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  1. It's the least terrible option out of a lot of terrible options, without making fundamental alterations to Reach itself. AR Starts are obviously terrible. I'm mostly just pissed at opportunistic badkids who constantly say "hey DMR starts have flaws so let's jump on the exact opposite, 9001x worse extreme". Like if they think the DMR is oppressive now wait until only one or two guys have one... Non-TU Magnum is a total meme, basically have to be shoving it right up someone's ass. TU Magnum is still only effective to close-medium range, and that's only when paced, it's not a suitable replacement for DMR. NB Magnum is slightly more ideal than DMR but kids will still bitch about it for the exact same reasons. We could apply a second title update that shapes the weapons into something actually respectable but then people will just complain it's not the "true Reach experience". We're not left with a lot of other options here. Going forward in the franchise, you already know what my ideal utility is...
  2. Entire thread was full of responses basically to the effect of "OMG THIS YAAAS SLAY". Welcome to the modern Halo fanbase.
  3. I tried to explain this countless times but just kept getting "BuT tHatS CalLeD mAp CoNtRoL"...followed by them telling me I apparently know nothing about "how arena shooters play" and that I should go back to CoD. There is no reasoning with these kids. I screenshot something especially abysmal someone said...I'll post when Im off work.
  4. Well...I guess *Im* not really suggesting anything. I just think it would be a better execution of the idea, I dont know if it would be good in itself. At face value it seems reasonable enough, smaller hitbox is useful but still counterable. I dont wanna see playable races though, unless its like an intentionally OP singular juggernaut / saxton hale / etc mode. Otherwise just sets an expected precedent for the standard modes.
  5. I wanna rip my hair out with the general community. Even when it's not actually a direct balance discussion just seeing people meme it in passing like "haha yeah I remember the Ce Pistol that thing was a freakin' moon destroyer"...no, it wasn't. @Boyo If other weapons have their own means of increasing their power then it's no longer redundant, but I still just really not keen on the idea of dual wielding in general. It's just thoughtless additional power...even recoil isn't really increasing the depth so much as just limiting the range of that power. Like it's okay but you can do better. Getting potential first shot advantage is a valid point except you have no real way of knowing if you actually landed any as they bounce all over that wide and long space, could've easily been avoided outright. Except with hitmarkers but then you end up with the same problem or "problem" as grenades. Yeah of course. It's just you need appropriate map design and I'm not sure how well vents, tight halls and such would be received by the community these days, even just as the occasional risky shortcut. You would have to introduce these into Halo's map design for a ricochet weapon to have true meaning in my view. Skirting the idea of playable races for the moment, a powerup that did that would be an idea to consider, and we've already been talking about powerups that enable key shortcuts on the map so...
  6. Dual Wielding here isn't so much a change in functionality as it is just simply stronger. In which case you've now just made the other automatics redundant. Piercing vehicle armor is fine. In Halo Custom Edition there's a map called Snowgrove that actually has ricocheting spikers. It also has a couple optional tunnels leading to the bases that are only about one spartan wide that also bend around corners so you can't just see one end of the tunnel from the other. Meaning you can indirectly spray down these tunnels with the Spiker and potentially kill someone trying to use them without exposing yourself, or vice-versa if you're pushing through them. It's actually a pretty interesting dynamic to me and I'm impressed with the intelligent combination of weapon properties and map design, however that's pretty much the one and only instance where ricochet is remotely useful. Otherwise it's pretty much impossible to aim a non-AoE ricocheting gun around a corner and expect to hit someone directly, at least not without radar or extreme luck involved. Point being you need appropriate map design to actually justify it as anything more than a pointless gimmick. Will say it's weird that maps don't really have crawl spaces anymore, in pretty much any FPS I can think of.
