use it freely...on custom maps...with custom modes...all for the base price of the game. 2029: Purchase the base game licensed entertainment foundational asset platform for $60. Buy the limited edition Pre-Order version for $70 and it comes with the option to buy Deathmatch for 50% off at the low price of $5, else pay the normal $10 for Deathmatch and then subsequently for all three of the remaining purely developer-defined official gamemodes. Be represented as a MoCap stick figure and pay for lootboxes that contain sprays and secondary lootboxes. These secondary lootboxes are then added to your account and require separate credits to unlock which can theoretically be grinded in-game but not really. Finally once unboxed they contain an assortment of player models to choose from...but only if you also own the monthly battlepass that enables custom skins. Me: Crying in the corner of a padded room while creepily caressing my Hollowknight physical copy. "c-carmack...w-why..."
  13. I can't see the fundamental difference in getting flanked by AI in a firefight vs getting flanked by someone's teammate in a firefight. Specific execution aside (random banshee flying in and instakill bombing you is bullshit). AI might actually be preferable here depending on how much you can influence who they decide to attack or even just their ability to attack in itself. I don't know, random example, you shoot a barrel of honey next to an enemy and nearby angry giant bees swarm him. In essence it's just another weapon in your arsenal, only one that has actual counterplay for the victim, and the "team" is decided by which player took initiative and which had bad positioning. Or either team can shoot them beforehand to prevent it in the first place. Maybe there's a honey grenade the other player can throw to flip the situation around. Point being you can have nuanced AI. But then I also have to ask what purpose randomly throwing AI in actually serves either.
  14. (The crane was being controlled by the D-Pad the entire time)
  15. Back when I actually used to play BF3/BF4 nearly every game I would see some helicopter pilot go literally like 50-4 or 70-2 or some shit and unless you made a concerted team effort to take one out he would just flare and run away then recharge his flares and repeat...or just have his engineer repair what paltry damage you did to him a few seconds later. I can't think of a worse example of "not overpowered, actually counterable vehicles". Meanwhile in Ce and even to a lesser extent in the other games you can easily just flip vehicles with spawn frags...or shoot the paper mache things down in Reach and 4.
  16. 343i fanboys: YoU jUsT wAnT a OnE gUn GaMe!!! Classic Fans: Uh, no? Stop using that idiotic unoriginal strawman, that is not at all what we are saying. Princess: Well hold on now...
  17. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/9-killed-in-ohio-in-second-us-mass-shooting-within-24-hours/ar-AAFjdvF?ocid=spartanntp Bruh.
  18. Yeah, posted my thoughts in the OT thread. It's also kind of DoA now, its down to 300 peak and 150 average. Fun fact though, aside from a 4-bodyshot kill instead of 5-shot the Pistol has the same killtimes as the Ce Magnum.
  19. Everything about that weapon idea just seems bizarre and ineffective. I select a direction before firing, fire a straight projectile, then press reload to cause it to veer off in that direction? How am I gonna hit anything with that? Not only would it require perfect timing and alignment of the switch but also rely on your opponent actually moving in the direction you selected before the fight. And let's be clear about the D-pad. DPAD should be used for: -Toggling or switching things outside of combat that do not require a rapid button press. Separate firing modes, switching attachments like scopes, bringing up scoreboards and other UI, flashlight, target pinging, switching between grenades, etc. Auxiliary things. DPAD should never be used for: -Any kind of movement, control or aiming in a 3D game. -Toggling things in-action where speediness and timing is crucial. Ex. detonating charges, chaining two firing modes together, meleeing, etc.
  20. Nearly two years after my last post...and the game is basically still in the same state aside from like three new champions, a few new maps, a low effort battlepass consisting 90% of just MS paint profile pics, and some slight performance fixes in spite of still terrible performance. Yeah, GG. I've lost any hope they will ever save this game. Which is a damn shame because the potential was there and the AFPS genre is just gonna go back into slumber between this and Eternal having no real PvP at all. Just gone back to playing Team Fortress 2.
  21. Projectiles being brought back to Halo isn't any more likely than not-cancerous melee properties being brought back. As much as I wish both were brought back. We already had a projectile accurate weapon that wasn't super OP compared to everything else. Just like we already had a game with intelligently designed melee. Big fucking hours.
  22. Bloom is the same as sprint here. You're solving a "problem" with an unnecessary gimmick that just introduces more problems...when simple mechanical changes would already suffice to solve it. Don't want people to "spam"? Then just lower the RoF of weapons so missed shots are punished by actually leaving you vulnerable for a significant period of time. I mean is this not what Team Snipers already does in relation? And isn't the easymode spam the exact reason people choose SWAT over Team Snipers in the first place?
  23. It would then just be insurance for failed jumps, which I then have to ask why *shouldn't* the player be able to fail jumps? I could see why players might not want to deal with platforming in a shooter but just the same one could argue it's another aspect of the skillgap, albeit a minor one. Either way it's not the end of the world, just so long as I'm not required to clamber everything.
  24. Veto is random. You could veto something tolerable yet non-ideal like Snowbound BR's just to end up with something terrible like Isolation AR's, you have no control. Map voting has it's own problems too of course but it's better. I guess I'll just point that out while I'm here. Map voting leads to mob rule. Only the most popular of gametypes or maps ever get voted, you're shit out of luck if you like something more niche. You want to play Containment? Too bad we only play 24/7 Coagulation round these parts. To me the most ideal system is CSGO's, just let people queue for specific maps/settings, and then implement some sort of priority list for second best choice if no one is currently playing what you queued for.

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