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  1. Just casually been playing the beta and here's my opinion on some of the new/old functions and gun mechanics: GUNS: - AR should be nerfed a tad and should be much harder to kill people at a longer distance. - Prophet's Bane is perfect, just lower the brightness a bit. - There's a lot wrong with the sniper; both how it feels and how it looks. Its clunky and the zoom-in animation needs to be quicker and more consistent (however I do like the smart scope on the sniper). Visually, it is the worst in the series (343 made H2A's look so cool!!). So a much more classic looking sniper would be appreciated. MAPS: - Both maps are incredibly fun, HOWEVER, the bottom-mid to top-mid jump on Truth should be removed. SPRINT: - I've got a feeling sprint isn't going anywhere but, I think that 343 has nerfed it pretty well. However sprint should become disabled when a certain amount of the players shields deplete. - The time It takes to use one of your Spartan abilities (slide, etc.) after beginning to sprint should be increased. FLINCH: - Why is this still here? If its really necessary, please remove it from the sniper and reduce it by 50% across the board. SMART SCOPE: - I like it, just make the animations a tiny bit quicker.
  2. As you guys know Ogre 1 lives in Australia, ACL (the Australian equivelant of MLG) could be hosting tournaments as well, so maybe his team will be for these tourneys. But the prize pools are very low compared to those in NA (probably +$4000), so I don't know if it'd be worth it for him if he continues to live in Australia. In conclusion OGRE 1 IS MOVING BACK TO NA TO COMPETE AT MLG- #CONFIRMED #WeBack
  3. Weekly Xbox Connect Halo CE/2 Sessions
  4. I like how I can buy clothes that help out beyond but not look like a f aggot at the same time. One of those hoodies will be mine.
  5. I dislike the fact that people think 4v4s are better than 2v2s.
  6. "Why the fuck do I get paired up with a Japanese host" "Why the fuck is my connection so bad" "None of my shots are hitting" "Is my BR a 6SK?"
  7. FOR FUTURE HALO TITLES: What if sprint was only used in all of the parts of the game except multiplayer, except big team battle? So sprint would be allowed for the casuals which play campaign, firefight, spartan ops, etc. And maybe a toggle sprint option for customs? Are there any other ways 343 could implement sprint so that those who hate it, will be able to tollerate it?
  8. Fuck that, when I first played Reach I was like "ohh so they need an ability from their armour to run?".Doesn't really make sense, there should just be a NS option/toggle sprint button.
  9. Should I be discouraged to join up if I live in Australia?
  10. Hahaha his favourite gametype is SWAT, fuck sakes.
  11. Legendary Slayer should be deleted as a playlist, instead, the infinity slayer playlist should become a Team Slayer playlist in which there are always these 3 options: Infinity Slayer, Slayer Pro and Legendary Slayer/Legendary BRs. And they should really scrap some of the other playlists as well (merge regicide with rumble pit, big team skirmish and big team infinity slayer to merge and become big team battle, etc.).
  12. I'll be sure to add a couple of you. Check out my sig and support, btw.
  13. I love Goldenboy as a caster, the fact that he's doing it for free is crazy! <3
  14. Was really hoping Req would win. 5th matches should be objective always.
  15. Replace sprint with default thruster packs? AA's on the map. No sticky dets. 120% speed? New forge maps, maybe use one more map from the majestic pack? KOTH and Oddball variants reintroduced? Ricochet to be used for competitive play? (after watching the comic con competition 343 held for it, i feel it can be used for competitive play)
  16. It would definitely make the game worse. No doubt about it.
  17. ^ From a former ACL Halo 4 pro player (Hopey). While some might think he's being realistic, others might think he's lacking optimism. I feel the Halo community in Australia, while inferior to those of LoL, SC2, or Blops 2, is strong. Not to mention that this is an opportunity to get ACL recognised internationally for Halo. Ghandi is aware of the league and, I assume, he will be happy to support Halo around the world. Considering AGL events are now advertised on the games homescreen, ACL could get a similar deal on waypoint. While unlikely, it is good to think about the possibilities of ACL supporting Halo again LATER this year.
