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  1. This is almost certainly a "prize money %" kinda thing for OG as an org. Obviously Halo doesn't bring in a ton of revenue/exposure for OG, I'm guessing the new heads of Optic wanted a cut of that prize money. Can't blame the boys for not signing off on that idea. Eager to see which org comes in and makes them a substantial offer, or if they fly org-less through Worlds.
  2. I said this on Friday and I will say it again: God bless Simms for taking the bullets for this flaming pile of garbage. They truly do not deserve a man of his caliber nor dedication to be under their employ.
  3. This is remarkably inept, even for 343/ESL. God bless Simms for taking the bullets for this joke of a TO. Someone give that man a beer and a better employer after this event.
  4. I am laughing so I don't cry. EDIT: Seriously why can't we have nice things? What did we do to deserve this?
  5. I think we can put the "Is OG a dynasty?" debate to rest. Yep. 100% dynasty. Only lost one LAN since X-Games 14 months ago. And it doesn't seem likely it will derail until someone gets bored of the game or there's an internal spat. GGs to OG.
  6. Here's to hoping for a bracket reset. Just want to see it all on the line in a bo7, but I think Optic takes this 4-2 in the first series.
  7. It's almost impossible for me to convince myself Optic can lose a best of 7. Especially if they don't have to play the only team that might be able to get into their heads a little bit (Envy). Hoping for a really strong finish to this. Would love to see the bracket reset in Grand Finals just for some drama.
  8. Liquid swept their pool (6-0) and OG lost a game to Supremacy and went 6-1 in their pool. Bracket seeding apparently goes to how you finished in your pool, giving TL red side. Edit: Beaten to the punch.
  9. The optics of this are abhorrent. The pro scene is so competitive and has so many interesting story lines and this is just painful to look at. Someone please call Xzibit to pimp our tournament. Long time lurker, first post. Please be gentle.
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