  7. Your argument there is kind of self defeating though. You could just as easily give brutes a "spiker" that *functions differently* and isnt just a reskinned automatic. Which by the way SPV3 does, with its tracking burst fire version. I more or less agree that the gravity hammer and sword are different enough. The spiker is absolutely pointless beyond aesthetics though. Same with the Carbine. Ce already had the elites with a mid range weapon (plasma rifle)...then Halo 2 nerfed it into an inferior version of the SMG and added the redundant carbine to fill that niche.
  8. Ideally they should be. Adding throwaway crutch weapons is pointless to me. It's design is inherently at odds with competitive gameplay. Not much I can do without fundamentally redesigning the entire gun. I guess I would (as per usual Ce basis): -Make it pinpoint accurate, but relatively slow projectile speed to limit range and impose challenge. Also with slower firing, higher damage bullets instead of high fire rate, low damage bullets. -Give it a half second spin up time before firing. Player moves at normal speed while not firing but instantly slows down while gun is spinned up. Can NOT be spun up indefinitely, there is no dedicated spin up button, can only be spun up before firing. -Make it absolutely shred enemies in another half second killtime once it starts firing. -Only allow for about a full second of sustained fire before overheating. -When detached only carries enough ammo for about four kills. So it can melt when used properly, and is still likely easier to aim than a BR, but at least requires proper timing and positioning to use to max effectiveness and isn't just a brainless hold right trigger spam cannon. And has actual counterplay with people abusing the charge time/overheat.
  9. Manual pickup like that would just be use it and rampage with the advantage, go into hiding and avoid unnecessary fights while it's recharging so you don't pointlessly risk losing it, then repeat so you're going into every single fight with an advantage. On-receive activated pickups don't have this issue, if you don't grab them as soon as they're available then someone else will and then you have to use them within whatever time span there is. One obviously promotes defensive play far more than the other. You could just replace damage boost with a powerup that alters the weapons in the same way the power glove does...just without the "use whenever you want as much as you want" aspect. Actually you wouldn't even need a timer like other powerups either, just a specific number of affected bullets. So you can still somewhat pick and choose when to use it but it doesn't promote defensive play because there's no point in hiding since there's no recharge mechanic. Actually dunno why I bothered clarifying that since that's how power weapons already work. Plus you know all of that doesn't require a dedicated controller bind and already works the same as other existing mechanics.
  10. Could we not with the "Gotcha!!!" shit? Let's run down the list here... I think Ce's reticle somewhat adds to the challenge of using it but if it has to be changed to something more intuitive like the H5 reticle then go ahead? You seem to be under the impression we want an exact 1:1 replica of the Magnum down to the low poly model itself. No dude we just want the fast killtime and challenge of use. I'm not going to die on the hill of something so minor as the crosshair appearance or gun appearance. The Ce Mag isn't a perfect gun, when we say its perfect what we mean is it's an ideal foundation. The DMR is a hitscan gun with higher aim assist and more zoom magnification. I can believe the Pistol should be able to challenge the Sniper while still actually being difficult to takedown the sniper, unlike the DMR. That's not "hypocritical", it's nuance. People DO get 2v1 reversals? Why even try to deny this... "Why shouldn't team shotting be rewarded?" There's valid viewpoints on both sides here but ultimately I don't like games that restrict my ability to perform by the quality of my teammates? Games where I can be the most skilled player on earth but still lose because the enemy had good synergy while the glue licker I'm paired with doesn't. "But teamwork is a skill too and " yes yes not getting into that circular debate.
  11. I mean I *could* argue BTB already has damaged Halos identity if I wanted to be petty. I feel like you're bordering on a false equivalence here. Halo has always had tons of variation but it's variations on a base experience. These modes all play the same on the most basic mechanical level...well aside from invasion but I could say that's how we arrived at this problem to begin with,and even invasion wasn't as radically different as some of these ideas. You're not shoving two entirely different games into a single package and creating entirely separate fanbases with no overlap in the same space. BTB is just upscaled slayer with new map items, the core combat mechanics are the same. Competitive 4v4 fans still dabble in BTB and vice-versa. Once you start adding sprint, ADS, weapon attachments, instant killtimes, so on it becomes more than that...people begin wondering why arena lacks these things and division ensues. And yes I realize that how much difference is too different to be reconciled is a giant subjective grey area but it's worth considering. And as I said we've already witnessed the results with Halo 5 and the community now.
