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  1. I know this wasn't meant literally, no way in hell would we get 10. But 3 100k tourny's and a 250k final all run by MLG on H3 would be unreal
  2. God i missed this forum while it was down Site looks great aswell guys!
  3. Doesn't say pistola when i click on the link? The page is really messed up on mobile though, things on top of eachother and stuff. Only says roy, lunch and snipedown for me. Just checked make sure im not losing my marbles haha
  4. Has pistola got a team yet or is he not competing? Pistola on that roster making it the original h2a EG team would be perfect!
  5. Absolutely not my intention, if thats how it came across i aplogise, was just meant to be a slight critique,the overall post was meant as a compliment. Just think there has to be some way of wording the questions to bring more out of players who are more awkward behind a camera like splyce. Lottie was awesome this event and deserves a permanent spot on both all NA and EU events going forward. If we want constructive maybe instead of "what do you need to do to beat tox" maybe something along the lines of "what are the weaknesses of the tox roster and how have you prepared for them in the build up to the event". something along those lines with room for a more elaborate answer. Sorry if my example is crap haha i tried.
  6. Awesome event overall, good job to everyone and ggs to tox, good to see them back on top. Just wanted to add, i hope lottie is included in all hcs events going forward. Sometimes she could word questions slightly better to open up the conversation (especially with the splyce players as they are really bad at talking lol). But she has a really good charisma as host and voice for it too. Doesn't tend to stutter her words Also really miss wonderboy in the casting booth, but understand why he feels he os more productive as observer (your awesome there by the way, improve the viewing experience tenfold) Also congrats to simms on soon to be becoming a father. Cant tag people sorry, not sure how to on mobile. If a mod could put the tags in for me i would be eternally grateful haha
  7. Can somebody post the "watchu mean, watchu mean" meme in reply to this for a poor mobile user who doesn't own a pc so i can plus rep. K thnx
  8. I have barely played H5 in the last year or so. I didnt want to jump into the main competitive playlist and be a potential detriment to my team while i was still getting into the swing of it again lol. I might just have to try the HCS playlist next time.
  9. 7-8 PM on a sunday night (live in the uk) i was searching in the ffa playlist. Managed to find a couple of games in swat after failing to in quick play also. I havent got twitter so cannot do that unfortunately
  10. Every time i jump on H5 to play abit of halo i literally cannot find a game on multiple playlists, i have a friend who was a massive halo player in H3/reach download the game through the game pass yesterday and we both hopped on to play. We was on for like 45 mins and managed to find only 1 game. it was just embaressing i didnt know what to say to him. Btw i have been looking for a match in FFA while typing this and just got the "not enough players to support game" message right this second. Are our numbers really so low that i literally cant play?
  11. I wouldn't be opposed to a season of h2a. Its been like 2-3 years since we used it as a competitive title. Even if no maps were added i think enough time has passed for it to feel fresh again, especially with that time being advanced movement. Like simms has said, we survived 2 season and i seem to have fond memories apart from down time (which hopefully lan support would fix).
  12. Dont want to alarm anyone but WE APPEAR TO BE MAINTAINING A STEADY 50K VIEWERCOUNT.
  13. The crowd sounded so fucking good for that hype as fuck overkill, imagine how much less hype that would have been without crowd mics. Thank you so much for all you and the team have done @@Clap

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