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  1. So I went out last night and just caught up on everything from last night. Here are some of my thoughts...


    The production level is the highest we have seen in a long time. Simply incredible and I imagine it's even better being there. Thanks to everyone who is involved in all of that.


    Was super amazing to see Wonderboy cast a match. Loved him and Onset together again. Thanks to Bravo if he gave up his spot to allow that to happen. Wonderboy you were great as always.


    Was amazing to have Goldenboy up there for a bit he was hilarious as always. Definitely a global icon and national treasure. We are so lucky to have you in the Halo community.


    Really looking forward to today can not wait for the rest of the matches and for some H3.

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  2. There are so many guys that I'd love to see team together for the H3 2v2. I just really hope some of the old school H3 greats come out to play in it. Also would be cool if the casters/analysts can play in it. Would love to see Walshy, Elamite, Strongside, and Clutch. Really hope the guys who are currently playing H5 won't have scheduling conflicts to be able to do it. Seeing Orge 2, Snipedown, Ola, Ace, APG, Snakebite and whoever else I'm forgetting would be a blast from the past. 


    It is going to be really cool to see who comes out to play in it and what teams are formed. I'm just excited for DHATL again this year. Last year was an amazing time but it already seems like this year will be even better. 

  3. Damn this looks amazing. Sucks I couldn't make it out. Going to make some quick predictions for groups 


    A - Splyce (3-0), Str8 Rippin (2-1), Fable (1-2), Psychotic (0-3)

    B - Tox (3-0), Renegades (2-1), Mindfreak (1-2), Wise (0-3)

    C - Rec (3-0), Infused (2-1), OS (1-2), Myztro (0-3)

    D - NV (3-0), Elevate (2-1), Vexed (1-2), Immunity (0-3)


    Then I think Tox over Splyce for the 3peat and NV 3rd and Rec 4th. 


    Also so pumped for Richie to be coaching Str8!  

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  4. Infused beat splyce on rig SH after a reset in Orlando, i think there was a second example as well although i cant remember it now. The percentage has to be ludicrously high though.


    Infused on Rig SH... Yeah that makes sense they dominate that gametype. 


    OS up 2-0 on Oceanic... already not looking good for one of my predictions. 


    Also a laptop getting unplugged and dying that some terrible stuff. Definitely won't see that again I bet. 

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