  12. When I browse reddit all I ever see is "HEY GUYS WOULDN'T IT BE KOOL IF <crazy idea> SPINOFF", like people want everything except for a standard Halo game, like they have this bizarre fucking AVERSION to Halo just being Halo. So in a sense you're not even wrong. I wanna die. But all you do with that ideology is cause the game to be fractured at it's very core. Resource allotment continues to be imbalanced for one direction or another, the genuine experience gets buried under all the modern shit, the fanbase divide continues to exist, so on. I mean dude did you not live through Warzone and Halo 5, and their absolutely pathetic "sustain" that was a direct result of that? So I don't see that as something to embrace.
  13. Arlong it's probably gonna fry your brain to learn that the Splitgate pistol is almost exactly the same on paper as the Ce magnum. Only differences being that it's hitscan and one LESS bodyshot to kill. So slightly stronger even.
  14. Take Ce's sandbox. Make weapon switch speed near instant if not instant. One problem with balance is even if other weapons are more ideal in certain situations the Magnum (or whatever the utility happens to be in other games) is still *good enough* so it's almost never worth wasting a full second to switch to that other gun unless you already have it out, doing so cancels out whatever advantage that other gun would give you in the first place. Having faster switch would incentive use of other guns without fundamentally altering their place in the sandbox. But ape Halo 3's system of having your secondary weapon clearly visibly on your model, hell maybe even highlight it, to prevent people just pulling rockets out of their ass instantly. Remove all spread from the Plasma Rifle, buff it's killtime slightly so it's not literally 2x slower than all the other guns (reduced shots to kill instead of faster firing rate, don't want to make it spammy) and reduce projectile speed slightly. Skillful, effective, but still situational automatic. Edit: And I AM using the word literally correctly here, it actually is that slow.
  15. Wider FoV causes the game to render more, which puts more strain on the game. So technically yes. In actual practice I've never noticed a major difference in performance any time I've tweaked FoV in any game, maybe gain or lose a few frames per second at most if anything at all. Unless the console hardware is being pushed to it's absolute limit (kind of was with the 360 in 2012 to be fair) I don't see it really being an issue at all.
  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/BoneAppleTea/ Man do I hate Poe's Law. Are you trolling or do you really not know that it's from the get-go.
  17. Elites were offense. I remember spawning on the bottom of the map with just plasma repeaters and there being a single needle rifle spawn way to the right of spawn. Meanwhile the Spartan side could just sit up on the ship hangar and shoot down at you into your spawn with Magnums and a couple DMR spawns. So your only recourse was to dash between rocks trying to get to the ramp on the opposite side of spawn that leads up to the ship, or be the first person to that one needle rifle...that incidentally is also near the ramp. Boy that is just...mmm...that sure is something..
  18. @Boyo So, i had an idea, kind of inspired by a real life varmint gun. Redesign the Shotgun so the center pellet is an actual bullet/slug that by itself is a moderate damage, slow firing four or five shot kill, and redesign the crosshair to compensate (tiny circle inside of giant circle). It still has the surrounding pellets otherwise and functions basically the same in CQC (one shot kill at point blank with center bullet and all pellets, 2sk/3sk a tiny ways out with center bullet and/or most pellets). This allows the Shotgun to still be usable at extended ranges, but obviously still the inferior choice to the actual dedicated ranged weapons. Alternatively a very tight inner circle of pellets and a very wide outer ring would accomplish much the same, just without the infinite range. It never completely sat right with me that the Sniper was at least usable in CQC but inverse wasn't true of the Shotgun. The weapons would all still have clearly defined roles, just the relation between them would be smoother and less rock paper scissors. Like if you can't snipe someone by the time he gets four shotgun pulls off (that's three entire seconds) you deserved to die anyways. At any rate though I agree, fixed patterns need to happen asap. Random spread on shotguns is so pointless and just the bane of my existence.
