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  1. If you take Halo serious and competing, I am on PBL's Portland Tempest and we are looking for a 4th. This is a great opportunity to be on a serious team and to learn and grow not only on a individual level, but also on a macro team level. MUST live in Oregon/Idaho. For questions and inquiries message me on XBL: GT: RespecTheShot
  2. Right here man! GT:RespecTheShot
  3. Hey Guys! New to Team Beyond. Love the game and trying to play competitively with people! 2v2. 4v4. Team Arena. Proving Grounds. Customs. Tourney's, etc... ect. Would love to know if any events are going on in or near Oregon too. I live in Salem. Me and my buddy get together at each others house every Wednesday night and play! Other than that i'm on pretty regularly. GT: RespecTheShot
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