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  1. I play poker with friends and drink because its fun, ye we put abit of money in too like £10-20 each just to add extra interest. I don't think we would ever have a chest night. I dont think it is true that poker only entices the older adult population. I am only 25 and we can usually get 6-8 of us involved in a poker night. High level chess is on a whole other level then high level poker hence why more people have heard of the top players. I also think we are overstating how well know magnus carlson really is. The average person in the street probably doesn't know who he is i'm confident in that. If i wasn't into gaming no way would i know who he was or have ever even heard his name Is this too off topic even for teambeyond? Fuck the AR and Bloom!
  2. Just want to say, i have played with this vs bots for an while, and not sure if i am just coping at this point, but it seems to improve the aiming alot! Feels much cleaner. Still not perfect but definately more playable, see how it goes in multiplayer later. Thanks man!
  3. While it is better, makes it completely unnecessary really. Just going to frustrate players who realise this. I know now i am going to get triggered to no end every time i see a teammate with the flag sprinting due to the knowledge he is literally handicapping himself just so he can fell like a "real super soldier"
  4. Got my invite through emails looking forward to giving the MP a go! 6pm-10pm and 1am-5am UK time has all nighter written all over it! also if anybody plays me in game, please go easy on me i am extremely average haha
  5. It somehow never gets old though does it? You just reminded me that it was released onto game pass the other day so i am going to have to play it again.
  6. Wait, so your saying my spartan might be able to dab????
  7. Damn it always surprises me how much you guys over in america pay for rent. My mortgage on my current house 3 bed terraced (town) house i pay £288 a month currently. Rental prices on a similar house around here would still only be £500 - £600 Some of you pay more a month then i earn haha
  8. Maybe we can get more out of comp then just that? If i remember correctly isnt adam and his new company running the comp scene alongside 343 for infinite and they mentioned that they would have a say in comp settings?
  9. Clamber returns aswell, not sure how to feel about that one. Saying that not sure how to feel about it all after watching.
  10. Both on standard xbox one's. We are going to both try re-installing the game see if that works.
  11. Xbox, how strange. We played multiplayer for a couple of hours after the game crashed 3 times in a row on regret with no issues atall. We also play other games like overwatch frequently so it does seem to be a specific problem with h2. May just have to bite the bullet and finish this mission seperately.
  12. Sorry Off topic, but has anybody tried doing a co-op playthrough on MCC? Me and my friend decided to do a legendary playthrough together and we got through CE with minimal issues. But we are on h2 and all through the playthrough we have been having issues with the game crashing then kicking us back to the menu screen. Some days it seems to be worse then others, some days we couldn't do a level before it crashed, some days we have done like 3. We are now up to regret and it seems we can't finish this mission without the game crashing. We have tried like 6-7 times on different days over the last like 2 weeks and it seems to crash every time. Is this some sort of bug? Thinking of just doing the mission seperately and picking up our playthough on sacred iron. Kinda takes the fun out of it then though. Thanks.
  13. Dont want to. Be a negative nancy, but i definately saw master chief sprint off that ship
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