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  1. I think people are getting the ranking system mixed up with the matching system. The ranking system is fine it is the matching system that is matching people up terribly.
  2. After playing a good amount since the beta has been released here is my personal feedback. I will leave out glitches and bugs since it is a beta (that includes flinch). Sprint: This seems to be the hot topic. While I do like that they made strives to balance it...I still do not see it ever actually being balanced. It just doesn't work with Halo straight up. Maps that would normally be awesome without sprint are able to be crossed in less than 5 seconds, you can easily get out of situations and just make a made dash for your team so they won't chase you, etc. I find myself spending most of the matches just straight up chasing people. The funny thing is, while people against sprint are stating ACTUAL reasons as far as gameplay why it doesn't work....the people for it are all saying mostly the same thing. "It's 2015 it has to be in there because every game has it" or "Immersion...Im a Spartan". Those last 2 reasons don't result in good gameplay. Come to us with some legit reasons as to why sprint makes gameplay better than no-sprint and we will be happy. Escaping sticky situations used to be praised and took skill....now it just turn around...and run for your life....because you will most likely be able to get away with the lack of LOS/clamber/thrust. Thruster: I am half and half on this. It has its ups and downs. I think combined with sprint it is abused. Someone suggested that if they keep sprint in, put a cooldown on the time until you can sprint after you thrust. I think like 3 or 4 seconds would be cool. Thrusting does make for some clutch plays though like assassinations and multi kills. Overall I like it but it can use some balancing. It is starting to cause inconsistency in gun-fights. Ground Pound: I actually enjoy it. They already mentioned it will be changed so it doesn't affect crouch jumping which is good. The only issue I see is when no-radar gametypes come into play. I can see it being pretty random and chaotic but you can hear it pretty well. Clamber: While I do prefer the normal skill-jumping (no clamber) I think this can work. However combined with sprint/thruster it makes thing a little ridiculous. Maps can be crossed in no time and you just see people climbing/leaping shit like monkeys. ADS and smart-link/scope thing.: ADS on the weapons needs to be a bit quicker. The BR one is fine (Look-wise) but the DMR is just too clunky and takes up too much vision. DMR one also has some annoying glares sometimes. As far as the automatic weapons go I think it should be removed all-together. With how powerful the AR and SMG are I do not think there is a need for it. This is assuming that it enhances accuracy. Pistol one I think is good. Weapons: I have no issue with the following: BR,DMR (minus the ADS on the DMR), Pistol, Grenades, and Light Rifle. The ones that need fixing imo: AR and SMG (should be toned down a bit...maybe the range on them. I think that with how easy they are to use they should not be that powerful at that far of a range.) Sniper (Feels very clunky as in the quickscoping back to back doesnt work...the Y-Y zoom in, etc. It could also use a visual overhaul.) BR/AR starts would be good. Maps: The only one I have enjoyed so far is Truth. It can use some lighting changes though. Seems too dark at times to spot Blue team far away. Also take out the jump from bottom mid to top mid. The other maps have line of site issues imo . Empire and Regret have potential but should have some structural changes to make LOS better. If it was up to me I would not even include Eden in the final version of the game. I can't think of anything good to say about it. Random things I would like to see happen: -Competitive playlist with: No sprint, BR/Pistol starts, No Spartan talk, No radar, Thrusters (maybe),Clamber, and ground pound allowed. -Theater mode that can allow more than one person in. -Improved custom game options with the ability to turn specific spartan abilities on/off (including sprint) -The return of social playlists without competitive ranks -Be able to move while viewing the score/players Conclusion: So overall I do see potential in the game but I think there will need to be some big changes. the focus needs to be more on gameplay and less on "just cuz" or "immersion". That is what the campaign is for. They have made some good improvements since Halo 4 but still. They need to find the balance of immersion and gameplay that works. If the cons out-weigh the pros....just dont include it. #GiveSpartansAnti-GlareVisors
  3. Please god tweet that to them in like 30 seconds or I will have to hahaha
  4. You know what a huge difference between getting away from a fight with sprint and getting away from a fight in HC/2/3 is? Getting out of a sticky situation without sprint took skill and was actually praised. It was because everyone was moving just as fast as you WHILE being able to shoot. Now thrusting and then sprinting away is just like...
  5. This is the discussion topic...there is an actual feedback topic as well.
  6. Ah ok thanks. I actually noticed the same thing. It is honestly very rare in this game to actually get a straight up gun-battle. I feel like more of my time is spent chasing people down.
  7. So is that spamming of the ADS before every shot to auto-target actually a thing? I see some people doing it before every shot at medium-long range. Has anyone tested this?
  8. Eden is honestly one of the worst maps I have ever played on. It is just a chaotic mess.
  9. People on the Waypoint forums calling the BR a power weapon.....I......just..................can't. EDIT: ........even
  10. If they dont agree with forum votes being legit why dont they add an in-game voting system? Put a list of features and have a vote in-game.
  11. I'm just sitting here imagining no flinch, no vibration, no sprint, increased movement speed and its making me all warm inside.
  12. Had like 5 ground pound kills today....it felt good.
  13. I was never a fan of the new lighting. I understand it looks good for the whole "next gen graphics" thing...but for the sake of gameplay I would love to see it less drastic. I go back and watch Reach (and previous) and my eyes are in love.
  14. I dont really have an issue with the ranking system itself its just the matching system. If players were getting matched up properly it would be more enjoyable.
  15. I mean they are different but they seem to similar to be considered "different" maps. There are structural differences but the actual layouts are very similar.
  16. Si I'm guessing these new maps are the same as the previous ones just they are trying to see which play better? Edit: The Light Rifle is a beast zoomed in.
  17. Take out flinch, add an option to take off vibration, and this beta will be 10x more enjoyable.
  18. Anyone else having a hard time finding matches? I can find players but I keep getting kicked out with an error almost every time.
  19. I agree...that was the first thing I tried to change...the combo fo vibration, flinch, etc is too annoying.
  20. I see potential in this game if they strip it and tweak it...but my god.....there is a lot of work to be done. Let us all take a second...bow our heads...and thank whatever god you want to that they have a beta for this and didn't just release it.
  21. I have watched a few matches so far and I don't think I got excited once. This is from a spectator point of view. Obviously I will wait to get my hands on to judge, but right now I do not think I am excited at all.

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