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  1. Dude LOLOL-Land is where all the booze are at!
  2. yeah idk why these kids get so fucking salty over a comment on the internet. it's so fun messing with them though :maven:
  3. Hey guys i think i have a secret admirer, he has a crush on me :wub: Update on my list of Lovers :wub:
  4. http://youtu.be/3g1mLU4LWp4
  5. Can i get banned for Spamming everyone with plus rep? Can i just be the Rep Prostitute. Write a comment and i'll give you Plus Rep no matter what
  6. I'll give you plus rep all day baby cus i know how much rep means to you forum kids. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=forum%20kid
  7. No but i have the joy of a 12 year old inside me. You see i enjoy life rather than being a sour old man
  8. BUT You guys are HAHA You kids get SO FUCKING SALTY HAHAHA!!!!!!!! You guys take this forum shit so serious someone ban me already HAHA HOLY SHIT
  9. BRO I'M DONE! HAHA I can't believe you saved something i wrote on this forum a month ago in order to try to insult me with it LOLOLOLOLOL I can't even describe in words how pathetic that is…. I'm done HAHA I'm packing up the suitcase and walking away HAHA This forum is the biggest waste of time now if kids like you are on here LOL btw i still stand by that statement, read it again. and look at what your trying to do rite now… LOL PEACE OUT! :maven:

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