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  1. "PC has no games" is almost as stupid as "The human eye can't see more than 24fps". Almost. There are a countless amount of indie games on PC and only a very tiny portion of those ever get ported to console. The console indie scene is a complete farce in comparison. Listing them all would be damn near impossible, there are probably ones being made and spread around right as I type this. Meanwhile, most AAA games are multiplatform these days. The vast majority of games you play can be found on PC. The only real exceptions are Nintendo games and imported games from Japan on the PS4. I highly doubt you're that into either, and PC has it's own exclusive AAA games as well. Even if you want to assume consoles have the lead in this area though it's still nowhere near makes up for the above point about indie games. And of course you contradict yourself earlier. Implying we can't use decade old PC games as an example, but then also imply you're counting Xbox 360 games because you don't own an Xbox One.
  2. The accessibility argument here is just contrived bullshit. It's desperately grasping at straws to find anything positive to say about consoles. It blows my mind people think this is somehow an upside of consoles. It's such a miniscule inconvenience that it's irrelevant. It takes a single hour maximum to download and install all of those programs...and then once it's done you never have to worry about them ever again aside from automatic updates. You would have to be extremely impatient and lazy to not be willing to put up with that. I have almost every single thing you listed installed and it never bothered me one bit. Linking games definitely isn't some arduous task either, it's literally four mouse clicks. Games, Add Non-Steam Game, Checkbox, click Okay. Maybe four more if you actually have to browse for the game's location. Imagine giving up on PC altogether and all of it's numerous upsides just because you're unwilling to spend an hour of your time. Your analogy is flawed because being a mechanic is actually time-consuming and tedious to the point it's justifiable to pay someone else to do it. Downloading and installing Discord is mostly automated and takes all of five minutes. Dude I would be overjoyed if I could get paid mechanic wages just to sit in someone's desk chair and do basically nothing. And you know...it could still be argued that PC's are *more* convenient anyways in spite of all that. Because once that is all setup I can now do anything I want on the same machine. I can play a game, open overlay to write an email or put on background music, then close out of the game and immediately begin my college or professional work without ever having to leave my seat. Consoles can't do all of that and they can't do it anywhere near as easily either unless you own a keypad attachment for your controller. Unfortunately true, though it WAS possible to build an Xbox One X equivalent PC for $550-$650 before these prices skyrocketed. Yet even in this market the myth of the "$1000 PC" is still nonsense. We finally killed off the 30fps myth yet that one still stubbornly remains for some reason.
  3. Bloom doesn't make the game more interesting nor does it add skill. It's not "spamming" to be able to hit all your shots with a moderate firing rate weapon like the DMR at the maximum firing rate. You can add projectiles. You can add recoil. You can add bullet damage fall-off and have the reticle change color to signify that it's affecting your bullets. You can lower scope magnification or remove the scope entirely. I'd prefer pretty much any range limiting solution over bloom on precision rifles, bar random spread. But the most obvious solution is to not have four or five fucking rifles in the first place when there aren't even that many distinct engagement ranges in the game.
  4. They're weak arguments though. For "fighting and racing games" there's nothing stopping you from laying back on your couch and playing with a controller. I play Dark Souls with a controller on my PC, plenty of people play Melee through netplay on PC. It's different when talking about Shooters but there's no inherent difference with those genres that make them work better on console. Discord is hardly inconvenient. At the very worst you might have to minimize your game for a minute to switch channels, which I don't see how that's any different in concept from pausing your game to bring up the Xbox Live party screen. Unfortunately I think consoles are going to reign supreme in population for awhile longer because they now actually do have a pricepoint advantage. Fucking bitcoin mining cancer driving up the cost of budget components for us actual gamers.
  5. The Duke was the very first controller for the system. Then shortly after this design replaced it as the standard.
  6. It's because Halo is dead and there's nothing left to talk about there so literally anything else is more interesting.
  7. Overwatch is a game where a Widowmaker can score an impressive flickshot against a Genji...then have a Mercy walk up and completely undo that by simply pressing her E button. Then you'll visit the forums and see the community vehemently claim that Mercy is just as skillful of a hero.
  8. I guess I was being a little hyperbolic. DooM multiplayer can still be fun and I'll take any kind of traditional hipfire shooter over military shit anyways including The 4. But the problem is exactly all the things you brought up. The core game is pretty good and unique, but it's just buried under so much unnecessary bullshit that it ruins the entire experience. Having to deal with overpowered runes, or people who have better weapons and stats because they played the game longer, or overpowered spawn equipment including literal promethean vision, or etc. If they just removed or fixed all of that the game would be way better.
