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  1. In my opinion not missing much with half that list, but there are some games you should definitely try to broaden your perspective. Just my general thoughts on the franchises and where it's best to start:
  2. Problems with slow, vulnerable manncannons and Avalanche's poor layout. Teleporters are faster and on Sidewinder after using all four teleporters you only have to cross two stretches of land that are no larger than a map like Damnation is. The only problem with teleporters here is camping the other side, but there are any number of ways to address that. Make them see through / shoot through. Put them above the ground and have you drop out of them so people can't just backsmack/blast you the instant you exit. Have the player only materialize half a second after exiting them so people are actually wary of teleporter exits. So on, so forth. "Vehicles are hella OP"...yawn...something something Halo Ce something something dead horse.
  3. Saw people who claimed they hated BR say they enjoyed it, so figured I'd give it a try. I'll give it credit for being well designed for what it is. It has tons of common sense refinements of the BR genre and is perhaps the "best" BR out there. Having the squad leader automatically control where everyone in the squad drops is a nice feature that helps alleviate newbs just dropping in random spots on the map (though you can still choose to break off). The game has text chat (thank god) and a pretty intuitive ping system, still baffles me that Fortnite doesn't at least have text. The fact that you can resurrect dead teammates but only if you reach them fast enough and only at specific locations (and then they spawn empty anyways) is a nice twist that helps reduce how much of a waiting game the genre is, I feel like it's balanced for all those reasons. The classes are...eh. None of them really feel all that impactful but I guess you could consider that a good thing, kind of wish there wasn't a pick one limit. Weapon projectile speed is just right. Sliding is a nice mechanic and the world design lends itself well to it, would be more fun if jumping after had more launch force. Only criticisms I can think of (personal bias aside) are locking some classes behind a paywall is a giant red flag prone to Pay2Win, and the matches feel kind of dead with only 60 players. Their roadmap doesn't look too shiny either unless they're releasing unlisted cosmetics in-between these updates or I'm just missing something, but it's gonna be hard to monetize the game if there's nothing there. Weapon variety is lacking, tons of functionally similar rifles but nothing exotic like grenade launchers, maybe planned weapon updates will address that. At the end of the day though I'm not really impressed. It's still just a typical military-style Battle Royale game, didn't really draw me in as someone who isn't a fan of the genre. Like if only I could do anything close to that in Apex Legends. And if only Quake Champions wasn't a dying game...
  4. Love it. Also like the little shoutout to DUSK in the corner (it IS really good). Now if only we could get some actual news about the game...
  5. Quake Champions lets you replace weapon models with functional equivalents. Most drastic example being replacing nailgun with plasmagun. Though yeah I don't see how a singleshot 12 round gun and a burst fire 36 round gun would work in the same slot. There would need to be sensible limitations.
  6. Nowhere. Halo 3's hands kept inexplicably missing my body, thank god.
  7. My ignorant takeaway so take it with a grain of salt but; It's important to make a distinction here between one life roundbased gametypes like breakout and respawning roundbased gametypes like asymm assault. Halo isn't the best for one life gametypes. The slow killtimes give the enemy team a massive advantage when they have more people left alive, and while in this case regenerating health helps the individual it still helps the enemy team even more. It's not like limited hp gametypes such as clan arena where if I die I can still weaken the enemy team's health pool before dying to aid our survivors. Or where if I'm last I can win by having better positioning and meticulously whittling them down (or in case of instantaneous killtimes, one shot them from cover / from behind before they can one shot me). Not to mention how power weapons can lead to easy team wipes with little skill investment. Its not even "timing them" when the round is over after the very first rocket rush.
  8. Hope it's good so I can finally toss my Xbox. The complaints of "ADAD spam" make me nervous but hearing that it feels like a Source game is reassuring, so mixed emotions there. That reminds me, it's been like half a year since I even checked in on the project, I wonder how-*glances at their youtube channel*...oh....it's fucking nothing... Something wrong?
