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  1. My best rank in ffa is champ 32 i have the screenshot to prove it I know callouts and strats I am capable of traveling if we get that far im ET my layout is bumper jumper and I claw again I can play 40 hours a week probably closer to 50 I AM on everyday
  2. I can play 40 hours a week I want to compete message @skan_dog or SkanDog TTV
  3. I really want to compete it is my passion Must be 18 years or older Callout and know strats I would prefer you to be able to be on everyday but stuff comes up including with me so we will work it out. I am ET but you dont have to be MOST IMPORTANT Willing to do scrims and online tournaments, depending on how we do as a team you must be willing to travel to LANs that is the ultimate goal GT: SkanDog TTV As of writing this im gonna eat dinner then be on after until 2 in the morning so hmu
  4. Willing to commit 40 hours a week SkanDog TTV
  5. Been solo queuing i can commit 40 hrs a week to grinding/scrims etc GT SkanDog TTV
  6. Oh I have a Adtro A40 TR headset and a BenQ Zowie monitor
  7. I also believe we have similar goals im 25 and *Willing to commit 40 hours a week* no joke I am ET I have been onyx 1800 in Arena been solo queuing HCS checkout my YT SkanDog Vids Tweet me @skan_dog I know callouts and strats and very good at powerup timers GT: SkanDog TTV
  8. I want to compete with a squad that knows what they are doing (Atlanta, Online Qualifiers) I know callouts and strats *Willing to commit 40 hours a week* Im ET and 25 years old traveling is not a. problem Checkout my YT channel SkanDog Vids Twitter: @skan_dog
  9. Been soloing HCS I know callouts jumps and strats and spawns @skan_dog YT with montages SkanDog Vids MY GAMERTAG SkanDog TTV I can commit 40 hours a week to gaming
  10. Requirements Must be 18 or older Know Callouts Know gametype strats Most important hold your own Also realize we will lose some games no quiters Most important must be willing to go to a LAN @skan_dog SkanDog Vids on youtube
  11. SkanDoGG


    Just trying to climb the ranks
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