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  1. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................................................................Plasma Grendaes were made by the covenant.....Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon, Tank that shoots PLASMA UNSC- Weapons fire bullets
  2. This....Believe they're missing some SC2 events as well
  3. I honestly think it is a viable option....We need to be more open minded about this than things in the past..It all depends on how we will be able to adjust the settings, along with how the community reacts to it...Looks alot of fun from the streams.
  4. Sure! I'll get to it later tonight/tomorrow...I start work in an hour
  5. Im from just outside of Pittsburgh
  6. id prefer full GP ill do clips though as long as its not a bunch just for time sake
  7. Hey there! In an attempt to get the Halo community back, i'm more than willing to capture any video's that anyone has need of!! Either post here, message me online, add me on skype or hit me up on twitter!! XBL: OhMyApollo Twitter: www.twitter.com/OhMyApollo Skype: InsiderApollo Quality:
  8. Hey there, well i was a mod over at THC, and now there arnt many Halo forums so i'll be around here...I know there are members of the staff here that dislike me for other reasons, but i really can care less and am willing to hang around regardless of them. I've done alot of written content, and have started doing video content. If you've been around the Halo community long enough, you'll remember me from the Insider sites. soooo.......sup
  9. Do you realize how many time's he's said that? He's had Halo on the circuit for YEARS...Now it's a dieing game and the numbers arn't there...Do you know how much hate he gets for something out of his control? They're a business, gotta make money. He's been nice for to long and this community doesn't get it(Halo) I don't even....Without him we wouldn't be here...How does he "Hate" Halo? He loves Halo, Halo got us where we are today, but we're out of date so got replaced....Nothing we can do but show that we can bring it back...Sell out every AGL, UMG and online...then maybe we'll be back...This community is toxic though
  10. Did anyone really expect it to be? I'm confused...... btw: Stop yelling/bashing/bugging SunnyD...Seriously
  11. That logic makes sense to you?
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