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  1. I watched the first series thinking, "Yeah, this is pretty good." Then went back and watched the grand finals. So, so dope! Thanks for all you do man!
  2. You have a timestamp for that particular match, Onset? Didn't get a chance to watch any of it yesterday.
  3. Ronin & Splyce are scrimming - https://www.twitch.tv/shotzzy
  4. EG is looking nice so far in this scrim. 2-0 up on Liquid. https://www.twitch.tv/lunchbox if
  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to how these LCQ's work? 4 teams from Thurs, 4 from Friday, and then all 8 play tomorrow???
  6. Excited to see if Naded can get going early. It'd be sweet to see EG take a game or two off of OG (as unlikely as it is).
  7. I'd assume they're doing this as a big intro tourney - if teams start signing up, they'll definitely run $250-$500 tourneys like they do for MWR / IW
  8. There's a great UMG 2.5k Tourney happening now just as an FYI for everyone. Snipedown / RyanNoob / Spartan all streaming. Frosty also streaming w/ a team consisting of himself, Eco, Trippey, and Saiyan.
  9. NV losing to Splyce in pool play was probably the biggest so far! (Unless I missed one too :P)
  10. You know, I actually haven't noticed either way. It seems fine to me right now (may have changed, I just got back on)
  11. Long time lurker here. SO SO SO impressed with the production quality of this right now. Far and away the best thing I've seen in terms of Halo streaming.
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