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  1. Is there any vegas teams looking to make this place their home? http://www.downtowngrand.com/esports/ The hcs champ 2016 tourney was held here, this place isn't just your run of the mil lan center charging per hour. It's 18+ only open weekends when they have tourneys, but there is plenty of room to set up 8's on the reg and I'm sure the boss man would love to have us, not to mention lan scrims
  2. I'm going to Atlanta to compete in the HCS FFA daytona. I'm seeing if anyone needs an alt for arena since I'll be out there and looking for a permenate team as well for the 2017 season. I'm dedicated and am traveling to Atlanta from CA to prove it. I've just recently switched over to halo, so my waypoint is weak, just try me out. Wont rage, no scared to lose, Hmu @The_pkmr
  3. Interested get a hold of me on Twitter @The_PKMr I'm older and have money for events.
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