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  1. I feel like EG's gonna look good but blow it, no hate or anything
  2. Most of you guys in this forum really are better than all of my acquaintances at high school, funny, attentive and acknowledging. Too bad I don't have any friends in my life who act that way except for one, I feel good being here.
  3. 1-0 OpTic right? Can't watch rn, at high school in computer science lol
  4. Does anybody else in this forum go to High School like me and have to put up with arseholes who keep saying, "Halo is gay, CoD is way better!"? Honestly, i'm getting to that point where I feel putting their heads through a fucking monitor. WHY YOU DO THIS 343? Those cunts even said Halo Reach was the best game and then switched to CoD lol
  5. Don't critique my opinion HWC predictions: 1. nV 2. OpTic 3. Liquid 4. Str8 5. Splyce 6. LG 7. CP 8. Fabe 9. Supremacy 10. SoaR 11. LC 12. iM EG top 1 in my heart and imagination
  6. Btw, does anybody know what happened to that Raleigh studio last year for HWC?
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