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  1. I'm not a huge fan of skins being locked behind playlists I might not want to play, but it's acceptable so long as they can be obtained at any time. I absolutely hate anything that is limited-time-only. I think its a very anti-consumer and unfair practice, that I be permanently locked out of something because I wasn't fast enough or it happened before my time or I didn't get the memo. So I would be completely against seasonal skins. I don't really care if it's greyed out in the UI or not, I'll still see people wearing it and know that I'll never obtain it.
  2. I'm still skeptical of wireless mice in general. If I had to go with one I'd go with the G900 or G903 since they have proven results, are newer models, and have an optional cable anyways. Of course that's $100-$150 out of your pocket.
  3. It doesn't perform as well as you'd expect from a 2007 game. Even with my shitty 2012 CPU and RAM you'd think I still wouldn't get any stuttering at all but I do. How much of that is the CPU and how much is just the game itself is hard to say. Obviously my GTX 1060 isn't the problem. So, I don't know. Only real answer I can give is to download it and test for yourself.
  4. I'm astounded that there's 3000 concurrent players. That doesn't sound like a lot even compared to Halo 4, but you really have to consider the context of those numbers. Most indie shooters on PC fail to reach more than 500, so for this game to have this many players is just unheard of. Anyways, decided to try the game out of curiosity. I went in expecting a game made by console Halo fans who don't really get PC shooters, and while I was pleasantly surprised by a few things I'd have to say first impressions are it's more or less what I expected. +Extensive, per weapon viewmodel customization. This was a definite shocker. A feature that very few PC shooters have even though they all should. +FoV slider that goes all the way up to a reasonable 120. +Pretty impressive forge given the circumstances. +Raw Input...though the aim is wonky anyways. -Mouse aim does not feel good, and I'm sure controllers have a significant advantage. This should never be the case in a PC game. -If you don't have a controller then half the menus require arrow keys and enter to navigate. Frag like it's 1993, evidently. -The server browser is incredibly sluggish, and also lacks a filter system. -The menus love to bug out in general really. Froze up one trying to adjust my sensitivity mid-game. -Game is poorly optimized but that's out of their hands I'm sure. -Can't bind to the F# keys. Minor nitpick. ="Fix FPS Stutter" in options. What is this? Is it Vsync? Then just call it Vsync. Is it something else? Why wouldn't I want to fix FPS stutter? Confusing option. =Sensitivity scaling seems wonky. I'd have to actually measure it.
  5. A Battlefield BR would be a no brainer really. The game's weapon design, player counts, and maps are already well suited for it, and the franchise is already known for a similar enough style of play. And since they just released a classic-style game it gives them room to breath for a spin off. Difference is greedy fucks didn't control most of the industry like they do now. In 2006, direct buying horse armor for $2 was considered unacceptable. In 2018, that's extremely tame compared to paying $20 in lootboxes until you finally get that same horse armor. Or in Fortnite's case, direct buying that horse armor for $15...
  6. I apologize for the video itself...egh...but this is what I could find on short notice. An example of him doing it with the AR near the end of the video.
  7. The Sniper Rifles and Crossbow are projectile. The Rocket and Grenade are obviously projectile. Every other gun in the game is hitscan. Spread doesn't make the game harder, it just makes it random. Remove spread then apply projectile to the hitscan weapons if they become too overbearing. @@Teapot I want my games to be competitively designed because then I'm not dying to bullshit and have a reason to stick around the game because of constant room for improvement. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm at the skill level for or have any desire to attend competitive events.
  8. Well sadly your options are pretty limited there. DooM. Coming straight from Halo it will feel very similar despite it's differences. Probably your best bet. Team Fortress 2. "Spammy" maybe but not bullet spongey like those games. Quake Champions...if you have a high end PC and high tolerance for getting destroyed. Not Quake Live as it's mostly 1-life modes these days. Dirty Bomb. Kind of. Killtimes are pretty fast but still somewhat slower than typical military FPS and movement slows them further.
  9. Brad complains about ghettolization by foreigners. Meanwhile I'm still not even entirely convinced that's Brad Pitt and not Lil Pharma in that avatar of yours.
  10. Ce vehicle balance was alright? They were powerful but also pretty easy to counter with just your spawn weapons. No reason they can't just update that concept, which is kind of what Smartan hinted at. Scorpion: Bring back the exposed driver. Scorpion becomes complete glass-cannon instead of unstoppable death machine. Banshee: Remove fuel rod. Replace front metal plate with very weak energy barrier. Operator is forced to head straight at targets but is left exposed in process. Ghost: Bullets penetrate front metal and directly damage operator with only slight reduction in damage taken. Wraith: The rear end vent now causes it to explode with only a few shots. No mounted front turret. Sniper Rifle directly pierces front, killing driver with ease. Mantis: Remove it. At the very least remove the stupid ground-stomp, it shouldn't have an easy tool to deal with it's primary counter (mounting). The user should be punished for bad positioning. Grenades: More reliable placement in general, more knockback against ground vehicles. Mounted Turrets: More of these on the map so infantry has safer area of operation. I'm sure there's more you could do and that might not be entirely sufficient but it's a good starting point.