  9. Seems like common sense to me that people would resist having their guns taken. So many loony conservatives out there just itching at the trigger for an excuse to shoot the country up because "muh tyranny". Your conclusions are entirely plausible. My only real stance on gun control is "I'm tired of people rehashing the same flawed rhetoric". But beyond that I'm glad people already can't own Rocket Launchers / LMG's and I at the very least don't see any logical reason behind allowing people to own high capacity semi-auto rifles. Not like you're going to be rushed by 30 bears at once or have to fight off a giant gang of home invaders. I am against Japanese nationalism as much as I am against any kind of nationalism. That's all I'm going to say on that topic before I rip my hair out trying to explain the zillions of nuances in play here and how I feel about them. If the entire basis of your nationalism is "only X race is allowed to be a part of our culture, also our culture is superior" then yeah that can at least be construed as racist.
  10. Last time I checked I was an American and this IS my country so let me tell you how I feel: Shut the fuck up you white nationalist shitbag. -A white dude from the coastal elite bubble of Bumfuck, Nebraska
  11. "You can't get rid of ALL guns." Which to be fair he's responding to Niku but I see this used all the time and it's fucking annoying. Very few liberals want to ban ALL guns. Also this new forum layout...this ain't it chief...
  12. Extreme no, disingenuous yes. Just the same zero sum and strawmanned positions I've seen countless times before. Banning guns doesn't eliminate gun crime just like speeding limits don't eliminate crashes. They do, at least in theory, reduce the frequency. And don't give me good guy with a gun because those instances are rare in reality. Only a minority want to ban ALL guns...which would be pretty much impossible at this point. Confiscating, banning the sale and manufacture of specific kinds of guns though...much more achievable. If some random dude breaks in, steals your guns and commits crimes with them no you shouldn't be held accountable. You had nothing to do with it. If it's your son living with you or something though then yeah you are arguably accountable to a certain extent for letting it happen.
  13. To be clear that's an image from a different studio (lead by Marcus Lehto) making a different game, not Halo Infinite. Which had me so confused at first because I was like "since when does Halo look like Half Life / Fallout?"
  14. My admittedly scientifically illiterate takeaway from your post (but hey everyone else in this thread is blatantly speaking out their ass so might as well be afforded some leeway here) is you're saying we don't know exactly what the results of our impacts on the climate will be, so we shouldn't care. I don't think that logic follows. Like we should keep poking the hornets nest because we don't know with 100% certainty whether or not it even contains hornets, exactly how many will come out, exactly when they will come out, or exactly what parts of our bodies they will sting. No we don't know those things, but we know enough to establish a direct causal relationship between poking hornet nests and getting stung, do we not? We know that introducing Co2 in the atmosphere causes heat to become "trapped", and we know there's at the very least a strong correlation between rising temperatures, stronger storms, and increase in industrialization. We don't know if plants are enough to off-set what we're producing or if it will *actually* have any impact on storm strength and weather patterns but why just baselessly assume the ideal scenario? "Anyone who questions scientific consensus is labeled a far right wingnut". Because that's usually exactly what it is. Questioning scientific consensus when you possess contrarian evidence that disproves it is a valid and necessary part of the scientific process. But usually it's just concern trolls without evidence who question things only to push their own stupid ideologies that they never bother to apply the same line of scientific questioning to. Can't tell me as a scientist you don't see the constantly encroaching threat of pseudoscience? You'll forgive me if I'm constantly on-guard for that shit. There are reasons beyond climate change to pursue green energy. No pointless foreign conflicts over dwindling resources. Resources that run out after billions of years instead of a few centuries. Not dying from smog. So on. It might not be economically feasible in the short term, but no scientific progress would ever be achieved if you fell back on that argument for everything. Same with stupid zero-sum arguments like "BUT CHINA" Playing a role in slowing the process down is still better than letting it continue on like normal.
  15. ….....what are your views on climate change?

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