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  1. Yeah I bet the single elim bracket will probably be first on stream and then the champ bracket will probably stop at top 4 teams and finish on Sunday. I'm not a fan of it but I haven't been doing events for 15+ years so I'm just going to trust the MLG team and enjoy the weekend.
  2. If its anything like Orlando they will play 2 matches today and then 1 tomorrow. Granted for Orlando they had to wait until Saturday for the open bracket teams to qualify for groups. But I agree I hope they finish group play tomorrow for the hype factor.
  3. I love how they are ending the stream with Splyce vs Renegades.
  4. Pretty interesting you all had the same top 8. Would have been cool to see who you all thought the 9th team was.
  5. Stream starts at 4... I think the 1st match will start at 4:30 so its possible. Would be an awesome first match to be on stream.
  6. Thats so awesome. I really hope they wear the hats. Also I have done almost no work today. And when 3pm hits I will absolutely not be doing work.
  7. Alright my predictions hopefully they go better than Orlando! Group A- Splyce 3-0, Renegades 2-1, Armada 1-2, Gosu Crew 0-3 Group B - Tox 3-0, Oceanic 2-1, Oxygen Supremacy 1-2, Mentality 0-3 Group C - Envyus 3-0, Elevate 2-1, Lux 1-2, Wise 0-3 Group D- Reciprocity 3-0, Str8 Rippin 2-1, Top Prospect Clan 1-2, Frya 0-3 From Champ Bracket - 1)Spylce, 2)Tox, 3)Envyus, 4)Reciprocity, 5/6) Oceanic/Renegades, 7/8)Elevate/Str8 Rippin In the single elimination bracket I'm going with Oxygen Supremacy to get the last spot for Worlds. Also I agree if you go to Columbus and don't go to Thurmans Burgers you are really missing out. Best burgers for sure!
  8. Same I wish I would have just bought a ticket when they went on sale but I was unsure if I would be able to go or not. I didn't think they're would be so few tickets and they would sell out in 2 days. I have a feeling Columbus is going to be so dope. Really excited for this weekend. Waiting for the pools to come out then I'll make my predictions.
  9. Damn thats crazy. I always thought they were going to get things worked out... Sucks for Lethxl, Frosty, Royal 2, and Snakebite that they were treated like this. Fuck Infinite
  10. Shit is just crazy to see OG out of Halo. But not surprised with the "New Optic" it sucks. Also that vision ending was just insane. it was so dope.... "Don't worry....we got this."
  11. I think the way Moses is doing it is he is just putting the worse seeded team from the 5-8, 9-12, and 13-16 seed groups in the #1 seeds pool and so on for the 2, 3, and 4 seeds.
  12. I don't mind the randomness of a drawing but I understand why the people who have worked hard to get their points/seeds would be upset. I would love for it to be live and then like someone else said have casters analyze the matchups/groups similar to like the World Cup or the NCAA Basketball tournament. Hell they could do it right after the ANZ finals this weekend! I feel like with only 32 teams that the stream won't go as long as planned (It felt like to me the EU streams were ending earlier than planned) and they would have 30-60 minutes at the end to do this. Speaking of Im pretty excited to watch the ANZ qualifier starting tonight. I don't think I will be able to stay up late tonight to watch but Im going to try to watch it all on Friday and Saturday night. Was very impressed by Mindfreak at Orlando and they've dominated the 2Ks so I expect them to win but it will be interesting to see what team gets 2nd and qualifies for Worlds.
  13. Yeah this sucks to be happening so often. Hopefully it gets fixed before Columbus. Feel really bad for everyone at Gfinity. They've put on an awesome show minus all the restarts.
  14. Yeah I love them as well. I always look forward to them for EU events. And I agree would be super great to do it with pros.
  15. I am pumped for HCS London to get started in about 30 minutes. Really looking forward to not getting that much done at work today. My top 4 predictions for who gets spots to Worlds 1) Infused 2) Vexed 3) Fable 4) Myztro I just don't see another team getting top 4 besides these teams. But what do I know my Orlando predictions were shit.
  16. Damnit can't believe Im going to miss out on my own balloon... maybe next year I'll spring for the VIP.
  17. Bought my ticket. Still don't know if I'm going to go or not but just wanted to make sure I had one just in case. You guys will have to let us know if the VIP was worth it or not. I think even if I was 100% committed to going the perks just didn't seem worth the extra $110.
  18. Damnit was he streaming and I missed it? Richie is awesome. I've hoped every time a new tournament has came up since DHATL that he would be on a team. I would love it if he made a comeback.
  19. That would be a terrible move IMO. I don't think Rayne is that great with no AR/New Radar. I just don't see him getting picked up by one of these top 4/6 teams. But I agree if Rec was going to drop someone it would probably be Spartan just because he always seems to be the one who get dropped. As for OG... I do think other teams have caught up to them. I just don't know what change to make on that team maybe Royal 2. I will be interested to see what happens in Columbus in a month. I think maybe they just took too much time off after Denver and just weren't really back into the full swing of things. They made a few too many misplays that we normally don't see out of them this tournament. Also for everyone that cares... Ninja was up to 99K viewers at one point but it quickly dropped back down to about 90K. Andddd now he is up to 106K.
  20. Optic just made too many mistakes it seemed like to me in that last game. GGs to everyone and congrats to Splyce. Thanks to everyone at MLG, the casters, dedicated observers, and most importantly the players for just an amazing weekend of Halo.
  21. Infinity for sure. But I'd love to have Wonderboy casting as well. I think he is a great caster. But I am happy to see he finally gets to be a dedicated observer. Hes been wanting to do it for as long as I can remember. GGs to NV though. I think give this team time and they will be even better. So hyped for the grand finals really want a bracket reset.

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