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  1. Yeah yeah np. Rates vary by type of parking, location, and day/time. You’re generally looking at $7-$40ish for all day on weekends. Also the International District/Chinatown and Pioneer Square are neighborhoods within walking distance of the event center. Both have a lot of great food options. And of course food trucks, https://www.seattlefoodtruck.com/
  2. So the event center has a massive parking garage (located btwn Safeco Field and Century Link), there is also a parking lot adjacent to Century Link stadium. If you're going to be visiting downtown then this should help: https://downtownseattle.org/parking/#!/ And there is an app called "BestParking" that I like to use https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bestparking-get-parking-deals/id383076098?mt=8
  3. MRW catching up on all the prize money chatter then MRW when I remember Dreamhack is only a few days away and I need to get hype MRW when I read about the player caps
  4. Going off topic here but I had a vision of the future, since Esports will probably come to closely resemble traditional sports (due to the technology of course), then Lethul's and Snipedown's (great?) grandkids will be running money 8s with VR and body simulation gear on the daycare playground. It turns out H7 actually saves the franchise, Frosty has his own org and is a commentator on games, TB's grandkids will be shit talking casting choices, debating whether Royal 2's grandkid's team could beat Optic and MCC will still be broke. But there will be memes, so many memes, memes everywhere. Anyway here's a photo I've obtained from the future.
  5. Contra with the next level comms https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryAbstemiousOysterKlappa
  6. The amount of shit talk in AM games makes me excited for the future of Halo.
  7. I got you fam, kinda "Used to describe arenas in competitive multiplayer games in which the gameplay is heavily dependent on terrain design (such as real-time strategy games and multiplayer first-person shooters). This term is also often carried over into single-player games, also to describe levels with a high degree or scope in terrain design, or simply as the sum of all the game's areas." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Level_(video_gaming)
  8. Didn't make it past first round so Top 144(?) MLG Orlando 2006, my first event. I was a last minute pickup, we were shit. I also shook Ogre 1's hand while Puckett awkwardly looked on, later Carbon would go on to upset Final Boss for the 1st time to my shock and horror. And Saiyan was dropped soon thereafter. 4/10, it was an ok weekend.
  9. So we're comparing Ola's integrity to an interpretation of Ola's movements? Since intent is known by only Ola (no strong motive to lie), then we can chalk it up to Ola's intuition on Frosty's squirrel like methods and chance, assuming he says 'not guilty'. Allegiance is also probably to blame too, cause it's their round of TB fuck yous.
  10. I hope this becomes a trend, and they go longer like 10 days - and have a Hygiene Security team for the stinkers
  12. You know what would be fun? An MLG/Halo "Reunion Tour" where they travel the country for a year hitting all the old stops hosting H1-H3 mini tourneys. A logistical nightmare but holy shit it would be amazing
  13. Not product testing like actual product testing, I was just using the concept to illustrate they're just wanting to measure current interest - it wouldn't be a good idea to assume the market is there - better to make sure ye of little faith
  14. This H3 stuff is a sort of product testing, if there is enough interest in playlist, hype, players coming back etc. then H3A starts to make more sense Also - H4 to H2A to H5, so H5 to H3A to H6 - kinda like how Apple creates an 'S' version to keep the same model phone for at least 2 years, helping with operating/design/ etc. costs and leading to mo money. Just a theory
  15. This beyond the sticks event has shown me how great T2 and Towey are at conversational commentary together, this on top of their game knowledge and experience
  16. I wanted to know what you look like with locks, really brings out your eyes I think
  17. I feel the same way about 2gre. I still can't backpack reload and BXR to save my life and a decade has passed. I try not to think about it.
  18. I agree, tea bagging is a perfectly legitimate move in foreplay
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