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  1. Meanwhile, in CE people use timers to tell them exactly when powerups and weapons are spawning. And in high level competitive halo outside of CE, coaches track weapon spawns and powerup spawns. The icon when a weapon is picked up is dumb, but I don't think the rest really makes much of a difference, except in low-level matchmaking. Is that what everyone is arguing about?
  2. Are you arguing that the magnum needs less aim assist (as in, reticle slowing down when red, or what you're defining as "friction")? I totally agree it needs less magnetism, but I feel like the aim assist doesn't need to be lowered -- it needs to be improved. Every so often I get games where my reticle tracks people a little too much, but there are more cases where I feel like the aim assist either gets in the way (like when two enemies overlap) or actively inhibits me by a) slowing down too much compared to my sensitivity, or b) getting stuck behind/in front of/above enemies. There are also a lot of circumstances where I feel like I don't get any aa at all when I should. It's a very uneven experience. When I play CE I don't get that feeling. The aa actually feels stickier in CE than H5 for me, and it is consistent. This is all regarding the magnum specifically, and not the rifles.
  3. Well, depending on who you ask it's a problem in H5. I can't tell, personally -- I might just be bad, but I feel like I'm not that bad since I don't have issues aiming in other games (but they also likely have more aim assist). Still, in order for the lack of aim assist to work, they cranked up the bullet magnetism, which has its own host of negatives. Sometimes you just have to look in the general direction of an enemy and pull the trigger and you get kills, which is just as silly as heavy aim assist.
  4. I used to use the Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI because I was playing on a DELL with only a DVI input. Worked fine for years with no issues. You just won't get sound.
  5. Proving grounds is testing my sanity. I've gone from Diamond 6 to Diamond 1 then back up multiple times. It doesn't help that I keep having encounters like this https://streamable.com/q5ubf. I either should have totally missed the last shot or it should have been a headshot, but I guess I hit the guy's back or something. This happens all the time and it completely tilts me. I've also started getting kills after I'm already dead and shooting people through walls. The magnetism and aim assist are so odd. I would love it if they added a connection indicator like the earlier games, because I can't tell if my connection is bad or if the game is just going bonkers.
  6. I think it's pretty clear that you can't do a 1:1 hardware comparison in this case. Did you read any of the articles or are you just basing this on numbers? There are supposedly a number of enhancements/innovations in the Scorpio that will (theoretically) allow it to perform better than the specs themselves indicate. But we'll know for certain in a few months. At this point I'm cautiously optimistic.
  7. Regardless of whether or not this particular test is accurate, it should give 343 some ideas on what it is we're talking about when we complain about "heavy aim." Part of the problem seems to be that 343 never has any idea what we're talking about, evidenced by (I think) Tashi in the OpTiC video saying he couldn't tell what Royal 2 meant because he (Tashi) doesn't use a scuf. Well, if this doesn't prove whether or not heavy aim exists, it at least provides a representation that 343 can use in their own testing, assuming they decide to do so. They would likely be able to come up with more controlled experiments to test this on their end. In any event, there are so many people complaining about the aim that there's no denying the issue exists, and hopefully this will spur further investigation.
  8. It really is wild that it's still a problem and still so inconsistent. And since it seems to be tied to connection quality (server side aim assist/magnetism calculations that feel odd due to latency?), it's getting worse as the population dwindles. Not sure if that's something they can even change at this point, but it'd be great if they could at least identify the issue.
  9. Yeah, you misinterpreted my post. I did not mean "real" as in real life, I meant it as in sound is a consistent/established mechanic that already exists as part of the game. The actions you take make noise, and make them consistently regardless of where they are performed. Hit markers are different. The action of throwing a grenade behaves differently depending on where they are thrown, based on whether or not someone is near them. The feedback is artificial in the sense that it provides information you can't get otherwise. Sound is information you can get no matter the situation. I suggested a sound when grenades hit opponents to bridge the gap between the two camps, not for immersion.
  10. Another crisis averted by Frankie! When do we get to hear Bonnie's apology and promise?
  11. So your argument is that hit markers have a metagame and promote a camp-free gameplay and that throwing grenades takes skill? Well yeah, everything has a metagame. What about the metagame when there are no hit markers? In your scenario a player can choose to thrust out of the way of a grenade to not have any hit markers. Well, when there are no hit markers, the player would have to make a decision between thrusting away and possibly giving away his position or eating damage. Players would also have to choose how to move around a map, rather than choosing where to throw their grenades to check for "safe spots." I don't think it fixes camping, either -- all it does now is tell people who have been hit that they have to run or expect a push. When there are no hit markers, that player would have to make a decision to run or not based on whether he/she feels endangered. I would say that the metagame of no hit markers requires more game knowledge than the hit markers metagame, and that's a good thing.
  12. I don't see how sound and hitmarkers can be equated. A gunshot makes sound. A person running makes sound. Could they be toned down a bit? Sure, but it's "real" information that can and should be used. A player running makes noise regardless of where it occurs or what surrounds him. Grenade hitmarkers are artificial. A grenade explodes with no players in the vicinity and it sounds like an explosion, but somehow if a player is near it it makes an additional noise and throws hitmarkers across the screen. It's not "real" information (and please realize I use the term loosely). What would be more interesting is if the grenades hitting someone made...Well, a sound. Not the ping we get now, but something related to the Spartan's shields. Something that could be heard up close, but not across the map.
  13. The Proving Grounds playlist is the most uneven multiplayer experience I've ever had the pleasure of enduring. I guess I'm glad that enough people are playing that I regularly get 2-3 teammates working on their placement matches, but... it's not fun. I'm either dominating plats/golds and have teammates barely getting kills, or I'm getting stomped by parties/champs and I'm barely getting kills. On the bright side, when I do get even games they're much more fun to play, and if the new radar gets into arena/HCS it'll be a big improvement.
  14. As far as I'm concerned, Halo 6 can have sprint, radar, ground pound, thrust, slide, 100 storm rifle variants, fuel rods on every map, running on ceilings, etc., so long as they fix whatever makes the aiming so bad. I've played many a console FPS in my life and never have I felt as much frustration just trying to shoot at people. I've been lurking enough that I know this is not a new sentiment or a new complaint, but I can't even enjoy the game any longer, and I really want to. But every time my reticle zooms off into outer space for no apparent reason, or is actively pushed away from my enemy, or tracks people through walls that I'm not even aiming at, or gets stuck between two players when they happen to walk in front of one another, or my aim assist just seems to disappear against certain players, or I go from having easy/steady aim in one game to having to pour every fiber of my being into aiming the next game, my love for Halo dies a little bit more. Let me aim, 343. Give me back the bloodshots or the marshmallow bullets if you have to -- I dealt with that for 10+ years, and I can deal with it again. Just don't make me fight against the controls. Ah, who am I kidding. If they fixed it I'd just get 5'd more. But at least then I'd know I just suck, as opposed to sucking AND having to deal with all the crazy shit that my reticle does.
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