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  1. Both on standard xbox one's. We are going to both try re-installing the game see if that works.
  2. Xbox, how strange. We played multiplayer for a couple of hours after the game crashed 3 times in a row on regret with no issues atall. We also play other games like overwatch frequently so it does seem to be a specific problem with h2. May just have to bite the bullet and finish this mission seperately.
  3. Sorry Off topic, but has anybody tried doing a co-op playthrough on MCC? Me and my friend decided to do a legendary playthrough together and we got through CE with minimal issues. But we are on h2 and all through the playthrough we have been having issues with the game crashing then kicking us back to the menu screen. Some days it seems to be worse then others, some days we couldn't do a level before it crashed, some days we have done like 3. We are now up to regret and it seems we can't finish this mission without the game crashing. We have tried like 6-7 times on different days over the last like 2 weeks and it seems to crash every time. Is this some sort of bug? Thinking of just doing the mission seperately and picking up our playthough on sacred iron. Kinda takes the fun out of it then though. Thanks.
  4. Dont want to. Be a negative nancy, but i definately saw master chief sprint off that ship
  5. I don't regret any of it haha. It's basically everyone screaming at eachother over the internet. It's strangely engaging to read.
  6. I resorted to reading the MCC thread in the down times of this forum. What a ride that is haha
  7. Also, @NavG123 1v1ing that guy on stream was godly aswell. The hype before that 1v1 was off the charts. Old navg -> current navg.
  8. Was cooper the guy who tried telling mikwens dad he was a bad parent if i remember right? Damn teambeyond was super entertaining back then. I mean, he was a total dick but some of the stuff he came out with was mind boggling, yet you couldn't stop reading it lmao. The memes and hype around here was top tier too, we miss @mediabrute on that one.
  9. I know this wasn't meant literally, no way in hell would we get 10. But 3 100k tourny's and a 250k final all run by MLG on H3 would be unreal
  10. God i missed this forum while it was down Site looks great aswell guys!
  11. Doesn't say pistola when i click on the link? The page is really messed up on mobile though, things on top of eachother and stuff. Only says roy, lunch and snipedown for me. Just checked make sure im not losing my marbles haha
  12. Has pistola got a team yet or is he not competing? Pistola on that roster making it the original h2a EG team would be perfect!

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