  11. I don't care how original or not something is as much as I care that it's good. And 343i's art direction...well...it's certainly not good. Pioneer armor wouldn't be any less ugly if they had stolen it from someone else.
  12. I'd love to be able to see and shoot through two-way teleporters. One-way teleporters are a bit of a grey area but might still work out. Unfortunately not that it would be relevant because 343i absolutely refuses to put teleporters on their maps for some reason. "Let's throw out this idea and if r/Halo fans like it we'll do it, and if not we'll claim it's a prank." -343i, probably.
  13. I can understand wanting to preserve the unique "feel" of a map instead of making it homogenized with other maps, but when that entire feel is defined by completely lopsided spawn crushing...I dunno, probably time to re-evaluate what's more important there.
  14. All we have at the minute is the leak that they're experimenting with more connections per session.
  15. That r/Halo post is so fucking stupid. Yeah, I magically think Halo 4 had great ideas and executed on them well, and that Reach was the pinnacle of the franchise!!! No, wait, both those ideas sound completely insane to me and couldn't possibly be further from how I feel. I don't think I've ever in my life heard someone say that Reach was the pinnacle of the series either, talk about trying to force a point. My Halo opinions have remained consistent since 2007. The one and only exception is Halo 3, which I actually thought worse of over time. Ce - Still the best multiplayer. Still my second favorite campaign. H2 - Still a flawed but good game. Still my favorite campaign. H3 - I was too blinded by the amount of content and hype when it released to realize how awful the core gameplay itself is. Time has sobered me to it. HR - I was not excited by this game when it came out and today still don't consider it anything but "meh". I liked the campaign when it came out and I still like it, but that's about it. I never once thought it was better than any of the previous games. H4 - Was and still is an overall bad game with absolutely no good ideas other than it's new gamemodes. H5 - A significant improvement over the last two games but nowhere near as good as the first two games.
  16. It's still not too late to for them to go F2P and spend some money to announce it on steam's front page. Don't get me wrong, it won't be anywhere near enough to save the game from being dead, but at least the game could enjoy a few hundred daily players while still giving the developers a steady drip of microtransaction revenue. Instead of having no players at all and earning no money at all. I know for a fact there are people out there that would jump on this game if it went F2P. At least more than the three it has right at this moment. They need to swallow their pride, the pride largely responsible for resulting in this game's downfall to begin with, and look at their situation realistically. Regardless, it really is tragic. The game didn't deserve to bomb this hard.
  17. It's good that there's more audio feedback for things like shields reaching full, getting kills and assists, being low ammo, so on. I can't say I particularly like the sounds themselves. Also there's so much unnecessary audio clutter that exists just for the sole sake of HOLY SHIT BRO, SHIT IS HAPPENING BRO. Spartans yelling constantly, everything being announced, explosions reverberating through the entire map loudly, etc. Whereas in the original games you can go with long periods of nothing but footsteps and map ambience between firefights, ambience which would clearly get overshadowed now. I guess they figured people would get bored if it didn't feel like a REEL WARZONE!!11 Dunno. Also every last sound is high pitched and chirpy instead of low pitched to give the game a more generic sci-fi feel to conform with all their other visual changes to make the game more generic sci-fi. Blegh.
  18. To play devil's advocate, I don't see that happening or turning out well. They'd need to come up with a second ad campaign for Halo 6 that doesn't feel redundant with the first ad campaign for Halo 5, because obviously the game needs to have it's own advertising. They'd also need to abandon or heavily alter whatever previous plans they already had for Halo 6, and in the process probably end up with another shitty story because that's (speculatively) the exact problem that Halo 5 had halfway through it's own development, a 180 in focus.
  19. 1. The Windows Store is awful. It has none of the basic functionality that any of the other platforms have, it's not organized, and mostly contains random mobile games. No one uses it and if you released any serious games on it they would just be buried under all that shit anyways. 2. Steam is the best and largest platform. That's why everyone uses it, that's why there's no point in releasing games on anything else. 3. Most game platforms (launchers) are integrated into steam. Simple explanation is that when you buy the game on steam you link your steam account to whatever your account on the other platform is and get full access to the functionality of both platforms, being able to join people's games through steam or vice-versa, download updates for the game through steam, buy content for the game through steam or the game's own platform, and so on. Platforms that aren't integrated into steam almost always have completely isolated and dead populations, the only real exceptions are Blizzard and EA (Origin) games (oh and I guess Fortnite too). Which you can still launch as non-steam games, you just won't be able to use Steam for anything except in-game overlay; everything else about the games like friends and joining games will be handled by their own platform. Launching Halo on the window's store would be suicidal.
