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  1. Yeah there’s not much traction over there, though a couple posts here and there over the course of the sub’s lifespan have suggested a bias.
  2. I’m a mod for /r/CompetitiveHalo and I need to ask, did all the people from here that like H5’s gameplay migrate over there? I’m all for opinions, but I think a lot of people over there think H5 has the best MP in the franchise. I haven’t seen one post or comment praise classic Halo. Here, I think it’s safe to say most prefer classic. Did you all drive them away? Lol
  3. I’m shocked Outpost didn’t make it in. I really thought that would be a guaranteed pick. On the other hand, I do understand the need for Oddball maps, but I’m not sure how I feel about Echelon.
  4. This is about one of my first times using this forum so I’m still learning how everything works. Congrats btw Mower.
  5. Has 343 ever given an explanation as to why grenade hitmarkers are even a thing? The game doesn’t benefit from them whatsoever.
  6. Been TB member here. Just wanted to stop by to say what’s up.
  7. This is my first time posting here monkaS Sup everyone OpieOP How do I change my profile pic on mobile? Nevermind
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