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  1. The Snip3down Halo Montage is finally out! Hope you all enjoy!! Snip3down: http://www.Twitter.com/EDWSnip3down Snipetality: http://www.Twitter.com/Snipetality http://www.YouTube.com/iSnip3tality Hastings: http://www.Twitter.com/HastingsEditing http://www.YouTube.com/RileyHastings41
  2. Thanks for posting Saucey <3 And glad everyone is enjoying it!
  3. Here is a Destiny Beta montage I edited for Suddoth 2. He was ranked #3 on http://Destinytracker.com for the Xbox Leaderboards and ranked #5 overall. I sort of picked this up last minute because I was supposed to do one for someone else but I am definitely pleased with the outcome of this. Hope you all enjoy. Snipetality: http://www.Twitter.com/Snipetality http://www.YouTube.com/iSnip3tality Suddoth 2: http://twitter.com/suddoth2 http://twitter.com/RealityCheckMLG http://facebook.com/mlgrealitycheck http://facebook.com/suddothtwins
  4. What's up everyone? Here is a Halo: Reach montage I put together for Russo. The video features gameplay from both the competitive scene as well as social gameplay; which was cool to edit to considering it's from a pro player. I had been working on it off and on during the production of Ace's montage so I was able to get this out relatively fast after putting up Ace's and Elumineer's montages. Hope you all enjoy it, and kudos if you can figure out which film the scores are from! - Snipetality
  5. I hate Blackout. Wish they had kept it just like H2's Lockout. People would have played it a lot more and possibly even in MLG playlists/customs. Last Resort and Heretic were fine in my opinion though.
  6. Thank you for the kind words. The fact that people are comparing this to the legendary Str8 montage is just insane to me. Thank you.
  7. I hope you all enjoy. Ace, Hastings, and I put in a lot of effort in order to make this video as enjoyable as possible.
  8. Now I know where those commentary sound effects came from in Best Man's montage.
  9. That's sick. I'm curious as to how you found that the first time...
  10. God there are so many. 1) Seeing the face of Chris Carney on the Halo ring in Halo 2 (on the map containment). 2) Getting out of the one H2 map in campaign and finding that hidden sword stuck in the ground. 3) The monkey group on the first H3 mission. 4) The half-naked guy in Halo 3 (I actually have never seen him in H2 but I know he's there). 5) Skulls Many, many more...
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