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  1. I believe he got dropped because I remember him scrimming with Fung Four once or twice before getting on Trifecta
  2. So early pool predictions? I believe the projected teams to come out of open are:Gosu (Cratos Commonly Suspector Danoxide), Fung Four (Druk Juziro Soulsnipe Gilkey), Lux,and possibly BabyJ's team. Idk if any other EU teams are showing up to open.
  3. Lux should still be in pools for NOLA over Ryanoobs team considering the cutoff for that was last week.
  4. Sheesh, I didn't know they were being announced tomorrow. Barring that Twitter gibberish, your team is looking solid.
  5. I can't understand how Spartan is still getting pressed about getting his body shot...in HALO...in 2018.
  6. Yeah quite surprising. I guess they just picked up whoever they could in time for the 2k but wow is that a downgrade.
  7. Spartan joined the same people that dropped him from Ronin? Also curious as if he left or got dropped from the Bubu/Demon/Artic team and who the replacement will be.
  8. I personally prefer Regret TS over Rig TS. And on the topic of game modes, did people really like Echelon Ball??
  9. Really hope Demon D gets on a good pro team this season. Considering a few pros recently stopped playing we'll probably see more bubble players land on Pro teams.
  10. Still crazy to me Spartan got left out again. I'd imagine his new team will have aPG but after that no idea.
  11. 100% Commonly and Demon were playing great halo and even Gilkey was popping off a few games. Didn't see Nebula playing too great but he did do some good obj work.
  12. Kinda surprised they're just doing top 2 from pools advancing to Champ bracket. Also I hope some of these 5-8 teams can pull off some upsets. I can easily see Seattle being an exact replica of Columbus in terms of standings with maybe the top 4 switching spots with each other.
  13. That top half of Champ bracket seems very interesting to me. I can see RNG, REC,and even OS make it to winners finals. All should be great matches.
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