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  1. That's impossible, how else are you supposed to be immersed without ADS on melee weapons?
  2. You should try Halo Online. That shit is so fun. Good enough for me to put aside the trainwreck that is MCC
  3. You're missing out, the beta was fun as hell
  4. Don't get me wrong, the H3 playlist looks fun... But man I really want H3A.
  5. Im fucking convinced that there's a 343 conspiracy to schedule the playlists I want only during the time blocks that the army has scheduled large training events for me.
  6. I don't think it's objectively bad sound design, but it's not my preferred sound design. They went for weapon sounds that are realistic whereas I'd prefer sounds that are artificially meaty. As for shields, they're ok. The beta was far too squeaky for my taste and it's better than the beta; call it nostalgia goggles if you want but i prefer the older sound effects. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  7. Overwatch doesn't have Sprint (except for 76) and it's one of the most popular games right now. How can people say that we need sprint to be successful? 343 plz, follow the trend that OW set, Sprint isn't needed as long as you build the maps correctly...
  9. Anyone have a chance to check out the new weapon tuning changes? Any thoughts?
  10. It's ok, they're releasing a Halo 3 anniversary playlist. Kappa
  11. I mean yeah it is, but not on the same level as putting $500 skins on the winner of a pro game.
  12. Valve got a lot of flack for encouraging/not stopping gambling. If MSFT built a system solely with the intent of boosting sales via gambling, I can see people being pissed off about it.
  13. I would argue that it caught fire because of skin gambling, not because of the cosmetics themselves. But MSFT isn't going to add a gambling service to their cosmetic system, they'd have to redo the whole thing. They'd have to create an economy with varying rarity AND quality of skins first, plus add skins that can be gotten only from purchaseable boxes. It would be a complete overhaul, and even then it might not work. Plus they'd get a lot of backlash for it
  14. The one here is a full month with weekends off. It doesn't get any better. Though the field shit is fun because you come back in that night so you can do whatever the fuck you want during the day. One guy who just got back was lowcrawling around for the hell of it just and giving random advice to the females who were lost in the sauce. The instructors thought it was hilarious. The misled... not so much.
  15. Fuck you TB, I was just saying that Hard Way is dealing with stupidity, not saying that he was an actual autismo
  16. That shit is fucking ********. "How to waste approx. 1mo of time, the Army way"
  17. And everything just sounded... off. You can hear the BR drop onto the ramp and listen to it tumble down it, and it sounds light, like its made plastic. Everythinf is just too high pitched, nothing has any meat to it.
  18. No, there's no keys in halo. We just finished this argument
  19. Was there ever a reason why Extraction didn't return? Or Ricochet? Or was it planned to be in one of the "Free" DLCs but they had to remove it to make space for amazing, awesome content like Torque?
  20. Interesting. Theoretically you would only need one perpendicular wall and a good strafe to accomplish it. I'd say you would have to limit it to 3 bounces though otherwise you would just be walking along doing your thing and get zapped out of nowhere. Especially with hitmarkers in the game it'd be very useful for figuring out where the enemies are. I can see it being useless in lower ranks and borderline op in the hands of pros
  21. If? If Halo 6 doesn't have sprint, I would be shocked. Something something immersion
  22. I know that this topic has been discussed at length already but I feel that this is a good point to bring up this video again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS9CQ0720QI
  23. So in a way, they really did drop the ball

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