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  1. I'd be down to run a few games if you're interested, I just came back three days ago and summer just started so I'm willing to grind a lot. I have my own equipment and I'm 17. My gamertag is: cleanss
  2. Some backstory on us, We've all been playing together as a group for quite awhile so its been kind of hard to find a fourth that fits us however we're on the hunt once again to find a perfect fit for us. We aren't looking for anything special, We'd prefer if you had just some decent halo/map knowledge. Must be able to grind almost every night, We're all Eastern timezone, around 16-17. If you'd like any more information or would like to run games with us please contact me on here or xbox. GT: Cleanss, Heres also my twitter. https://twitter.com/Cleansss
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