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  1. Onslaught, because that to me is the epitome of Halo 3.
  2. Str8-Edge LAN? As in everyone's straight edge? lol.
  3. 1. 2GRE 2. Walshy (While not the flashiest player, he's a great strategist. He knows the game, and exploits his strengths even if it means getting slayed.) 3. Ola 4. Snip3down 5. Roy (let's face it, he's got the steadiest shot in history.) 6. Ace (Individually, he's an animal. We saw this during the H4GC. He hasn't had as much success in the 4v4 arena.) 7. StrongSide 8. Neighbor 9. Gandhi 10. Tsquared
  4. I think we're going to see upset city from Cloud 9, but ultimately, EG to take first.
  5. Anyone watch Daredevil on Netflix yet? It's amazing.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the proper platform to get this out there, but I figured this is the best way to get word out to the community. If you're from the Tri-State area, ETG is holding a HCS/Gears 3 throwback tournament in New York on the 25th. I'm not going due to financial reasons, but I think it's important to support the local LAN scene. Check it out so they continue to host LANs in the area! Give them a follow at @EliteTGaming on twitter, or check out their website at www.elitetgaming.com (I think I got their social media and website correct. If not, google it. You'll find it.)
  7. I still try to play competitively. Still use my Astros and Gunnars. I don't play nearly as much anymore, and haven't played a single competitive custom since getting MCC. Haven't learned weapon times, and usually run matchmaking by myself. I enjoy MCC, I just don't have anyone to play with anymore. Everyone else has moved on to bigger and better things.
  8. Halo 3 is my favorite Halo. I loved the three competitive Foundry maps, and even some test maps. Didn't mind leading my shots. Preferred Halo:CE to Halo 2. Hated Reach's campaign because it contradicts Eric Nylund's Fall of Reach. Didn't care about ODST. Halo 4 is equally as terrible as Reach. I enjoy Halo 2: Anniversary. It just lacks diversity in the maps. I'm not a fan of Pit or Guardian for Team Slayer. Pit King and Guardian Ball rocked, though. Simplex was actually a good map in Halo 4.
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