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  1. Dark Souls. I mean I think DS1 is better than DS3 but I could understand the argument. Super Mario Bros The Legend of Zelda
  2. P o s t L a u n c h S u s t a i n They'll add all the modes after about year five.
  3. I'm surprised to actually see people over on reddit point it out. Unsurprisingly there are still people defending them and saying "you'll hate anything 343i does" anyways.
  4. Dude. If nothing else this company is fucking amazing at subverting my expectations. They come up with new ways of disappointing me I would've never even dreamed of. Like it's legitimately impressive in it's own fucked up way. Like damn if only they channeled that innovative energy into actually improving the game. I wouldn't have ever even expected an AAA company to be bold enough to have lowest possible LOD driver settings as their default gun appearance.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSKyUgMOgmU That AR literally looks like what happens when you have a card that's dying / set the graphics as low as possible. Really I'm just...blown away.
  6. My immediate thoughts were also "I expected nothing, I expected it to be bad, and it was somehow still worse than expectations." Yeah let's break it down now. I'll try to start with the things that I saw that struck me as positive or neutral...before tearing into it. They seemed to take to heart some of the complaints about sandbox design? I mean not speaking for competitive PvP obviously but there were at least a lot of interesting new guns that seemed to have unique functions, like that slow firing automatic rifle (it seemed automatic?). Granted we haven't even seen all the guns and some of them seem burst fire just for the sake of it but...I'm just trying to be charitable, alright? Picking up and throwing things like fusion coils is a neat gimmick. I mean, a gimmick nonetheless, but neat. Grapple just kinda screams gimmick, expectedly. It had a really slow pull time and the range didn't seem to be great either. Maybe that's a good thing though, multiplayer wise. Aids in vertical travel but comes with significant vulnerability, not just people zipping around. Sprint exists. Sprint and slide seemed a lot slower, yeah. Movement also seems kind of slow. Art Style is awful. Everything looks so smooth and overly colorful, and half weapons were replaced with generic military looking purchased asset guns...just...why? Like some last gen, total parody of the classic style. Nature and some of the models weren't bad but most of the actual architecture / weapons / crates / etc. is just...bad. Too colorful, too smooth, too reflective...looks like something someone made in Unity. AI seems really bad. Granted I'm sure this was also on easy difficulty but still.
  7. Okay who's ready to read all the THIS LOOKS AMAZING reddit threads?
  8. People before release: ART STYLE LOOKS AMAZING. Me watching this now: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
  9. Wtf? The twitch stream is ahead of the youtube stream? Just opened it and it's showing actual campaign cutscenes while the youtube one was some Halsey trailer. Get on the Xbox twitch.
  10. I like how the Exo-whatever trailer was in like 15 fps. And now they got audio delay going on too.
  11. See I thought we were all gonna record X out of window speedruns. But yeah 30s sounds about right. I mean most of that is just gonna be one of the studio heads talking and then sprint will be instant in the gameplay, but still.
  12. Constipation noun con·sti·pa·tion | \ ˌkän(t)-stə-ˈpā-shən 1: What it feels like my Spartan has when playing Halo 3.
  13. Yet another thing in the long list of things Halo Ce already got right that was pointlessly changed. I swear the base speed for the ghost in that game is significantly faster than the others.
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