  18. A message to the ACL admins: While initially Halo fans from around the world felt neglected by the new developers of the franchise, the several months of added work and effort into Halo 4 made not only the gameplay bearable, but it made it fun. All the changes, fixes, patches and tuning are finally paying off. You can see this through the return of pros and the growth of the competitive community. Unfortunately, for those of us here in Australia, the competitive league that was founded on, through Halo, has given up on the game and hence dropped it from the 2013 circuit. While we understand that financially it was the best decision, we feel that Halo 4 wasn't given a proper goodbye considering the announcement's short notice. I'm sure players passionate enough about this game would happily represent their state by attending the LAN. Not only this, but with support from communities such as Beyond Entertainment and given that the event would be expected to be live streamed, we can guarantee a solid viewership and thus grant ACL more exposure, internationally. Considering that the tournament is of a relatively small scale, the prize money doesn't have to be amazing, i'm sure the opportunity to play the NEW Halo 4, on LAN, competitively, would suffice. Please consider this for ACL Sydney 2013 as, by then, the game will be at it's highest point (release of the champions bundle/new maps, new settings). It will allow for Halo 4 to be better recognised on a competitive level here in Australia, help ACL become more exposed around the world and most importantly give respect to the ACL Halo community and, in case it doesn't return at LAN events in 2014, allow the game to go out with a bang. General Information: The "ACL Halo 4 State of Origins LAN" will be a side tournament during the national finals for the circuit this year in Sydney. In order to acquire an even number of teams, I have included New Zealand as a state, making it an 8 team event. This tournament will be live streamed on the same Twitch account as Halo 4 was on during ACL Brisbane, considering League Of Legends - which replaced Halo - has it's own account. Because the majority of the players will be travelling to Sydney, the entry fee for the tournament will be $40 each, hence $160 for each team/state. The entry fee alone will accumulate $1280 and with the prize pool being 1K; 1st $500, 2nd $300 and 3rd $200. Though the profit is relatively low at this point, with the participation of sponsors, it could easily surpass $500. Not only this, but the live stream would maintain a strong viewership as long as there are no big events colliding on the same weekend (like the Brisbane LAN which only peaked 60 viewers because of the first AGL event), allowing you to play commercials in exchange for small contributions to the prize pool (for example SquidGrip commercials during UMG live streams). This event would be advertised very well with the help from the competitive community in the US, for example, you could ask Beyond Entertainment to do a video about it and put it on the front page of their website. Ogre 1, the former MLG pro, who lives here in Australia, could also advertise this through his Twitter - or even participate. The possibilities, advertising wise, are endless, hence the amount of exposure for the ACL Pro Circuit and it's sponsors are endless. The players representing each state, territory and New Zealand would be chosen online depending on whether or not they can make it to the event. If casters are available for Halo, and are dedicated enough, each game would include commentary for at least half of it, easing into a listen-in segment (giving the casters a break and the audience the opportunity to listen to each teams communication). In regards to the season points appointed to those attending this LAN: I feel, despite many teams not living in the same state, that participation in this event, while minor, should contribute to their teams over all stats/score but only by 1/4 of the overall state team's score. This would be a great bonus for teams which haven't done as best as they could have during online rounds and be an extra incentive to participate in the event, even if they don't place in the top 3. In order to support ACL, support us, I hope we can donate money or prizes (such as avatar or xbox live codes, which you could use to do giveaways in the streams chat or at the actual event). Teams/Players: WA (Western Australia): - - - - TAS (Tasmania): - - - - NSW (New South Wales): - - - - SA (South Australia): - - - - NT (Northern Territory): - - - - QLD (Queensland): - Ur Lunchbox - - - VIC (Victoria): - TopLeaf - Stolen Ability - - NZ (New Zealand): - - - - How the tournament will be ran (double elimination, randomised seeds): http://challonge.com/tournaments/bracket_generator?ref=vk6DT7izC0 Show your support for the ACL H4: State of Origins 1K LAN by commenting on this topic, seeing if you can compete, donating to ACL (whether it be money or game/avatar/xbox live codes) spreading the word in any way you can and signing the petition below. Sign our petition to run this event: https://www.change.org/petitions/australian-cyber-league-acl-to-hold-a-halo-4-state-of-origins-1k-lan Note: Please put into account that this is all open to change, I just hope the ACL admins consider this and realise the opportunities accustomed to a tournament of this nature, for a game with a community thats this close-knit and the fact that the amount of events being held for Halo internationally will slow down when ACL Sydney is being planned.
  20. They realise noone likes ordnance, we've made it pretty clear ...There should be loadouts for a social playlist if they decide to continue the idea, but NOT in ranked.

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