  9. I bought Doom 2016 about a week ago and I'm almost finished with it. Everyone should buy that game, the Campaign is like all the best parts of Doom2, Halo and Bioshock combined. It kind of blows my mind that it's only going for $15-$30 these days. The Multiplayer is garbage though. It's somehow even more casual than Halo 4.
  10. Paladins started out significantly more different to Overwatch than it is now. Very early on the core mode had you deliver a payload to gates and have to attack/defend those gates until finally laying siege to the enemy's base. The maps were larger. You could mount whenever you wanted. TTK's were different. A small assortment of heroes, mostly unique with a few exceptions like Fernando. Now? The mode and maps are literally just straight up Payload, smaller and without the ability to mount after spawn. Many of the heroes they've added have striking resemblances to Overwatch heroes. Not blatant copies but definitely very strong imitations. I don't think it's a ripoff by any means. But I do think they definitely steered the game that direction over the course of it's development for some of that Overwatch money. And I agree with ripharambe that they threw their own community under the bus for profit. I stopped paying after they gutted survival mode and I'm sickened to see both the new P2W aspects and the fact survival will probably be permanently replaced with some terrible battle royale.
  11. You can add whatever mode you want so long as it meshes well with the core experience of your game. Halo has fast vehicles and large maps, so despite being very different from the other modes a Race mode is still logical and still works out fine. Meanwhile a card-game mode would make no sense because it has no relevance to anything found in the game. Battle Royale in Paladins is pulling a Halo 4. It's just shoving shit into the game that doesn't fit because it's currently trending. How is a B.R. mode supposed to work in a game that has characters with different base stats, who can't pick up other weapons, and who always have fight-changing abilities available to them? Especially when some are intentionally designed to be weaker at killing than others? Battle Royale probably would work out decently for Halo though. The core concepts are similar enough, start out the same and control map items to win. Ironically arguably more fitting than Warzone is.
  12. Unified settings aren't a problem if you just start with the competitive settings then use them for the casual experience too. Instead of making total shit for the casual game then forcing the competitive experience to compromise with that shit in the name of consistency. Unified core gameplay is the real issue though. CSGO has small differences between casual and competitive but it's the exact same game either way. Halo Reach is the difference between playing an RNG - invincibility simulator and playing a classic Halo game.
  13. Tons of non-pistol kills. Even some instances where they aren't even carrying a pistol. Hell, even some AR useage.
  14. Good Maps Ya Fucks. Basically yeah. It's running some plugins for better online consistency, it has the improved original xbox graphics with it's map files, and it even adds some of the competitive maps from Ce 1.5. There are tons of fast paced, high skill shooters on PC. Why would I want to play a hitscan version of Halo 3 with mouse controls instead? A Halo game for the PC needs to be a PC game. Not saying PC Halo needs blazing fast speeds or holding nine weapons or rocket jumping or anything so crazy like that, but it at least needs to abandon all these relics of console gameplay. No melee lunge, no giant hitboxes and crosshairs, no hitscan, no unnecessarily slow killtimes, no floaty and unresponsive movement, no awful balance based around aim assist mechanics, so on. Halo Ce with some slight modifications and an actually decent port would make a more than adequate PC game. I can't say the same for the other Halo games in their vanilla state.
  15. Quake Champions. Fortnite PvE DUSK Some LISA fangames. Meh. Most of the only games I've liked recently have been indie titles that just popped up out of complete nowhere. I guess that's what I'm anticipating from 2018.
  16. Halo Ce PC - Terrible port that not even GMYF and similar servers can fix. H2V - Just going to assume it's more or less viable based on forum posts. Apparently still a bit buggy, Halo Online - Between this and the above it's pick your poison: technical issues or shallow gameplay? But it's functionally solid at least. Murder Miners - Dead and long forgotten. Wasn't great. Halo 5 Forge - Lmao. Cmon guys. Be serious. Project Contingency - Not released but I guess it's something to look forward to. If you actually like pale imitators of the weakest trilogy game... Installation 01 - Same as project contingency but with even more skeptical chance of progress. Great lineup. Sure. If you don't mind playing zombies or sniper/rockets/shotgun (yes all three simultaneously) no-shields on blood gulch with medkit teleporters everywhere...with the entire server populated by mexican kids who don't speak a word of english.
