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  1. Aww oh well! Despite a few minor flaws I still had a ton of fun with Reach, it got me into Halo!
  2. By far my preference but I could do reach if someone insisted I suppose.
  3. He definetly wouldn't be the first nor the last to challenge the infamous shootin sammy to a 1v1 and get his clock cleaned.
  4. Yea but the thing is I'm not a bad player. I would be willing to bet I'd kick your butt that's for sure.
  5. Not online no. Still did at friend's LAN parties back in the day.
  6. Ah, so the definition of "troll" was changed to "person speaking his mind plainly and honestly." noted.
  7. Alright here we go Everything introduced in halo 4 I think is great. It all comes together to make a tremendously better game. I really like perks. I don't care for inherent/mandatory resupply and explosives. Grenades are not a strong point of my game at all and I'm more than happy to trade them in for some of the perks that I do like that have helped bring me success. It makes the game better for me personally how I can do this. Sprinting is a good thing to me. It gets me into the game and fired up, I see some players swap weapons quickly or make small circles with their reticules for the same effect but all I need to do is sprint. I like how I can run and flank enemies and get to better spots faster and run to assist teammates as well. Flinch I like a lot better than descope. Descope annoys me, I dislike needing to scope back in several times during a ranged battle. Don't know what else to say on the matter; it simply bothers me more than flinch. Armor abilities make the game much more fun for me. Turning invisible, sending out halograms, setting up auto turrets and looking through walls with pv makes the game much more interesting and enjoyable. Personal ordnance is great. Whenever I hear the ordnance ready announcement I get excited to see what I got, and relish the chance to proceed to call down and put to use the weapon of choice. It is all highly entertaining to me. Well I'll stop there I suppose. Good to let that out.
  8. Yea probably a combination of those and a few other things. I know it's not the lower aim assist alone that throws me off, it's something more, when I swear I'm hitting my mark and it's like I'm firing rubber bullets.
  9. I'm the opposite, really good at halo 4 but not good at halo 3. I don't know what it is about halo 3 but I can't get the hang of how guns work in that game, paticuarly the battle rifle! Many of the shots I fire just go right through people and do nothing. The BR in h3 confuses me.
  10. Oh yes yes, I agree. Promethian vision demands much patience and timing to be successful with. There are two times you want to use it; when no enemy at all is on your motion tracker, and a split second before engaging. When nobody is on your motion tracker use it to spot enemies and position yourself better. Using it a split second before a fight will allow you line up your aim on him and not waste a moment when the battle begins. DON'T use it when enemies are on motion tracker and not immediately about to be engaged. This will simply alert them to your presence with the red ring, prompting them to wait out your PV before fighting and possibly switch on stealth.
  11. Why did none of them choose an armor ability? I would have been using promethian vision.
  12. A legitimate concern, but lets not forget the disadvantages of using the tungsten armor- tungsten is a VERY dense metal and slows down your Spartan quite a bit. This results in lowered jumping and slower movement, something someone using the titanium standard armor could take advantage of. You would have a faster and crisper strafe and could escape much easier if the gunfight started going poorly. Also with the visual effect you could tell right away that your opponent was using the tungsten armor (I would imagine it would have a blackish luster) and would be able to react appropriately.
  13. Ah good to hear I thought so too. Don't you agree that this would be something both entertaining and strategic? Picking between different armor materials would be quite satisfying and also one would need to carefully consider the implications of his choice on his playstyle
  14. Impersonation? Oh no no, I assure you this is the real shootin sammy.
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