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I wasn't with Halo from the beginning, but the first Halo game I played was Halo: CE on the PC.


I like shooters, stealth games, open world games of many types, and whatever weird or unusual games catch my interest.


I enjoy getting into a multiplayer game, but I have a short attention span relative to people who play games professionally or whatnot.  I also like long and engaging single-player experiences.  And fucking around with a buddy in a co-op game or custom game is always really fun.


Despite its obvious and more subtle problems, the 2012 Halo game is the most fun I've had with the series since Combat Evolved, from both a multi and single-player perspective.  I understand and agree with a lot of the problems people had with it.   I accept that many previous Halo games have been objectively more competitive.   I totally respect and understand people who dislike the game and don't find it fun, and hope that future Halo games can provide a more solid experience at the competitive level as well as making less general missteps.

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