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  1. No, we have teamed at HCS events in the past though! Been playing together online for like the past 2 years as well. Met up IRL for drinks a couple of times which is a feat considering how far we live away from each other! haha
  2. I think my community doesn't care about Halo 3 as much. Could be wrong though! I go to the Saint Louis Galleria.
  3. Saint Louis only had 3 teams show up on Sunday. In the past, Halo 5 dubs tourneys have had around 10 teams.
  4. I got Halo 5'd hard last night lol. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/xxbiggestbenxx/video/60628367
  5. Why does Ninja still look like a 16 year old lol. Got the cute little stubble and everything.
  6. So I got the Xbox One X yesterday. And either I was just really feeling myself last night or it has turned me into a Halo god. Also: I can't believe how much easier it is to see someone who has camo now.
  7. Showed up to my local Microsoft Store in Saint Louis with my doubles partner, picked up 2 randos and ended up taking 2nd place! Won a slick $10 Microsoft gift card as well. Tournament was ran very well. We had a total of 6 teams and we had a Champ bracket and Elimination bracket. All official HCS settings. Had a blast! I am the giant in the middle. Edit: I am the worst embedder of all time. Halp pls. Edit 2: tyty
  8. Happy to hear there are a couple of us out there. Feel free to add me as well!!
  9. I assume you were talking to me and not yourself. But Yes, I am located in NA.
  10. My GT is XxBiggestBenxX if you wanna add me and run some games! I am on several evenings a week.
  11. I know I am in the minority but I actually enjoy playing H5.
  12. Had an awesome time at my local Microsoft Store's 2v2 tourney yesterday! Ended up taking 2nd place! Everything was run smoothly, double elim and everything! Got photobombed pretty hard too. PS: I am the giant on the right.
  13. .....The play he hit Rob the Turtle with in Yard on Plaza was absolutely disgusting/hilarious
  14. Here is to hoping this doesn't suck. I very much enjoyed the first one.
  15. Best of luck man! I am in the Saint Louis area, 1500 sq feet, 2 bed, 1.5 bath. Rent is 1125. utilities are low, generally around 50 bucks a month.
  16. Agreed. I have a special place in my heart for Borderlands 2

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