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  1. Damn Fyra with the huge game 5 win on Regret 50-33. Congrats to them.
  2. Yeah I wouldnt even care if we could see screens. I just want to see the crowd and hype and reactions.
  3. Infused won game 4 3-2 holy shit! Game 5 here we come! LFG Infused!!! I just wish someone was periscoping this. I guess there is a shit ton of people around watching it.
  4. I figured just wasnt sure haha. Im hoping Infused can pull off the reverse sweep.
  5. Im looking and not finding one. Such a huge series sucks it couldn't have been streamed.
  6. It was that god damn coldstone. Maniac has never been the same since.
  7. I just can't believe that happened. Just great games from NV. Going to be interesting to see if Optic can bounce back from that.
  8. Damn those games were so good. Rec clutched it up after slow starts in both SH games but they move on. I think we could see these 2 meet again.
  9. Was really awesome to see the ANZ team Mindfreak get a win. Can't wait for NV vs Infused.
  10. He deleted the tweet... really want to know what it was about as well.
  11. So pumped for this OG vs RNG match. Should be the best one we've gotten on main stage.
  12. Damn that sucks to hear about the country skins. Was really looking forward to rocking the USA skin. Also yeah is there any chance we will see any of the open bracket matches? Or will it all just be pool play matches on the bravo stream?
  13. @@Clap Its only 90 minutes in so far. But thanks for everything that you guys do. Truly appreciate the feedback and transparency. Also we already got our first Goose on main stage! I kinda figured it would happen this series...
  14. Yeah I looked it up. I kinda remember that happening on tvs in the early 2000s. But thanks for the info guys! I might look into using it cause I have terrible eyesight.
  15. Man I understand giving the LATAM team some love... but there are so many other matches that would be better for main stage. And to add to the fact that Usual Suspects isn't even the true team. If RNG doesn't 3-0 them quickly I'd be surprised.
  16. I wonder if something happened cause my stream was setup to 480p as well but switched it to source. Its so amazing how fast issues are being corrected.
  17. Yeah I had shit going on this weekend but stuff happened and those plans got cancelled. I was supposed to be doing something when Worlds is but that might be changing so now Im just going to buy a ticket on the 22nd just in case I can go.
  18. Also I am with Teapot here. If anyone is willing to buy a XXL of each I'd love you forever.
  19. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynJOAgRyeEKR hopefully it will work... I just use the app on my phone normally.

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