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  1. The survey's closed, and the analysis is done! Here's the link to the full PDF report: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3_PcccFNlC3MHlibTN4QkZxNm8/view Feel free to take a look, as you're probably more likely to find something that's really interesting to you through your own analysis of the charts in the report. That said, here are some of the key findings, in my opinion: General Development: Gameplay/Multiplayer are far more important than any other area of development. The Campaign comes second. Based on the data, the most preferred version of Halo 6 would have a release date of Fall 2019, and would have High Effort put towards Gameplay/Multiplayer and Campaign/Story, Moderate Effort put towards Graphics/Art, and Low Effort put towards Rewards/Armor. In determining this I ruled out unrealistic scenarios (like having High Effort on everything). Features: The level of Sprint in the game is more important than the levels of all other features (in the Features survey) combined. Players really do not want Sprint back. Having Playable Elites was a minor concern for most players, but they would be still be willing to lose some weapon and vehicle variants to have that ability. Players prefer a Credits system for earning armor and other customizables, but are almost as happy earning those through Achievements and Experience only. Really, they just don’t want REQs again. Players would prefer to keep the variety of weapons and vehicles the same as they are in Halo 5. In fact, they would rather lose some weapon and vehicle variants than get more in Halo 6. Players would rather have DLC they have to pay for than not have any DLC at all. They would prefer free DLC though (of course). If 343 had to make money through either Paid DLC or REQs, it appears that REQs would be the preferred way to go. Players hate REQs more than they hate Paid DLC, but they love FREE DLC a ton. Basically, they love Free DLC more than they hate REQs. Campaign: The fraction of missions that are played as the Master Chief is the most important element of the Campaign. Everything else was pretty balanced when it comes to importance. Players do NOT want Osiris support, are ok with Blue Team only support, but mostly prefer that Halo 6 get back to a Lone Wolf style of play (like Halo 1-3). Players would prefer some sort of Flood return, than not having any Flood return. Players want the Brutes to return and would prefer that Atriox at least make a cameo. The ideal, however, would be a Brute Return and for Atriox to play a large role. If only the Flood or the Brutes could return, players would prefer to get Brutes (but only if Atriox also returned). Players would prefer to have an 8 mission campaign with half of it being Master Chief than have a 15 mission campaign with none of it being Master Chief. Players would prefer to have a 10 mission campaign with all of it being Master Chief than have a 15 mission campaign with half of it being Master Chief. All the charts are in the report above, so feel free to look it over and make your own observations and comments in this thread! Thanks again for all your responses to the survey! Hope you enjoy the results!
  2. By the way, today's the last day to take the surveys! I was hoping for about 50 responses to each, but I've gotten over 100 responses on the General Development survey, almost 90 on the features survey, and just under 60 on the campaign survey! After locking the surveys tonight I'll prep a report and share it here sometime next week.
  3. It's very likely they won't. But I'm hoping that the number of respondents (over 100 now) and the uniqueness of the survey will at least earn a glance from them. If not, that's ok. The results will still be interesting to see. Graphics and art are different things for sure. But they definitely fall into the same category: the LOOK of the game. I intentionally was keeping the General Development survey at a very high level. Wanting 343 to put more time and resources (including focus groups and public research) towards determining if more effort should be spent on graphics or art, and what the correct art styles and graphics levels would be, is exactly what the survey lets you signal by selecting "High Effort" options for the "Graphics/Art" attribute. If "High Effort" turns out to be important (based on the responses) then 343 should be sure to put a lot of time and resources towards getting the "look" of the game "right" (in terms of what their target market, Halo players, want). Hope that helps clarify!
  4. By the way, the majority of my survey responses so far have come from the Team Beyond forum, so I just want to say thank you to everyone that has responded so far! With only a week left on the survey, I thought now might be a good time to share some initial findings. I don't want to influence anyone still planning to take the survey, so I'm only going to share one key insight from each survey, for now. General Development: Gameplay/Multiplayer is the most important attribute by far. In fact, it is more than twice as important as the next most important attribute, Campaign/Story development. Campaign: The most popular fireteam support choice is.... none. Players would rather go back to a Lone Wolf style, than play with a Fireteam (neither Blue team nor Osiris). Features: "Sprint" has been the most important attribute when people have made their decisions so far... and the majority does NOT want sprint back, in any degree. I personally like sprint, and didn't believe that it was as big of an issue as people said. But this shows me otherwise. Sprint Utility Chart: https://ibb.co/cq40t5 (high utility means people like that option, negative means they don't). So there's a taste! Keep in mind these results are subject to change as more responses come in. I'll share the full report with all the details a few days after the survey closes (next Saturday). By the way, I've received almost twice as many responses to the General Development survey as the Campaign survey, so if you haven't taken any of the surveys yet, I encourage you to start with that one!
  5. I think that would be a really interesting insight. I believe the software does allow for that type of question, but I haven't used it yet. Maybe I'll make another survey later on though and include that type of question. Exactly. It's been a while since Halo 3, but if I remember right you just earned helmets based on achievements, so I figured it fit under the Experience/Achievement/Halo 4 option. Valid point. I'll find another way to filter. The choices the survey generates are put together randomly, so you will definitely get some really obvious questions. Even in your example though, someone could really hate sprint and be willing to pay $200 for the game and $40 for the DLC to just not have sprint. Unlikely, but possible.
  6. Yes, this type of survey is pretty unique. That's partly why it's so useful. As for the "rushing".... that's a valid point. The software shows me how long people spent on the survey though, so I'll just look over the responses once it's over and remove any that appear to be "rushed" (completed in less than 2 or 3 minutes). Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. Hello Team Beyond forum! I'm a visitor... I contribute on some other forums, and shared these Halo 6 preferences surveys there, but I thought the Team Beyond community might like to participate in them as well! Plus, the more feedback 343 gets about public preferences for Halo 6, the better! The boring stuff (optional): I'm currently in grad school, and this semester I have access to some great conjoint analysis platforms. Conjoint analysis is a marketing tool used to measure public preference for different attributes of a particular product. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to create some surveys to measure the public's preferences for Halo 6. I've spent about 10 hours on this project so far, and am excited to share the results once it's over! The exciting stuff: The surveys are designed to interpret what you (the Halo community) really want out of Halo 6, across multiple key areas of development. There's a survey on overall general development (e.g. Is the Campaign or Multiplayer experience more important to you?), one on the Campaign specifically (e.g. Is it more important to you to have a longer campaign, or a full "Master Chief" campaign?), and lastly one about gameplay features (e.g. Would you rather have more weapons/armor or playable elites?).On average, each survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. There are 12 main questions on each that will present you with 3 simple scenarios and ask you choose your preferred option. The questions may take a little longer at first (~30 seconds per question at most) but as you start to recognize your own preferences, it'll speed up a lot (~10 seconds per question). It's fun to recognize how you end up making your choices, PLUS we should get some interesting results which I'll share on the forum once the surveys are closed, and which will hopefully be useful to 343. So without further ado: General Development Survey (http://bit.do/Halo6GeneralSurvey) Campaign Survey (http://bit.do/Halo6CampaignSurvey) Features Survey (http://bit.do/Halo6FeaturesSurvey) Surveys will close Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 11:59 PM. Feel free to share feedback and ask questions on this page. Thanks for your responses everyone!
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