  17. Yeah not sure I like the idea of getting flanked by hard to see AI then getting instakilled as a result of that, which the severity of does depend a lot on level design. There are surely other methods of making AI a cunning opponent without making them feel cheap. I guess it would be okay if it were weaker enemies that did the strong flanking, so you're not just straight up dead for not paying attention but you're still being punished for it. I agree a lot with this. When talking about games that aren't RPG's, unlocks are usually used as a replacement for the need to have compelling gameplay. They're a crutch for the developers. You can just make a shooter that is only "not-terrible" and people will still play it just because they're addicting to unlocking new skins. But when they run out of unlocks they realize how bland the game is and stop playing. Which doesn't matter because by that point the developers have already cashed their paychecks. Then the developers release a new vapid game and the cycle repeats itself. Look at Ce or Melee. People are addicted to those games even a decade after release because of their good gameplay. Having unlocks on top would only make them even better. That is how unlocks should be used for these kind of games, as a supplement to good gameplay, not as a replacement for good gameplay. RPG's are a whole different situation but I don't really want to dive into that right now. They also tend to rely almost solely on the addiction of unlocks, but I think it's okay because of the various differences in the way they approach progression.
  18. Yes and no. I don't like microtransactions in general and I especially don't like them in full priced games. But Siege's system is one of the less offensive ones. You can buy skins directly instead of being forced to rely on gambling lootbox bullshit, which is a great thing. However the fact that operators cost money, and that some of the DLC operators are very strong right now...it's not a good look. Yeah you can "grind for them" but after a few hundred hours I only have enough renown for two DLC operators. I'm not going to call it Pay2Win since there are also some really strong standard operators as well, but it's definitely sketchy. Are they better with microtransactions than most of their competition? Yeah. I'm still not fond though. Microtransactions aren't my main problem with Ubisoft though. It's the fact that Siege is pretty broken on a technical level and even after they finally got around to addressing it with "Operation Health" it's still pretty broken. Maybe they've changed and done a better job with The Division, haven't played it so I wouldn't know.
  19. I like how I didn't even need to list them and you still guessed correctly. Last one Microsoft. Ubisoft might not be as money-grubbing but their support is awful. Also Siege does have microtransactions if that's what you're referring to. Actually I don't know, that is a hard choice to make.
  20. Business practice wise they're just the least shitty of the four or so major shitty publishers. And the few games they do publish still suck anyways.
  21. There's no limit on the amount of gift copies you can buy for a game on Steam. If there is a single-copy of the game you should be able to buy it as a gift. You'll see something like this if you try to buy a single-copy of a game you already own.
  22. I don't understand the mentality here unless you're actually looking forward to Halo 6. Even then I don't understand why someone would be looking forward to Halo 6. We've given the franchise far more loyalty than it deserved even after it abandoned us, we aren't "quitters". We're just moving on with our lives instead of being the creepy ex who keeps sending Halo texts asking to get back together even though it's never going to happen. To me all that's left to see is what new and creative ways they manage to somehow make things even worse. That's one area they're actually amazing innovators in...the only reason I'd want to stick around to the end is just to satiate my own morbid curiosity.
  23. DS1 > DS3 > DS2 DS2 is sort of like the Halo 5 or Halo Reach of the franchise. It's still ostensibly a souls game but it feels so different from all the others. It's far more linear in level design, the combat feels more clunky (for example riposting isn't instant, you knock people to the ground then choose to stab then, also the feedback on hitting enemies isn't as good), it's easier in numerous ways, and the overall *feel* is less gloomy and more high-fantasy. With NPC's all over it hardly feels lonely like the other two either. It's still a good RPG don't get me wrong, and in fact it's generally the preferred title for online PvP, but didn't have Miyazaki work on it like DS1 and DS3 did and it really shows. DS3 is definitely the true sequel to DS1.
  24. Greenshill actually shilling for Bing for about two minutes straight. Well, okay. Hub systems are nothing new and a good amount of people have thought about the idea for Halo even before CoD WW2 and Destiny 2 were a thing. I think it's kind of a neat idea if done right, but I could easily do with or without it. Obviously needs to be optional to a large extent, as walking around a physical space will always be inherently slower and less convenient than navigating a menu.
  25. Reminder of Noteworthy 2017 Releases: *Games that were anticipated in their demographic, well-known in general, and/or critically acclaimed. *Not including ports of recent games, or games in early-access before 2017. I didn't realize it until I went through it for myself, but yeah I guess this has been (objectively speaking) a strong year for games. Unlike 2016 which was pretty much entirely barren aside from a small handful of, to be fair completely outstanding, releases. On a more personal level...barely any of those games actually interest me at all. So yeah, pretty weak year for me too.
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