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  1. Looking for close skilled players willing to grind, and go to upcoming lands.
  2. Yo you got me mixed up with someone else. I know who that is though.
  3. Looking for a To3 or To2 wanting to grind and Improve. I would like to go to future events. I'm 17 years old, East Coast. On at least 5 hours a night and on weekends depending on work more. Don't let my age discourage you I know rotations and my communication skills are very good.
  4. GT:Kiltrocity. I just got out of school so I have a ton of free time
  5. Also unlike you I found myself teammates! Good luck on your team searching though.
  6. That's not my main!!! I'm crying you thought that was my good account. My main is high onyx in HCS!!! But you would not know that because I would not destroy my csr by running with you on it
  7. I don't think your in any position to call anyone trash! I ran with you and you barley went positive. GGs man your going nowhere. If you started on H2 and are still trash give up.
  8. You need to be able to hold you own, and be able to do map rotations. Must have a working mic. Diamond + in HCS
  9. Must have a lot of time and a flexible schedule. Must have a good working mic. Looking for players in East Coast Or Central time zone.
  10. Yo hit me up. I'm running on my alt. GT:Overkill TR
  11. Ill run some games tomorrow night! GT:Kiltrocity
  12. I'm looking for high Onyx/Champ game play from anyone looking to team. I'm on the East Coast. Be dedicated and able to take feedback. GT:Kiltrocity
  13. @@DoLuu That's fine as long as your on every night to play and GRIND! I added you and we can run some when you get on if you do tonight.
  14. I'm interested and willing to put in the time. I'm high Onyx/Champion skill. GT:Kiltrocity

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