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  1. If anybody needs 1 for the LCQ I've been competing since 07'. Tons of expirience.. I know how to play, highest ranking onyx 2400. Easiest way to contact me is my twitter - KazonTheGreat G.t - Lantcer
  2. yo I been down to run been playing halo competitively since 07' So I have tons of experience I work and would be able to travel. I'm 22. So I'm mature. Comms is what makes this game so thats what I care about, if anything else you think you need to know before running let me know, I'm excited & I feel like I have my competitive juices back in me that I didn't think I had in me still. Just asking for a shot..1 or 2 games just to see how we click. Just let me know... My g.t is - Lantcer
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