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  1. Hey guys! My name is Craig I am 27 and live near the tampa bay area of Florida. I have been competing off and on locally in florida since halo 2. I currently have an org that I am working with to send me to Daytona to compete in the FFA event. However I am also looking to join a team for the 4v4 event. The org I am with is also interested in picking up a 4v4 team so I am also actively seeking other players to team with. If you are interested in running some games you can find me on Twitter @CTC_HCS as well as my main gamertag CnamnToastCraig.
  2. Gamertag - CnamnToastCraig Matchmaking - Ranked playlist NA East
  3. Gamertag - CnamnToastCraig Matchmaking - Ranked playlist NA East
  4. Gamertag - CnamnToastCraig Region - NA US East Ranked Matchmaking Currently high plat low diamond looking for people to team up with and run some matchmaking in the ranked playlist. Tired of playing by myself with randos. I played competitively when the game first launched and was in the onyx ranks and higher but stopped playing once 2016 hit. Now I am back and loving the game again. Not really looking to compete since I dont have the time to commit to it anymore but I do love running some games with skilled players who play to win but ultimately want to have fun. Shoot me an add and lets run some games!

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