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  1. Maybe in terms of just being at the top of the their scene then I think they are on their way?....but as far as just sheer dominance and the skill level being so high above the rest then I don't see it. We look at Halo 2 like "Well they only had 3 teams to worry about"...that is due to the skill level those teams had. We just compare the rest of the teams to the top 4 so it makes them seem worse than they actually were. I edited this post because I realized what he was getting at with competitive CoD being more popular and how that factors in. When the competitive scene is more exposed and popular you will have teams "rise from the ashes" and there will be a lot of new faces that may be just sick that step forward. Halo 2 MLG was a pretty tight community and not as popular as CoD's competitive community. That isn't a bad thing at all but because it didn't have the exposure CoD has, there may have been so much un-tapped potential out there that missed out on going to Halo tournaments because it wasn't exposed as much. I think that is what he was getting at. The more popular a game gets....the more people out there will be like "Yea that seems sick let's try this out" and they may end up being beasts. Also, I think that Halo has more of a higher skill-cap than CoD does. That also has to factor is because when you take a skill cap and push it down...the teams crunch together and aren't as spread out anymore. There still may be those consistent teams...but they aren't as far ahead of the competition as the top Halo teams were. I think the reason for the top teams in Halo being so elite compared to the rest was a combination of (mostly) the high skill-cap in the game and maybe the fact that it didn't receive the amount of exposure CoD does. I think maybe one day they can match the number of tournaments won perhaps? Time will tell with that....but as far as sheer dominance and skill level compared to the competition, I just don't see it. The Dynasty of Final Boss was more than just the number of wins...it was also in what fashion they got there, and how they won them. They may have their own Dynasty with CoD but I do not think it should ever be compared to FB's. Two different games....two different dynasties.
  2. Not surprised something like this happened. Seems to me like in this statement they are just making excuses and pointing fingers. Yea the power thing sucks (if it is true), but with proper, un-sketchy planning, things like this shouldn't happen.Also, the end of the statement: They cannot even issue a proper statement. Did they just copy and paste the body of it to an old statement with this ending?
  3. Pretty sad news. When I think of Bungie and Halo, I think of him. He definitely stood out in the Making of Halo 2 dvd that came with the game when I bought it. Watched that dvd so many times I lost count. Good Luck to him with what he does in the future.
  4. I like the interview but I am still not gonna get my hopes up. With what happened with the launch of 4, I am going to wait until the game launches.
  5. - I think one of the biggest issues with Halo 4 is that there is no Covenant multiplayer map - I think the overall look (lighting,spartans, etc) of Reach is 10x bettter than Halo 4 - Halo 4 has the best "Handling" in my opinion. As in it is the most responsive. - The BR color needs to be changed back to black and the scope back to round.
  6. Yea that's true. I think that was part of that initial hype it was getting. Initially people were just happy to see Halo again with some different elements. If they waited a few months and then decided what the game of the year was Halo 4 would not even be close imo. P.S. I still love Halo in general.
  7. "Game of The Year Edition" I'm sorry but sales number don't mean you made an awesome game. That is all hype.....maybe make a "Fastest Decline in Population Edition"
  8. Sure the family sharing is gone but I think the pros out-weight the cons with this change. If you don't want to have to put in the disk every time then you can just download the game instead. Also with the family-sharing capability...there was rumor that anyone in that plan can play the game...but most likely not online multiplayer at the same time. So it wasn't THAT big of an innovation if this was true imo.
  9. Should be a 4v4 tournament imo. Or at least have 4v4 be the main one and a side tournament for FFA
  10. Just thought I would start this to see what people want in the next Halo. Since there will be more hardware power, etc they should have more capability. I will start off with some of my "wishes". Copy and Paste The ability to take multiple pieces (lets say a base that you made), copy all of them and then make an exact copy as one giant piece to move to a location of your choice. Hollowed out terrain Lets say there is a forge map like Forge Island from Reach. Once you have a piece selected, like a tunnel type of piece from Impact, you can move it to the mountain and it will go into a "see through" view of the mountain. This will allow you to make some parts of your map actually go INTO the terrain or through it. Raise/lower terrain There will be a separate menu with different outlines of a shape. you can adjust the area of the shape and then either raise or lower the terrain for that selected shape's area. UNSC and also Covenant pieces. There should also be covenant pieces so that you can have some covenant inspired maps. Maybe a map that is the hangar bay of a covenant cruiser. This will bring back that Covenant feel that Halo is missing right now. Time of Day Pretty self explanatory. You can have night, mid-day, or sunrise/sunset. Flood-infected style. Once you are done with your map you should have the ability to make your map have an "infected" style. Few other things. -Precision forging/nudging brought back. -Lighting changed so that our Spartans do not look like glow in the dark power rangers in dark rooms. -More curved pieces -Ability to throw down classic power ups like camo and os like how it used to be. (walk over it to obtain it) -More pieces in general -Better skins -More natural pieces (bushes, rocks, maybe even the ability to add rivers or waterfalls.)
  11. This is awesome. That Formal sign is epic. It reminds me of the first MLG tournament I went to in Meadowlands (2008) when they had the HUGE banners of Walshy, Karma, etc. Just gives that vibe of "ok the elite are here to fuckin play". This venue looks awesome and AGL is definitely steppin it up. The guest couch they have for interviews is awesome too.
  12. So I always want to make competitive maps, but I can't use forge to its max potential. I find myself making sides of the map uneven or not matching up properly. So please if anyone knows of some tutorials or tips for people wanting to make competitive maps post them here.
  13. The Boss Haug here. I definitely appreciate some sweet, competitive Halo . Been playing since CE was released and It has been my favorite console game ever since. Got into competitive settings near mid-Halo 2 when my friend showed me the MLG gametypes. Looking forward to seeing this site grow. Originally from NJ but moved to MD not too long ago. -Pat
  14. I don't fully trust them, but I definitely trust them more than before. I think the low population and serious fan backlash was a big wake up call for them. I think it maybe let them know not to change the "core" of Halo. Look back at the first 3 Halo games and go from there. Why would you expand off of Reach which everyone knew was a step down. Expand and learn off of what was the most successful.

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