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  1. Just casually been playing the beta and here's my opinion on some of the new/old functions and gun mechanics: GUNS: - AR should be nerfed a tad and should be much harder to kill people at a longer distance. - Prophet's Bane is perfect, just lower the brightness a bit. - There's a lot wrong with the sniper; both how it feels and how it looks. Its clunky and the zoom-in animation needs to be quicker and more consistent (however I do like the smart scope on the sniper). Visually, it is the worst in the series (343 made H2A's look so cool!!). So a much more classic looking sniper would be appreciated. MAPS: - Both maps are incredibly fun, HOWEVER, the bottom-mid to top-mid jump on Truth should be removed. SPRINT: - I've got a feeling sprint isn't going anywhere but, I think that 343 has nerfed it pretty well. However sprint should become disabled when a certain amount of the players shields deplete. - The time It takes to use one of your Spartan abilities (slide, etc.) after beginning to sprint should be increased. FLINCH: - Why is this still here? If its really necessary, please remove it from the sniper and reduce it by 50% across the board. SMART SCOPE: - I like it, just make the animations a tiny bit quicker.
  2. As you guys know Ogre 1 lives in Australia, ACL (the Australian equivelant of MLG) could be hosting tournaments as well, so maybe his team will be for these tourneys. But the prize pools are very low compared to those in NA (probably +$4000), so I don't know if it'd be worth it for him if he continues to live in Australia. In conclusion OGRE 1 IS MOVING BACK TO NA TO COMPETE AT MLG- #CONFIRMED #WeBack
  3. Weekly Xbox Connect Halo CE/2 Sessions
  4. I like how I can buy clothes that help out beyond but not look like a f aggot at the same time. One of those hoodies will be mine.
  5. I dislike the fact that people think 4v4s are better than 2v2s.
  6. "Why the fuck do I get paired up with a Japanese host" "Why the fuck is my connection so bad" "None of my shots are hitting" "Is my BR a 6SK?"
  7. Fuck that, when I first played Reach I was like "ohh so they need an ability from their armour to run?".Doesn't really make sense, there should just be a NS option/toggle sprint button.
  8. FOR FUTURE HALO TITLES: What if sprint was only used in all of the parts of the game except multiplayer, except big team battle? So sprint would be allowed for the casuals which play campaign, firefight, spartan ops, etc. And maybe a toggle sprint option for customs? Are there any other ways 343 could implement sprint so that those who hate it, will be able to tollerate it?
  9. Should I be discouraged to join up if I live in Australia?
  10. Hahaha his favourite gametype is SWAT, fuck sakes.
  11. Legendary Slayer should be deleted as a playlist, instead, the infinity slayer playlist should become a Team Slayer playlist in which there are always these 3 options: Infinity Slayer, Slayer Pro and Legendary Slayer/Legendary BRs. And they should really scrap some of the other playlists as well (merge regicide with rumble pit, big team skirmish and big team infinity slayer to merge and become big team battle, etc.).
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