  20. The REQ system sucks because earning high quality REQ's almost entirely depends on you burning through all the lower quality REQ's first, they're otherwise nearly impossible to get. This in turn makes purchasing REQ packs with real money entirely pointless because unless you already did the above you're just going to end up with a ton of the lowest tier items the REQ has to offer and none of the good items. Microtransactions should just be direct-purchase and cheap. I don't get why companies don't follow that model because it's beneficial for everyone involved. People buying the microtransactions get exactly what they want without having to deal with RNG, and companies make just as much profit because they end up with more people willing to make transactions even if they're getting less per transaction.
  21. "PC has no games" is almost as stupid as "The human eye can't see more than 24fps". Almost. There are a countless amount of indie games on PC and only a very tiny portion of those ever get ported to console. The console indie scene is a complete farce in comparison. Listing them all would be damn near impossible, there are probably ones being made and spread around right as I type this. Meanwhile, most AAA games are multiplatform these days. The vast majority of games you play can be found on PC. The only real exceptions are Nintendo games and imported games from Japan on the PS4. I highly doubt you're that into either, and PC has it's own exclusive AAA games as well. Even if you want to assume consoles have the lead in this area though it's still nowhere near makes up for the above point about indie games. And of course you contradict yourself earlier. Implying we can't use decade old PC games as an example, but then also imply you're counting Xbox 360 games because you don't own an Xbox One.
  22. The accessibility argument here is just contrived bullshit. It's desperately grasping at straws to find anything positive to say about consoles. It blows my mind people think this is somehow an upside of consoles. It's such a miniscule inconvenience that it's irrelevant. It takes a single hour maximum to download and install all of those programs...and then once it's done you never have to worry about them ever again aside from automatic updates. You would have to be extremely impatient and lazy to not be willing to put up with that. I have almost every single thing you listed installed and it never bothered me one bit. Linking games definitely isn't some arduous task either, it's literally four mouse clicks. Games, Add Non-Steam Game, Checkbox, click Okay. Maybe four more if you actually have to browse for the game's location. Imagine giving up on PC altogether and all of it's numerous upsides just because you're unwilling to spend an hour of your time. Your analogy is flawed because being a mechanic is actually time-consuming and tedious to the point it's justifiable to pay someone else to do it. Downloading and installing Discord is mostly automated and takes all of five minutes. Dude I would be overjoyed if I could get paid mechanic wages just to sit in someone's desk chair and do basically nothing. And you know...it could still be argued that PC's are *more* convenient anyways in spite of all that. Because once that is all setup I can now do anything I want on the same machine. I can play a game, open overlay to write an email or put on background music, then close out of the game and immediately begin my college or professional work without ever having to leave my seat. Consoles can't do all of that and they can't do it anywhere near as easily either unless you own a keypad attachment for your controller. Unfortunately true, though it WAS possible to build an Xbox One X equivalent PC for $550-$650 before these prices skyrocketed. Yet even in this market the myth of the "$1000 PC" is still nonsense. We finally killed off the 30fps myth yet that one still stubbornly remains for some reason.
  23. If it was entirely about abortion I wouldn't really give a shit. Problem is all the other things that "mostly" entails which sets an incredibly dangerous precedent and is just a thinly veiled attempt to prop up Christian theocracy, since we all know that in actual practice the conscience laws won't be applied equally to every other group, nor in reverse (i.e. people denying service to Christians because they find them repugnant). Not that anyone should be denying anyone services in the first place because of the hippocratic oath. A doctor doesn't get to pick and choose their patients, they're obligated to heal whoever shows up. Lmao at the hypocrisy of the quotes in that article. "Muh bullying, muh discrimination"...say the people literally fighting for the right to bully and oppress others. Christians can be capable of such amazing mental gymnastics.
  24. Bloom doesn't make the game more interesting nor does it add skill. It's not "spamming" to be able to hit all your shots with a moderate firing rate weapon like the DMR at the maximum firing rate. You can add projectiles. You can add recoil. You can add bullet damage fall-off and have the reticle change color to signify that it's affecting your bullets. You can lower scope magnification or remove the scope entirely. I'd prefer pretty much any range limiting solution over bloom on precision rifles, bar random spread. But the most obvious solution is to not have four or five fucking rifles in the first place when there aren't even that many distinct engagement ranges in the game.

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