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  1. Open Bracket games have started. The Rage Cage match is being showing on Ac7ionman's periscope if anyone is interested.
  2. Haha that's awesome man. I find it funny that Twitch is blocked at my work but Mixer isn't (granted I'm sure it would get blocked fast if I actually used it). Probably would be the same for MLG.tv. I always find it funny that Facebook is block but not Twitter. A little over 2 more hours can't go by fast enough...
  3. Man seeing that tweet from Adam really just makes me sad I couldn't be there. Looks so beautiful. I'll be leaving work at 1 and get home just in time for stream to start. Super pumped for this event!
  4. My predictions for Orlando 1) OG 2) Splyce 3) NV 4) Renegades 5/6) Rec/Infused 7/8 Vexed/Contra's Team I feel like 1-3 can place in any order in the top 3. Same for 4-6. But I just don't see any of them not making top 6. After that I feel like there are 6-8 teams fighting for the 7/8 spots.
  5. My predictions Group A - Splyce and Infused Group B - Optic and Renegades Group C - Envyus and Vexed Group D - Reciprocity and OB team. I'm just going out on a limb and picking an upset. This is the only group I think an open bracket team can make it out of. Also there will be 1 EU team to qualify out of open bracket into groups.
  6. Yeah on Sunday after the 2K last week infused picked Jimbo back up so that team is no more. Also Knighty I am also a fan of Breakout. Still play if from time to time when Im sick of solo queueing HCS.
  7. I agree its great to see his success love Ninja. But his viewership and subs have just increased ever since the Doc took his break. Will be interesting to see what happens if he ever comes back. I think Ninja would get like 2-3K viewers if he ever streamed Halo. But hes said in the past hes done with console games. As for Halo. I really wish oddball worked because H5 definitely needs something new. I think it works on the Rig but is still not that great.
  8. After watching the EU 2K (finals pending) its just gotten me pumped for the NA 2K starting soon. Also just read through about 90 pages to get caught up on this thread. I have a lot to say but I will just leave it at I am so happy to have MLG back with Halo. Also EU finals being casted right now! https://www.twitch.tv/wonderboy

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