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  1. New video. Gameplay looks like a lot of fun.
  2. I figured this would be a cool topic. What are some of your all-time favorite Halo memories? This can include anything Halo related. My Favorite memories are mostly with Halo 2. - Finding the tallest buildings on Coag to sword climb for hours and other random glitches for hours and hours when bored with awesome people. - Trading in my xbox controller at a game store to enter a local tournament and then getting my ass kicked first round haha. - Seeing the Halo 2 presentation when he picked up the sword and all the other stuff on Zanzibar. Blew my mind. - This video: ......and Croyt's rage of course
  3. Here are some sweet ones to get the weekend going... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cif8IcBwoTk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr1nN__-2Po
  4. True...to each their own I guess. I find it easier to be precise when they are more stiff. It would be cool if they added a feature where you could tighten or loosen the thumbsticks to how you like it. Like maybe twist it clockwise to tighten it or counter-clockwise to loosen it....with some security so that it doesn't get altered during gameplay.
  5. I would take a look at Halo 3/previous and build off of that. I would stress to people the line "Just because we can, does not mean we should." What that means is try to balance the whole immersion idea with what is best from a gameplay standpoint.
  6. Ah man trailers get me every time. Must....resist....the....hype! When I saw Master Chief laying there I freaked out.
  7. My favorite band of all time. My sig is cropped from a screenshot I took while on Sudd2's twitch. Pretty epic
  8. Hopefully they improve the resistance on the thumbsticks. First thing I complained about was how loose they were.
  9. I think with these changes to toggle stuff on/off in customs is huge. With some pros working there we could see a competitive playlist at launch with no sprint and certain abilities turned off. I am actually kind of excited for this.
  10. My question is...why didn't they just ask "Do you want sprint in Halo?" Yes or No......this would have been much easier.
  11. If they never had events, Nightfall, etc, but put out a solid game I would have so much more respect for their company. If the game was the first thing to introduce people to the Halo universe then that is priority number 1. Now anything they put out to hype up Halo just doesn't do anything for me because in the back of my mind the current state of the actual game is not great. I think HCS was a little forced imo.
  12. I was very pleased to hear they are adding the ability to toggle sprint on and off in the settings. If they do that with spartan abilities also, this game can ship with real potential. It is better than them doing this months after release....definitely one of the benefits of a beta. I remember how much fun I was having in Reach when they put in NBNS so I am open to this.
  13. I am just tired of seeing the same maps played in the tournament over and over. I think they need new maps fast! I forget which tournament it was but that forge map they did FFA on I could stand watching. Not that the design was bad but the skins on the pieces are just so bad : /
  14. This is what's been goin on in my brain ever since Halo 4
  15. The only thing that can save Halo now is a Breaking Benjamin song.
  16. In my opinion if there are many specific reasons why an ability should not be in the game and the only reasons for having it in are: - Immersion - It's 2015, it has to change well...just because Then it shouldn't be in the game. If the cons outweigh the pros then keep it out. Or just keep it in custom game options or social playlists
  17. The Boss Haug

    NFL Thread

    Well when you think about it the only teams that ARE relevant are the ones in the playoffs
  18. The Boss Haug

    NFL Thread

    Man that call hurts...I thought he tried to stretch the ball out to the endzone on the way down but I guess that's not how the refs saw it. Dez always tries to do that near the endzone. Sucks they didn't have another chance on offense. It's unfortunate but it was a hell of a game. Cowboys had an awesome season.
  19. Yea I don't blame anyone either. I do not like the direction Halo has been heading at all. Literally just narrowing my positive outlook down to the map in comparison to the ones we have had so far.
  20. haha na I definitely get what you are saying...but just trying to have somewhat of a positive mind going into this next week.
  21. I am looking forward to these maps way more than any of the other ones besides Truth. Looks like there are a lot of wide open spaces which is good to minimize the chasing chaos.
  22. The Boss Haug

    NFL Thread

    We win. Kinda hard to turn your head when your facemask is held isn't it.
  23. The Boss Haug

    NFL Thread

    I can bring up the call for roughing the kicker the Lions punter got from getting tapped in the leg and then no call for the Cowboys punter when he got hit the next drive. Those definitely changed the game as well. Point is, Lions were up, still time left in the game, and who even knows if they would have scored on that drive. If it was on a game winning TD or some shit then I would understand the craziness going on right now. Cowboys came up clutch and the Lions didn't, even when they still had chances. Let's be real here too, if this was in the Bengals game or something, people would be like eehh. It is the fact that the Cowboys, the team everyone loves to hate, won.
  24. The Boss Haug

    NFL Thread

    Weird calls all game. That one just happened at a critical time. People taking all these screenshots of missed calls but I can think of about 3 off the top of my head that didnt go Dallas's way as well. Dallas came up clutch and out-played them late in the game....people are just looking for a scapegoat.
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