  19. Kind of. I don't care about realism in games, I don't even particularly care about strict lore accuracy down to the tiniest minutia for that matter (people who bitch about things like bottlecaps or Jet in Fallout 4 are just absurd to me), it has no bearing on my immersion one way or another. But yes I do care about immersion, and would be pretty turned off and pulled out of the experience if I, say, saw some bad render of Elsa from Frozen shooting people up. I'm fine with that sort of thing in games like Gmod or Smash Bros or whatever where they're set up to be very "gamey" cross-universe self-aware games from the get-go that don't take themselves seriously, but in a game with serious lore behind it, it's just jarring. On a broad level canon is very important. Elites weren't removed because of wargames though. That's just some bullshit retroactive justification 343i cooked up to cover it. There's like a million and one ways you can write Elites into war games that still make sense lore-wise, like they're there for joint training because of X treaty or whatever, there's no canonical reason they can't be shoved in somehow. No, they were removed because they've always been janky in multiplayer with their weirdass hitboxes. Same reason they were relegated to an asymmetric mode in Reach.
  20. Clamber is at best redundant with existing movement mechanics that also lead to skill jumps, and at worst a crutch for missed jumps AND something that gets in the way of shooting. It adds nothing of value. Like the "skill" in clamber jumps doesn't come from clamber. You press sprint, thrust, stabilize, and crouch at the perfect times to get the exact spot you need to be...then you hold down the A button to automatically finish it off with a wide margin of error. The set up for clamber jumps is the skillful part, the finalizing clamber adds nothing.
  21. Gephyrophobia: Yeah, sucked. Death Island: the top center is good up until you realize the only way back down is to awkwardly slide down the cliffs without killing yourself or take the long path back down. Plus a lot of areas that just don't get used at all, like the area where you fight the Hunters in the campaign. Danger Canyon: The tunnels are slightly too campy but this is almost a good thing in that it encourages taking the long way or going around to clear them out for your team. Still I think what I would do is place two ramps heading into the tunnels from your base instead of just one, or widen that tunnel, so people can't just constantly spam nades there, and some ladders in the fuel rod room leading up to the balconies, would probably make it flow much better without completely removing that aspect of controlling the tunnels. Sidewinder: You shut your whore mouth. No really I don't get the preference for Avalanche. The middle portion of the map is better designed sure but the mancannon / teleport edges are just such a massive downgrade. Sidewinder had the option of taking the middle or the teleport edges but Avalanche really only has the middle. If you could preserve Avalanche's middle and redesign the teleport edges of Sidewinder to be less risky to pass through it would be golden. Ice Fields: I don't really see much wrong with it personally. I guess you could say Meltdown is better. Infinity: Eh. Sucks for infantry but it's not really supposed to be an Infantry map. Lot of cool things I enjoy about it like landing from banshee on top of rocket ledges and sniping people, but no idea how I would fix it up for infantry without fundamentally redesigning massive swathes of it.
  22. I grew up playing "BTB" on Halo PC. It doesn't need sprint. I never once felt it did. Good map design, which you actually see in custom maps, is all that is needed. Timberland is an excellent example on so many levels. You don't need Sprint to reach cover when rocks and trees and hard to drive up hills are everywhere. Those same hills are circled by vehicle tracks that extend time of travel for vehicles while infantry can cross them straight. Danger Canyon is iffy in execution but good in concept. Short infantry tunnels from base to base, wide outer ring for vehicle passage.
  23. Believing that vaccines cause autism is being factually wrong. It's not an opinion, it's not a value judgement, it's just an incorrect belief. Believing that vaccines are bad directly because they cause autism is a "wrong opinion". It's a value judgement based on misinformation.

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